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Thursday, May 18, 2006
 Thursday 13
Thirteen Things about
Shows I Like To Watch
When They Are On TV

1. OC

2. Laguna Beach

3. Prison Break

4. Real World

5. Rescue Me

6. Nip Tuck

7. Young And The Restless

8. Two and Half Men

9. Sweet Sixteen

10. The L Word

10. 8th and Ocean

11. Sweet Sixteen

12. Parental Control

13. and it isn't on yet, but I can't wait for

The Hillz (spin off from Laguna Beach)

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Sonya said at 1:50 AM
I am completely addicted to The O.C. as well
Nip Tuck all the way.
I can't say I watch any of those on a regular basis, but HAVE seen a few episodes of Sweet 16. SHEESH! I wish I had that kind of money sometimes! ;)
Judging by the titles they seem to be nice TV programs to watch but unfortunately we don't have them here. Young and the Restless used to be shown here but not anymore.
Thanks for dropping by.
Oh my gosh! I only recognize Two and A Half Men (which we think is hilarious!)

My list is up!
Ohhhhhhhhhh Prison Break is my all time favorite!!! I am counting the days 'til FALL SEASON

My T T is up
I don't know most of these shows. Is that bad or good?! *grin*

My TT is up!
I love Nip Tuck! I have seen most of these shows on your list, Nip Tuck would have to be my favorite on your list!

Have a great Thursday!
i used to watch Nip Tuck, now we are too poor to get cable.
I a truly not a tv person, so I son't watch any of those. My tv is rarely ever on, lol. Happy TT.

Oooops, that should have said "I DON'T", obviously I am no morning typist either, lol.
I like Two and a Half Men also, but it's always on opposite of something else, so I'll have to catch the reruns this summer. Or get another tivo. :)
When is the Hillz coming on? I have lost touch with MTV since returning to work.
Thanks for visiting my TT!
The only shows I watch on your list is Prison Break and Y & R. (I don't have cable) Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely day. Be Well...
I admit it, I'm looking forward to The Hillz, too. We all need our guilty pleasures, right?
need I say that most of those shows we don't share as favs, but sweet sixteen must be a really big fav of yours (you put it on there twice).

I like that show, it makes me want to go make fertilizer bombs and blow up designer dress shops (no one injured of course - just the clothes) :)
I used to love Real World, but it just makes me feel old now!
Yeah, we could have been penpals. What a trip! :)

I used to watch Real World. It somehow faded out.
I never got into these ones so much. Though I've caught Nip Tuck now and then and it looked pretty good.

Totally off topic -I love your layout and design!!!

My 13 is up
Oh man, I love Rescue Me...and I can't wait for the new season to start at the end of this month!!! So exciting!

Have a great Thursday!
LOL, I've never seen one of those shows! I feel so old! :/
I've not seen many of those shows, but I am a real Y&R fan! I'll have to check the others out sometime!
I used to like OC and watched Real World and Nip tuck too but others either dont show in my country or well I must have missed them.

happy t13!
Recognize Nip Tuck only. Enjoy the shows!!! happy TT :)
I haven't seen any of these except rescue me!
Thanks for visiting my blog......
will see ya in 2 weeks....AuntieM
Interesting list. I am mostly an American Idol, Big Love, Gilmore Girls person. My list is up!
Great list! I had to laugh when I got to Sweet 28 year old son caught his mom watching it last night...and said he couldnt believe his mom watches that chit!, it is about many many (ok, all) spoiled kids!...but I like watching how far they pucsh those parents into spending on them! For Gods sake, soome girl last night got 2 cars!!! lol...Thanks for visiting my TT
Prison Break... LOVE it! I almost caused a stroke watching the season finale Monday. I would so let Michael hide out in my house FOREVER! (okay... maybe one or two others. I'm single. Don't judge ;)
Not sure if you realized, but you said Sweet Sixteen twice. hehe. Unless you just like it that much. Prison Break is great! But, why no Veronica Mars, or CSI, or Las Vegas, or Related. Those are some of my favs.

I also by DVD TV shows and don't open them either. I should stop buying them, but I can't help myself.

