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Thursday, May 11, 2006
 Thursday 13
Thirteen Things To Better Know Me

1. I’m 31 Years Old.

2. I have been married once and

3.I am now living in sin with a wonderful guy named Max
for 4 or 5 years. I can’t keep up with it.

4. I do accounting and office work for a
construction company.

5. I don’t have any children yet, but have
baby fever. I do have a cute Shih-tzu
dog named JR that thinks he is our child.

6. We do plan on getting married one day.
We have both been married and divorced
and just haven’t made the leap to
get married again yet.

7. We are building a new home
that starts production in June.
We can’t wait.

8. I use to be skinny and
now I’m fat and need to
loose mucho weight.

9.I am having a garage sale
with my mother this weekend
if weather permits.

10.I have been slammed at work
and maybe for awhile or I would
definitely be blogging more.

11. I start blogging after my friend Ames did.
I find it to be so much fun to meet
new people and a great stress reliever.
I now am addicted and couldn’t live without it.

12. I started participating in Thursday 13
after I keep seeing it on Em’s and EE’s blog.
They really inspired me.

13. I will be around tonight
to meet and check out many new blogs.
I like to make sure I actually
read the post before commenting.
If you comment without reading
the post it appears you didn’t care enough
to get to know the person to
actually read what they spent their valuable
time to post. Now, let’s take
advantage of Thursday 13 and
go check out some other new bloggers.
Please comment with who’s post
you are going to check out.
Also, if there is anything you
would like to know about me
that I didn’t answer just ask
in the comments and I’ll be
more than glad to answer.
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Sonya said at 2:25 AM
Great list of things about you. I actually live about 3 hrs from Dallas right down I-35 south. My cousin's son and his wife live in Frisco. My cousin is in Carrollton. Dallas is so big that no one lives close by anyone else. there are a lot of lakes around here. I am not sure which one you mean about the waterfalls. I know of a couple of places on the Pernanales river where there are falls. You should come down sometime with the honey boy and we can go tubing down the Guadalupe in New Braunfels. It is way fun and between here ans San Antonio.:)
Poody - we use to go ever Memorial weekend. It was always a girls trip. I would love to go again. Not sure the name of the lake, but I'll look it up and let you know.
Does anyone know why I have the funny font in some places? It looks like a tm trademark sign?
BORING? I think not! Your life sounds fun to me :) As far as losing weight, I think my next T13 will be about that since I need too also.
I had to smile when I read number 5. I have a Yorkie called Chucky who alternates between thinking he's a human being or a wolf in a hamster's body.

As for the funny TM thing you have going on, I think it's because blogger is "mis-reading" when you've typed a single quote. Did you write it in the edit HTML or the Compose box? That might have something to do with it.

Elle x
Great list! congrats on building a house. That must be so much fun. Good luck. My TT is up.
Hey - I'm building a house with my sweetie, too -- hopefully will get it started by mid-June. There's so much to do to get to the point of starting it. Hope things go well for you. (My sweetie is my ex-husband - we were married 28 years, divorced 8, and are now back together - not re-married, though. Yes, I'm OLD! :-) My TT is up.
Nice list. Good luck on the building the house. I really have enjoyed this blogging community and have met 3 people in person that I met orginally on line. My TT is up.
Loved your 13. Keep up the great work!

My TT is up!
I really like the name Max, that is a cool name. You should marry him and invite me to the wedding, I promise I am a fun person to be around!
Thanks for stopping at my TT.

It think it would be nice for you to get married again. My Father-in-Law was living with someone, they'd both been married and I think they didn't really feel the need to do it again but now they're engaged, it's quite exciting really.

I'm not sure why you've got those weird symbols, they seem to be instead of apostrophes. Maybe blogger had a spaz and used the wrong html code for them. Maybe if you republish - go to edit post and make sure they're still normal apostrophes there and then just save, it might republish properly.

Hope the house building goes well!
thanks for being my first t13 visitor this week, sonya! :)

happy thursday!
I see funny signs but cannot tell you why. Blame IE! good luck with the house. I guess getting married the second time is more rational... tell us your plans so that we can celebrate either way! would you wait to get married before planning a family? :) my friends's daughter wants a baby, the parents insisted she has to get married first, I didn't think my friends were THAT old fashioned, lol! Happy TT!
Looking at your pictures I'd say your life is anything but boring. Thanks for stopping by. Be Blessed today Sonya.
What no half nekkidness? *pout*

Happy HNT anyway ;)
I lived w. my husband immdiatly! Like I never left. LOL!

How cool to build a house.

Happy 13!
I was married once before my current husband. I loved divorcing that jerk! I wouldn't mind divorcing this one, too....but I will wait until my kids are at least teenagers. Living in sin isn't a bad thing...if it ain't broke, don't fix it! ;)
Congrats on the new home...I hope to see photos once it's done.

I used to be skinny before I had kids. Oh, well.

Blogging is great! I've been at it over a year.

Happy Thursday & thanks for stopping by my 13! :)
We're hoping to move into another house this fall before the baby arrives! How fun to build something together!

My TT is up too!
Happy Thursday!!

My T T is published
Great list Sonya! It's nice to see you posting again. I can relate to being slammed at work! That's my life everyday! Congrats on the new house, that's wonderful! My husband and I would love to build our own home, maybe some day.

Great TT List!
Well, I'll be....bc I DO read your blog faithfully, I actually DID know a lot of those! Yay me! ;)

Great TT!
Babies aren't always all they are cracked up to be...don't let baby fever take over! And building a's something I would LOOOOOVE to do!! Good luck.

