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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
 Thursday 13
Hosted by
Thirteen Reasons I'm Not Playing on Blogger Today
1. Work Sucks!
2. My Boss is a Dork!
3. I'm working on a Project.
4. My Boss Seems To Think His Wife is
Helping Me, Instead of Holding Me Up!
5. She is Really Dragging This Out.
6. She is Driving Me Crazy.
7. Is It Friday Yet?
8. When Will This End?
9. I Don't Need Anymore Projects!
10. This Woman Don't Even Want
To Take A Lunch Break.
11. I Want To Scream.
12. I Would Rather Be Anywhere ,
But Here.
13. I Will Return Tonight.
P.S. I will catch up on everyone's blogs
tonight, I promise. I will also read
your comments.
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Sonya said at 7:24 PM
Sorry your job stinks and your boss and his wife and....

Happy Thursday.
Thanks, TNCHICK!
Just keep looking forward to the Weekend and do something unusual to take your mind off of unhappy work conditions. Thanks for visiting my TT list and commenting. Watch a great comedy movie and laugh. You are welcome to visit my blog any time and I hope work gets better.
Thanks for stopping by. You have a great set up here. Wish I could figure this stupid linky thing out.
Hang in there it's almost the weekend B)

so wouldn't want ur boss!
dang! You posted so early...I didn't get over here in time. Did you go to lunch? I would told her to buy my lunch just for being a jackass! :)

PS - WTF is up with word verification - do you hate it as much as I do?
Sorry life is hard for you now. Hang in there Saturday is coming. My TT is up.
YIKES! I hope you get a relaxing weekend out of this.
I hope everything works out for you. My TT is up.
Your lists shows like you've had enough of it. At least it will keep you from getting bored (Lol).
My T13 is up too.
hi sonya! thanks for the comment you left on my ww ytd :) glad you enjoyed that platinum rule... btw, my t13 is up! happy thursday!
Awww sorry to hear abt ur day, it's friday soon and take a long break and relax, once u go home, take a hot shower/bath and just relax, put on ur fave music and forget abt anything and everything ehehhehe..happy thursday anyway, mine is up!
Man, bummer day. Hope you get through this quickly! ;)
Sorry you're having such a bad day. I feel that work seriously interferes with life and should be banned :)

Happy Thursday Thirteen
Elle xx sucks!! That's why I'm retired and playing Thursday 13!

My T T is up
There is a simple answer to all of this ... give up work! :p

Happy Thursday Thirteen to you.
Sorry it's so frustrating right now! Hang on - Friday's almost here!
MY TT is up too!
Is that a new blog design? Looks nice.

Work is never fun. That's why we don't go to "fun" every day. :) hang in there.
Awwww Girl, we do understand... work comes first!!

Loved your list haha.. pretty funny actually hehe
OH yuck. Hope the day flies by for you!
Yikes, I remember working at an office a few years ago and they banned MSN. I was devastated lol

Friday tomorrow, last day! :)
Sounds like you are having a very hectic day....hopefully, you will be able to get some R & R this weekend...that would be nice. *s*

Thanks so much for visiting my Tt & trying to guess my real name...great choice but no, it isn't Carol.
Sorry about your job, Only one more day till the weekend! Work can be so stressful. My TT is up!
Hang in there, one more day and you will have a whole weekend to enjoy!!!!! Happy TT in the meantime!
Sounds like you are having a rough day! Need some chocolate? :-)
Having a bad day?

My TT is up.
I'm totally with ya on not wanting anymore projects. ARRG!

Hang in there, it's ALMOST Friday. *grin*

Mine are up.
That's why work is a 4-letter word! Hope your day gets better!
That sucks!
I love that you said your boss is a dork because I think mine is too!!! It gets to be too much sometimes!!!! Mine are up!
I sincerely hope your day improves!
poor you. much sympathies.
LOL!! Good luck with answering all of these Sonya :p
Or you have someone who doesn't appreciate all you do,.. that's always fun... Les
I'm sorry you are having such a crummy day, hope you have a better one tomorrow!
Sending good vibes your way.
Friday is but a day away.
My own TT is up.
Take care,
That would drive me crazy! I hope your week starts to look up! I'll send positive thoughts your way.

My TT is up!
Cheer up! Friday's coming!

AC @ bloggedy blog
Sorry about your job. My TT is up at
Oh, poor baby, I'm sorry you are having a bad day. At least your blogging friends love you!
Thanks for visiting my T13.
Hi *hug* Hope your day gets better. ;)
Friday is almost here!
This list totally made me laugh. I really shouldn't laugh at someone else's pain! :) Great list!
One of those early TTers, man I wish I could be early! But finally my TT are up.
Thanks for coming by yesterday. I had little chance to visit yesterday and am catching up today.
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