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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
 Tuesday Rambles
Well, my last day at work is still a week from today.
We have no replacement yet. Not my problem and
I refuse to feel guilty when I gave them such a long
notice. I said this was going to happen, remember?


My ovary hurts today. It really hurts everytime I step.
I was ovulating a few days ago. I hate when this does
this. Any idea why?


I would like to say that I'm so happy to PPP is back
blogging with us. I have really missed her. Now I
have her and EE to discuss The Hills with, unless we
also suck Kim into it. LOL! Kim is a closet Laguna fan,
but I don't know about the Hills yet.


Did anyone watch the season finale of Apprentice
last night? What did you think? I thought Shawn
was better than the young one, but still not my
first choice. What do you think will develope
in the future between Shawn and Tammy?


I hope everyone has a great day!
Sonya said at 6:19 AM
I like the Hills so far, I don't like Country Western Barbie (the other intern) and I thought it was rude of Heidi to show up like that at Laurens first big event.

I am happy about the fact tht Jason will be in this season, I have a secret crush on him haha.
PPP - OMG! I have a secret crush on him too. I've always liked bad boys. LOL! Plus him being rich, having abs and looking older than he is helps too. LOL!
PPP is back!!! WOOHOO!!! I will go visit her now!!! Hope you have a good day and you stop hurting.
Oh, I WILL catch up on The Hills, just give me time.

Our Dish Network was blipping out the week before Memorial Day, but we were having bad storms & I thought nothing of it. When we got back from camping, many channels were still not working (including all my trash tv stations such as Bravo & MTV). I finally called Dish Network. We got a few channels back, but then all the channels that pulled from satellite 119 were GONE. Like I couldn't even punch them in. Now I have to wait til the 12th to get them fixed. *grumble grumble*
Jodes - aren't you excited about PPP? LOL!

Kim - you are so missing out. The Hills is better than Laguna. You'll have to see PPP's post about The Hills from last week. Good recap.
Hey did anyone see that spoof programme about an ordinary joe who tricked Harvard and Yale, etc graduates into believing he was a multi billionnaire? I think it was called My Big Obnoxious Boss, or something like that.
Sorry if this is really old news to you guys but it only finished over here about 3 or 4 weeks ago :)
Gareth - Yes I seen My Obnxious Boss and there was another one called Joe Millionaire. They aren't ancient in the U.S., but still happy to discuss them with you. I hate that you see things after us. We are giving you the punch lines. Sorry. Now, where is my chocolate? LOL!
I had the same dilemma when I left a job a few years ago. I gave them 6 WEEKS notice and they still took 3 months to find a replacement. I guess that's the government for ya.

Maybe your ovary has penis envy? Oh, I'm so funny. Seriously, hope it goes away - the pain, that is. :)
Can't seem to remember about the Hill's...damn me....please remind me..i'm counting on you
Gareth, I watched a few episodes of My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, but they pulled it partway through. I think the final epsiodes were supposed to be online, but I don't know if they were.

I liked the crazy guy. But I never found out who the REAL boss was.
I don't watch to much tv in the summer. Whats up with your ovaries hurting??
Barry - thx! This isn't the gov and the still are dragging their feet.

Greta - Reminder: The Hills Wed night.

Kim - Your right. I got the Big Fat Obnoxious Boss one confused with the one they girl had to lie to your family and friends and act like she was engadged to the gross guy. What was that one called?

Beading - Not sure. I'm sure it will be better tommorrow.
I thought you were training your replacement? What happened with that? Your right, it's the companies issue not yours.

I'm a closet Laguna fan! I will come out of the closet on that one. I'm busted! lol
Did I miss a post about the ovary thing happening before? If it just started, get to the doctor, you may have a cist.
I know you are worried about the job thing....but they will find a way to manage!
Kelly - I already don't have anyone a replacement. They have to start looking again. It sucks. You can talk Laguna with all of us. Yeah - another Laguna fan.

Tumble - no previous post. I just woke up that way this morning. It has happened before a few times and usually a small cyst and errupts on its on and goes away soon. Don't mean to gross you out. Happy B-day!
I'm still shaking my head over that chick cutting out on you after only being there a couple of hours to train. Sheesh.

Sonya, do you think your ovary is hurting *bc* you are ovulating??? I always know when I'm ovulating bc I have really bad cramping on the side that I'm ovulating from.

YAY about The Hills. I already told PPP that I totally agree w/ her on the Country Western Barbie and what Heidi did. Heidi actually *really* annoys me.
ee - according to the stips I had already stopped ovulating, but who knows. It is possible.

I can't get over that unstable chic either. Oh well not my problem to stress over, right? Easier said than done.

I can't stand Heidi. LC needs to move out from her and move in with Jason. LOL!
Please keep an eye on the pain in your ovary maybe you should have it checked.

Thinking of you!
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