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Friday, May 19, 2006
 American Idol & Local Radio Channel
We have a great radio station here KISS FM 106.1. This stations is syndicated so some of you may get it in other states. Kidd Kraddick in the morning is a great talk show with some pop music too. Well they are doing a contest at an IHOP outside of Dallas. The winner wins a trip next week for both nights of American Idol and gets to stay at some nice hotel. I haven't got to listen real well. On Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday, maybe Wednesday - I'm sure if someone knows about it they will correct me in the comments) they announced this contest and told people where to meet up. Your only allowed one person per vehicle. You have to stay at the IHOP parking lot, in your car and listen to William Hung (However you spell that crazy guy that tried out for AI a few years ago and got a CD out of it). Here is the kicker, you are only give to potty breaks a day. One at 8 am and one at 8 pm. This is a 5 minute break for everyone. They do bring you food to the car and stuff. Anyway, I had forgot I heard this on the radio on Tuesday. Well when I got up on Wednesday FOX 4 news was showing it on the tv. Yesterday I listened on the radio about it on the way to work. People were calling in with ideas to get people to quit. One person said to run water down their windshield to make them have to go pee, someone said to order them antchovie (however you spell this too) pizzas and let them eat 1/2 and the other half has to sit in their car all day to stink up. (It has been in the 90's here). Well this morning I came into work listening again. They are down to 6 people. They were about to start some contest to narrow it down to 4, then to 2. They have to pick a winner today to get their names on the airline tickets. Come to find out yesterday they had a contest to sing. The winner of it was allowed to get of the car and go into IHOP for a real sit down meal outside of the car. Well he was the only guy left this morning and the rest were women. He now has a stomach flu and said it was coming out both ends and he reamins in the contest. Why you may ask? Because him and his wife are having problems and she is a major fan. He thought if he won this for her it would be good for them to get away and she loves AI. Is this a true fight to get his wife back or what? I mean doing this with the stomach flu and all. Okay, now let me tell you about the contestant I have a problem with. She is a 19 year old pregnant girl. I feel sorry for her. Her dad died last October, she found out she was pregnant (unplanned and out of wedlock) in Novemember, her grandpa died in December and then her boyfriend dumper her in March. She is 7 months preganat. She wants to win to take her mom for being there so much for her during all of this. I understand that. She also told us she had been in the hospital for 10 days for kidney infections since she had been pregnant. Here is my question, if you have a history of kidney infections with the pregnancy how health is it for her to do a contest that only allows her to pee twice a day for 3 days? Isn't this putting herselp and possibly the baby at risk? I have never been pregnant, but is this stupid or just me? Anyway, I guess we will find out who wins today. I just wanted to vent about this and hear your thoughts. This is all I got, how do you like that?

Have a great weekend!
Sonya said at 6:26 AM
I had to do a double take just now when you started talking about KISS FM and then Kidd Kraddick!!! WOW - he is still on the air???? I have not lived in Texas for 11 years and he is still on. How cool is that? Is he still funny as ever, cracking you up!!!!

I had to change my post, the pics were not showing for me either.
Wow um yea that is not a very good idea for that woman. It still boggles my mind that things people would do to win certain things. I mean what it would cost $500 to go just themselves. Oh well.
Jodes - I'll come back over.

L of B - I have no idea of cost, but they have to be major fans to do this. LOL!
KISS FM is in alot of major cities in Europe too :)
Gareth - Really? That is soooo cool.
Wow, yeah, I wouldn't think it would be healthy of her to be in this contest. Could easily lead to another kidney infection which can make a person quite ill & dehydrated. Not good for a baby.

That guy sounds sweet. I hope he wins!
Kim - isn't the contest crazy. This morning they all told you why they were doing it and you could call in and vote. I thought he should win too.
There's a KISS FM in Los Angeles, too. Let us know who won the contest!
yeah i am going to tell you that she won't make pee every 5 minutes when you are pregnant especially that pregnant...if by some chance she does make it....all i can say is YOU GO GIRL!!! i never would have...
Sorry I haven't been around lately I was in the competition but I was disqualified for dancing to much to "she bangs she bangs" DAMN IT! :)

Yes it is very dangerous for her to hold her urine like that what a fool!!! No trip would be worth harming my baby or myself.

My Aunt won a car this way. Everyone started out holding onto the car. The last one standing won the car. The funny thing was my Aunt lost half of her pinky finger in a farming accident. When she won the car they traced her hands onto the car and you could see her missing digit. I will date myself now because she won a brand new Pinto, hehe I was a small child when she won it.
WISHING You a HAPPY WONDERFUL Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
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