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Friday, May 12, 2006
 Need Your Opinion
I got an email yesterday from an old boss. Let me give you the background on the old boss and why I left. I was so happy working with him. It is where I met Max. They started having financial problems, so I was forced to find another job. I left, then Max did. Have all our eggs in one basket was scary. Shortly after we left he closed down and someone else bought the place and re-opened under another name and do a little different type of work, but the same industry. He still runs the place.

It is less than 1 mile from where our house is being built. Out of the blue yesterday he asked if I would be interested in working close to home. This came out of left field. Who wouldn't with gas prices, right? Anyway, we emailed back and forth all day. We discussed money, benefits and etc. It would be a little more money. About $200 more a month. Not much, but a little. Health insurance is better. I would have maternity on there where I don't now. It is casual dress 8-5, I could go home ever day at lunch. If I started before we move I would have to commute until then, but there is no traffice either way and would be more miles, but probably less time on the road due to traffic. Also I would be out there to go check on the construction of the house so Max and I wouldn't have to take so many trips in the evenings.

I like my job now okay, but it isn't my dream job by any means. I am loyal and feel bad for leaving or even wanting to leave. My old boss told me I could put in a notice and stay until they found someone to train. He would work with me. Just let me know the date I would for sure be there and he would have the position open for me. I wouldn't have to do any accounting anymore, which would be a great stress reliever. So, what do you think? I'm so stressed about possibly giving my notice. I have an email to my old boss to meet him today for lunch. I want to talk to him in person before I make any moves. Please tell your thoughts. I need some support in a bad way.

Have a great weekend!
Sonya said at 7:40 AM
ooh I am 1st!!!

Stop stressing darlin'....I think it sounds like a good move. Old boss is willing to work with you and obviously knows that you are a good person to hire from previously. I say GO FOR IT!!!! Give your notice and tell them that you can stay until they hire new, employers like that!!!! You said yourself it is not your dream job and look at all the good things that will happen if you take the new job!!!!!!! Email me, i want to know what you think now!!! smooches to you too!!! Some days I wish I still lived in Texas. :)
My employer now is the type that won't hire someone on time if I don't give them a deadline. They are such procastanators. Anyway, I know what I want to do. I just hate the pressure of telling my boss now. It is a small office and they are all co-dependent on me and I feel bad. Does that make sense? I know I have to do what I want to do for me.
yeah it makes sense. I felt horrible when i gave my notice at the last place to move out here and start a new life, but 6 months later they were bought out and i would have been out of a job!!!! So everything happens for a reason. Take the new job, I think I know that you will. Be honest with your current employer - if they are good people then they will want what is best for you even if it means they lose you.
I can not tell you which way to vote. I do believe the answer is within yourself. I hope this does not sound too cooky but it is how I would make the decision. You have to put yourself in the driver's seat. Do not think of hurt feelings because ultimately this is business, your boss would make the decision that best fit him/her as well. You must also know that everyone can be replaced even if we would like to think we can not be replaced! I know I like to think they could never survive without me but they would. I would first sit down and make a pros and cons list for each job. Better health insurance and maternity leave are wonderful benefits! Also closer to home has it's perks as well; sex @ lunch winks!! Two hundred a month is okay but it may just put you in a higher tax bracket. Think of the money you would save just by eating lunch at home. Make a list of both jobs. Then sit in a room alone and quiet. Imagine your choices, think it through and take your time. Then go with the choice that gives you more peace. You will make the right decision!!!

Good luck my friend!!!!!!
Cherish - thanks for your great insight. I know I can be replaced and prolly with somewhere with better knowledge of their specialty. I want to leave. My mind is made up. I just feel bad for leaving. Does that make sense at all? I know they will replace me, but it is just having to tell them that weighs on me.
Cherish - thanks for your great insight. I know I can be replaced and prolly with somewhere with better knowledge of their specialty. I want to leave. My mind is made up. I just feel bad for leaving. Does that make sense at all? I know they will replace me, but it is just having to tell them that weighs on me.
Ok. I'm confused. Why are you unsure about leaving exactly? Are you worried about hurting your current boss's feelings?

It *sounds* like you really want the new job. It sounds like it's a really GOOD job. I would go for the new position. If it were me.

But of course what Cherish said make the most sense. LOL

GL w/ your decision! Keep us informed on what you decide. :)
Ee- thanks! I really just wanted to hear the support from my fellow bloggers, I think.
I think you should move to the new are the reasons

closer to your new home...even though you have to travel at first..that's just temporary

save on eating out by being able to go to your new home

insurance is the biggest especially maternity...babies cost you a fortune...and it doesn't get any better when they get just get more expensive

more money..hey it might only be 200.00 more but it's more

you liked your old boss so i am sure you will still like him if not like him more b/c now he doesn't have to worry about money

less stress on you and no accounting

sheesh...should i go on??
Sounds like the perfect new job! I'm so happy for you (since it sounds like you've now made up your mind). Go for it! Once you break the news to you boss, it's easy from ther eon out.
I would sit down and do a pro/con list of your job now and the possible new one. and go from there. But you're right about gas prices that would be a total pro! :)
Can't wait to hear how lunch went!!
I absolutely understand! I gave notice at a job once and cried while doing it from guilt. You will be fine!! Be strong!! We all support you!
Here is my first thought as soon I started to read this ... if his old business ran into financial problems what is to say that his new venture won't come to the same fate? I know that this can happen to any business, no business is immune from falling apart no matter how big or successful it is (look at Enron!).
You could leave your current employment and in a while your new place of work could go under thus leaving you with no where. Not good especially at this time with I presume a mortage to take care off.
Just my 2 cents chicka :)
I'd take the new job (with the old boss... LOL!). Your post makes it sound like that's the decision you want to make, but your guilt of telling your current boss is the only thing standing in the way. Bottom line is that very few people hire someone, thinking they're going to work for them forever, ya know? I'd just tell him that you wanted to find a job closer to the new house, and it just seemed like an opportunity you couldn't pass up.

Best of luck coming to a decision! Keep us posted!
Um. Do you really want my opinion?

HELL YES YOU SHOULD GO BACK! You loved that place, plus, we could meet for lunch again! *grin*

Any of your old employees still there?
Oh and if you go back, can you hire me to work there too?
I haven't read all the other comments yet, but it sound to me like there are more plusses to making that move than minuses! Go for it!!!

I think you already knew that is what you should do. You can also leave the current job on good terms by just telling them the honest truth about why you are going. This leaves the door open in case something happens down the line. Employers respect honesty.

Let us know how it goes!
Oh! ...and the pay increase is not just $200, it's also a huge difference in healthcare costs to you, plus the extra gas & lunch money. That adds up to way more than $200.

Nutz <--- always doin' the math! *grin*
I know I am late with my opinion, but I think it sounds exciting and only being a mile from home would be wonderful! Good luck!! It's very hard for loyal people like you to let anyone down...I understand!
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