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Friday, June 09, 2006
 A Reflection of Time

Do you ever think back in time to where you once was or the kind of person you once was? I do. I always think about how every action has a reaction. If we were to make one different turn in life we would be somewhere different today. Kind of like "My Name Is Earl," talks about karma. I know I don't normally quote him of all people. Sometimes I have regrets, but then I realize that if I had of done something differently I would not be where I am today. I am a happy person. I'm not financially rich, but I am rich with love. I am healthy. I have a great family and wonderful friends. I have shelter. I have food on the table. What more could a person ask for. I just always hope I was never one of those "Mean Girls" growing up. I have often wondered. If anyone is reading this that possibly knew me while growing up, please let me know if I was ever mean to you. If I was, I am sincerely sorry.

Now, here will be the real suprising part. I have a "My Space" account. Nothing fancy. I had 2 or 3 real life friends start using is and I thought it was stupid. Well, I finally decided to get one just to comment back and forth to them. I enjoy the communication there, but miss the post that are in blog land. My Space has a section where you can browse other and you can do it by schools. This means it is so easy to find old class mates.

I grew up in a small town till after my freshman year of high school. I kind of consider it my hometown, because I lived there so long. After that I moved to the next town over. So I have got to reconnect with people from both schools. I got contacted by a guy I went to school with at the smaller town. I have copied part of his message to me:

"I always had a crush on you at that time, but was to shy to say anything. I also remember my freshman year I won some kind of fundraiser contest the band did and got $50.00. I remember DELETED NAME FOR OBVIOUS REASONS complaining about everyone on cheer leading having mums but her family would not buy here one. I thought it would be sweet and bought her one with the money I won and asked her to the homecoming dance. She did not like me and did not want to go. I told her she could take my name off the mum and just wear it with her cheer outfit to feel special. She left it, I believe her mom made her but I am not sure. I remember everyone cool laughing at me, but you. You said it was thoughtful and sweet."

Okay, now don't laugh at me, but I do not remember this at all. It still just made my day to know I had my own opinion in school and didn't let the other kids push their opinions over on me and I would still nice to him. He was a really sweet guy. I never knew about the crush either. Just reading this today and thinking back how many kids can be to other kids made me want to cry for him. I mean I'm sure he is over today, but to remember something like this tells me it must of really upset him that the girl didn't go to the dance with him and etc.

I know I have done more of my share of mean things in my life. I'm glad I at least made a nice comment to this sweet guy when he was down. Evidentally, something this small can really leave a lasting impression for some people. Anyway, just wanted to remind everyone that even with reflections on time of what we did back then isn't always what we would do not. We are older now and hopefully more mature. Sometimes doing something little can a long way for some people. Just keep this in mind and try to be nice to all.

I love you, my fellow bloggers! Have a great weekend!
Sonya said at 12:57 PM
i hate my space as well..i have an account but rarely do i check in....i didn't know about finding classmates though...that's cool...

have a great one sista
Greta - you too!
MySpace confuses me...I've looked on there a few time, but I just can't figure it out *confused look*...but I love your new blog look...been a while since I've been the decor...LOL

I like this post, I'm not really sure I was considered a "mean" girl in school, but I can imagine that I was probably not very nice to a few people....I think it's the whole adolescence we get older, we become more accepting and independent...although I admit there are times now when I can be quite the "biotch"...hehehe
Have a Great weekend !!
Hmm I am pretty happy with my life and how it turned out. Not sure I have any regrets.
Well it's nice to know you'll be there at the All Blogs Stars too. No! you didn't miss anything. The same username and password you're using in this blog is the same password you'll be using at the all blog stars.
I can say that I am pretty happy with my life the way it. I have come a long way and have learned and grown from my mistakes. I don't regret anything I have ever done, I always look at it as life changing events. I have been through a lot in my short 32 years of life and everything I have experienced has made me who I am today. I enjoyed reading this post tonight.
well, you have always been sweet to me - even though we sometimes laugh at things we shouldn't, we act a lot alike at times.

I read this post (you asked me to a while back - and just getting to it) and that is nice you made someone feel so special.....great you stamped someone. Hope you had a great weekend.
Super - It is great to see you. I have so missed you.

Phats - that is awesome!

Friday's - I see. I had no clue. DUH! LOL!

Kelly - I really do think the experiences we have growing up makes us who we are today.

Ames - It made me feel really good. How was your weekend?

love and hugs to you too GIRL!!!!! Great post.
Jodes - thx!
I was definitely never a mean girl because I was a dork. However, a lot of beeyothces were very mean to me. Foo to them! They are probably old, ugly and live in their car! *grin*

I see you were just as sweet back then as you are now!

I think it is cool you all reconnected. I hope he is wealthy, happy and successful!!!

Love you too huggsss
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