I agree about getting to know people...that's why I started doing the TT as well!
On #13 - you can always tell by somebodies comment that they actually didnt read your post.
I built a house, too. I can't wait to watch your blog as it progresses.
Great list Sonya.
Having 4 kids took a toll on my once skinny body LOL :)
Building a new home together is like making a commitment. :)
thanks for the shout-out woman!

Your son JR better be ready for the weekend - Mags is already foaming. I can't wait to visit your new home...I am so excited for you! :)
I hope you make mucho cashola at your garage sale this weekend!

I don't blame you for taking your time to get married, especially after a divorce. Smart, that's what you guys are. :)

Thanks for joining in, and your #13 is dead on, that's what this is all about! Happy Thirteening!!
A new home in June sounds must be having fun planning and decorating!

...thanks for visiting my site:)
Hey Sonya, sorry for not being around for a while, damn Blogger sucks lol.
Will there be a spare bedroom in your new home for me to stay errrrrr come visit lol.
Happy TT. Now I'm going to find a new blogger to annoy :p
Bar Bar A - Yes, I'm boring, but thanks for thinking differently.

Elle - My dog is my baby. Seriously.

Mommy - thanks!

Carol- We will be building about the same time. We will have to check out each others blogs for progress.

Lazy Daisy - I love the blogging community too.

Matt - I'll come check it out.

Phats- you are too funny.

Kristarella - I'm sure I did something wrong with the html.

Gabrielle - I liked being your first.

Mar- My S.O. says we are getting married if I get preg regardless. I say when it happens it happens. We aren't against marriage, just haven't taken the plunge. When we do it will be either JP thing or elope. Nothing big.

The Red Queen - thanks. You are too kind.

Suze - sorry for the disappointment.

Nancy - we are really excited.

Denise - OMG! That is my saying. If it ain't broke why fix it. I can't blame kids on being fat.

Mary- Want it be great to start the new family in a new home.

Wystful - I am still slammed,but visiting how I can. Right now I'm on lunch.

Kelly - thx!

EE - you are so great!

Mummy - are you trying to give me b.c? LOL!

Lori - your so right.

KT Cat - I'll be posting about the progress.

Beading - I don't have kids to blame on being fat.

Carmen - that is for sure.

Ames - Jr is excited too.

Leanne - glad you understand.

Sherri - we are very excited.

Gareth - I have been worried about you.

Hope I haven't missed anyone so far.
Great list! Congrats on your new home...June isn't far away. *s* I have 3 little chihuahuas that are my *kids*.
I always read if I comment but I tell you - I think many don't. I see so many comments that are the same every week "GREAT 13!" Great list... etc etc and nothing more. I wonder why they waste their time LOL
Fantastic to get to know you a bit better. My doggie rules our house! I swear he is more spoiled than the children and I did not think that was possible. Boy oh Boy is he ever jealous. If my husband hugs my son or daughter he is right in the middle barking and being pushy. But he is so darn cute we can not help but spoil him. I think I have broken every single rule that the dog whisperer says to do. hehe!!
Chi - dogs are so much like childern, I swear. Thanks!

TNchick - so true. I think people are trying to be nice about commenting and that is it.

Cherish - We spoil ours too. Glad you might feel like you know me a little better.
My sister has that same dog. She thinks she's human too!
You know, I have had alot of issues with my weight as well. Thin then not...Had a few babies and that doesn't help, I'll just tell you. I did finally find a diet that worked...I think that's the secret...Great list...

Yay on the new house! That's awesome! Although I love our house, it's an old house and I think it would be fun to actually build one one day. I'm looking forward to updates and pictures! ;)
How exciting to build your own home. I am hoping someday DH and I will get to build our dream home. Great TT, I played too. Stacie
I've been married and divorced once before too...certainly wasn't in a rush to marry again. neat list :)
Good luck with the garage sale this weekend, hope the weather works out for ya, and you make lots of $$$.

Oh, and your "living in sin" comment had me lol. That was my grandma's favorite saying before Chris and I finally got hitched.
Wow the colors were hard to read...

Anyway... thanks for stopping by!
I "lived in sin" with my husband for awhile before we got married. Come to think about it, I did with my first husband too.
I did live in sin for 3 months before wedding to Hub2. It sooo didn't work out. Wasn't worth it for me. So I lived alone until I found my BH. And we lived happily ever after.
ShiTzu's make great pseudo-kids. I had one for 13 years. She was great.

I recommend Vegas for a good place to elope/get married. I did!
What's living in sin? :)
I never understood that term.
But I don't follow leaders, or care
what people think so I'm fine with that.
As long as you're happy, that's what counts!
Good luck with your love and your house.
I have shih-tzu named Bailey.

My TT is up at
You and Max have been together over 4 years, but not at the 5 mark yet. I know these things. *grin*

Seriously, Rotten2 will be 6 next week. She was just over a year when the idiot and I split. She was just over 18mos when I moved into that apartment. She had to have been close to 2 when you and Max started dating, and I was only in that apartment for 14 months. Not to mention, the first go round with me and DH? Was the day before I moved into that apartment :) April 13 2002
Hey ya know .. if its not broken, what do you need to fix by doing that whole marriage thing ;) haha! Wow the new house is coming along huh? Make sure to post some pictures up when you are all moved in.
Sinner, sinner! *giggle*
Happy Friday!
I'm doing my TT reading late this week. Thanks for coming by mine! You have quite a job dilemna in front of you. I am not really qualified to offer advice -- but you have my best wishes!
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