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Sunday, June 25, 2006
Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I promise to check out everyone's blogs as soon as I can. It has been very hectic. Our house is framed now. I love my new job. I'm a little more challenged and don't have to spend my days blogging all though I miss you all so much. Thanks for all of your kind words. I couldn't have a better group to blog with than all of you.
Sonya said at 8:15 PM
It's great to see another post from you.
Your house is framed huh? I thought you were building a new house and not just painting a picture of one ;)
Nice to hear from you! I'm glad the new job is going well and the house is coming along. Keep in touch!
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yeah you can only blog so much and then it get's old...glad all is well and happy for yu with the house building day my friend I will finally get to build mine....
Hi sonya! I'm glad to hear the house is going well & the job is great! Sounds like a perfect fit for you.

We miss you, but are glad to hear things are going well!
Glad to see things are going mahvelous for you! ;) Congrats on your new job :)
Really? "Git R Done?" Is that the best you can do?

Also, who's the hot bald girl in your photos? She's hot.
Hope all is well with you and your new job! happy hump day
Miss you Sonya!
miss you!!!! come by soon and tell me about the job!!
Thats funny - love the photos of the boob enlargement haha. I had not seen that before. I hope that your job is going well!!
I am happy you love your new job but no time for blogging??? Geesshh I will have to call your boss and explain that we need our Sonya back in blogville!

Happy 4th of july! :)
Missing you!
Enjoyed a lot! film editing schools
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