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Sunday, June 18, 2006
 Hiatus Due to Drama

Hello, everyone! Thanks for the kind comments while I was away. I really missed you all. We left town on Thursday morning for our 8 hr drive to Branson, MO. We had a great time. Our plan was to return on Sunday, but decided to cut our trip a little short and came back on Saturday to rest up prior to starting the new job. Good thing we did. We weren't home 10 min on Saturday night when Max's aunt called. She wanted us to meet her at his grandparents. We got there and an ambulance was taking his granpa away. He had no pulse and no heartbeat. We followed them to the hospital. A little after midnight they called us into a family room. He had passed. So we were glad at least we could be there for his family. We got up early on Sunday and went to his dad's for Father's Day to take him to lunch. Then went straight to his grandma's until the evening late. We are totally worn out. They will make arrangements Monday. Yes, I start my new job on Monday too. The visitation will prolly be on Tuesday night and the funeral on Wednesday, but we don't know yet. To top off the drama, I got a call this evening from a very dear old friend. She had a daughter when she was younger in our teens. Well, her daughter is 15 and been missing since Thursday night. She found out her daughter had been doing drugs and hanging with older kids. We were shocked. So the police have been looking everywhere. I'm about to go hit the streets with her tonight, so I'll prolly be exhausted come Monday for my new job. I'll catch up on everyone's blogs as soon as I can. Lots of drama going on. I have missed you all!
Sonya said at 7:44 PM
Wow, that is a lot to deal with. My best to grandma. I hope everything turns out good with your friend's little girl. There is nothing more heart wrenching. Here, take some of my strength, you're gonna need it.
Ack....that is a lot to deal w/. I'm sorry. :(
My condolences to Max and his grandmom. It is so weird when they say everything happens for a reason, you coming home early really proves it.

I am sorry for your friend and hopefully they will find her daughter safe.

Welcome Home!! I missed you! Great picture I love it.
Sonya I'm so glad you're back! This blogging thing it's no fun without you :(
Sorry to hear about your friends daughter...that's scarry.
You went to the dark side...I love it!!!
Wowsers!!! Sorry to hear about all of your recent drama. It's a times like these that families and friends become closer to each other don't ya think. You can never under-estimate the strength of friendship :)
Take care and my sympathies are with you and Max.
My thoughts are with you guys, sonya. Tough times, indeed!

Teenagers are much more wild these days, as compared with when we were teens.
geez girl take care of yourself and get rest as much as possible...we'll all be here when you get back to blogland
Whoa....when it rains, it pours, huh?...I'm sorry about the loss in your family..

You are a good friend. I hope they find the girl safe and sound and get her the help she needs

We'll wait patiently till you return.......

ummmm....are you back yet??



damn, I guess I'm not that patient...

Soooo sorry to hear of your rough time.. I hope all goes well with your friends daughter....drugs and youth, not a good combo (at any age rather)... I hope she is ok.

Take it easy and come back when you can, we understand you have alot on your plate right now...

xoxoxoxo Miss ya!
Just {{{hugs}}}
What a load you are dealing with! My condolences to you & Max. Hopefully you can get through your first week of work with flying colors, despite these setbacks.

Sorry to hear this :( Hope things start looking up for you and max really soon!
1st off you both look adorable in the sorry to hear about your husbands grandfather....send him warm thoughts from me....I hope you find your friends awful, good luck and more warm was the 1st new day at the new job???
I am not sure what they are but I wanna ride the ducks!! QUACK!
Boy, when it rains it poors. My mother use to say that all time. I'm sorry about all the bad drama going on. I hope all gets better soon.
I'm sos orry about his Grandpa!

Hope everything else gets better for you.

I came by via the TT list and just want to say that I'm sorry for your loss.
Wow that is a lot. Wishing you the best for your hubby and his family. Sorry about that. I hope that your friend's daughter is ok. Drama in life really sucks sometimes - I like it nice and boring!
I am VERY worried about you! I hope Max is okay. I hope the new job is okay. I am thinking of you and checking your blog daily!!!!!
Hi Sonja!

Sorry about your stresses. Try to get the rest you need to cope!!
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! »
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