Thanks for stopping by my TT.
Hey your widget crossed me out! WHat does that mean? I don't watch much TV but I live in Orange County and have lived in Laguna Beach for years - hmmm, those are not quite "reality" shows :)
Haven't seen many of these shows. I'm glad most of mine at the finale so I'll have more free time.
all great shows :D
A&I - someone leave the show tonight on the finale. Did you know that?

Mrs. Cranky - any idea when it will be back on?

Chaotic - I just can't believe they have that kind of money to spend.

Fridays Child - I have been addicted since I was a child. My mom watche it.

Mary - that little boy cracks me up.

Wystful - I can't wait till next season

Kelly - Can't wait for it to come back.

Jodes - I went through that phase too.

Ladydaria- I wish I could get away from it and accomplish some things, but I'm such an addict.

Carmen - we tivo it.

Karen - I can't think off top of my head. I think the 29th or 30th of this month.

Ardice - Y&R previews yesterday for today seem great. Jack finds out about Nick and Phyllis.

Kim - I knew you would admit to it too. LOL!

Ames - You were the only one who noticed I put it on there twice. I didn't notice until you pointed it out. Sorry I didn't put your AI on the list.

Geggie - I like the challenges best.

Ocean Lady - it isn't what it use to be.

Lisa - Emily did my layout. I think she did wonderful.

Trinity - It will be back on soon too, I think.

Uisce - I'm just a MTV junkie. 31 yr old wanting to relive being a kid again I think. LOL!

Angie - I tivo it ever day and watch it ever night.

Susan - you must get the dvd's. LOL!

Mar- have a great tt too!

Pupski - did you like it?

AuntieM-Have a good trip!

Emily - I do watch it occasionally too, but not as addicted as I use to be.

Powers- it just amazes me. You too, I guess. LOL!

Kimmy - me too. What are they going to do to run? Do you think they will be caught? What about the doctor? OMG!

Alexia - I didn't realize about Sweet Sixteen until Ames pointed it out. I'm such an air head at times.

Bar Bar A - I was watching the Real Desperate Housewifes of OC. You didn't star in there, did you? LOL! When someone clicks on your name off my list it crosses you out. It doesn't mean you are marked off the list. So no worries. LOL!

Lazy - the same here.
I don't watch TV, but it is good to know what is popular -- keep up with the times, ya know!

My 13 are also posted.
We get quite a few of those programmes in England. I am very jealous of the temperature your weather pixie is showing though!
I haven't seen any of these! Bear in mind that when the TV is on, it's usually kids' shows. :p
Joan - I totally understand.

Julie- how is the weather there?

Lisa - you can tell we don't have kids yet, hun? LOL! If we did none of these could be on.
Joan - I totally understand.

Julie- how is the weather there?

Lisa - you can tell we don't have kids yet, hun? LOL! If we did none of these could be on.
Isn't it funny that after all these years, I too still enjoy The Real World!

Thanks for stopping by!
You must really like Sweet Sixteen?!! (It's on there twice.)

I've really enjoy Gilmore Girls, but didn't like the finale at all last week.

My list is up:)
Golly, I've missed them all!

Thanks for visiting my TT.
Yeah, The O.C. :o)

Who do you think is gonna get killed on the OC???
I hear that Sandy is going to bite it tonight, but I guess we will have to see...

I agree with all the shows, except Prison Break. I haven't seen a single one of the episodes.
Can't say that I've seen most of those. What's with the lines through your links?

Thanks for stopping by.
You are welcome to come watch tv at my house ANY TIME dearest! ;) LOL
I so wanted to say something, unfortunately, I've never seen any of those I'll tell ya which show I've been waiting to watch, The 4400, I'm addicted to it!

Anyhow, my TT are up!
Kimba - I undersand. Me too!

Sherri - I use to watch Gilmore Girls when it first came out.

Norma - Thanks for coming by.

Chelle - did you watch the finale? I boo hooed.

Libra - I cried so hard. Did you see it?

Yecart - it is pretty good.

Renee- if someone clicks on your link from your name it puts a line through you.

EE- thanks! Your the best!

Astrocoz - What is 4400?
I try to remember to watch shows on tv so I'll know what everyone at work is talking about, but I always forget! I guess the Disney Channel & Nickelodeon get in the way (the kiddos). :)
I watched Prison Break a few times and thought I was going to get into it - but it lost me! Ug, and whats-his-name is completely adorable, too.

Thanks for stopping over at my place! :D
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