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Thursday 13
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Friday, April 21, 2006
Woo-hoo! It is Friday. It couldn't have came enough. Everyone is out of my office today, except my boss. Yuck! I'm stuck with him all day. That prolly means lunch too. I came down with an allergy/sinus infection yesterday. Prolly from our crazy weather in Texas. I am doing better today, I think cuz my throat doesn't hurt so bad. Now I'm hoarse though. Maybe it will be an excuse not to have to talk to my boss, hun? LOL! I figure if I'm going to be miserable I might as well be miserable at work, hun? Well I got the final word yesterday that everything is a go ahead and approved on our house to be built. Yeah! I have to sign one statement at closing that I have never applied for credit under some alias that is showing up on my credit report. It scared me that someone had tried to fraud on my report, but it appears to just be a type-o. I don't know why anyone would want to steal my identity anyway. So we are so excited about the house being built. Yeah! I started H/O's insurance quotes today. Yes, I'm ahead of the game. Now, I have to write a letter to the landlord to go with the rent check that we are moving. I dread that since we are breaking our lease a little early. Can't wait to see how much it cost us or if he will just apply our deposit towards it. Anyway, no big plans for the weekend. Max is working on Saturday and I'm getting up early to go to a huge community wide garage sale at Chandler's Landing in Rockwall. It is an annual event and you can find lots of good treasures from the rich. LOL! Then I'll prolly go home and clean, and grocery shop before Max gets home. What an exciting weekend, hun? LOL! So, do you have any exciting plans? Well, hope everyone has a great day!

Sonya said at 6:25 AM
Good job with getting the posts sorted out :)
Congrats on getting the go ahead for the house. You must be so excited. Maybe you could paint yours white because Shannon is painting hers blue so she could have the top half of a smurf and you can have the bottom half :p

Have a happy weekend.
Happy Friday! I always want to go to garage sales (especially in the rich neighborhoods), but I just never plan well enough. Now that we have a truck, I could really make some hauls.

Hope your day at work turns out to be ok. *smooch*
Gareth - haha - to funny. LOL!

Kim - I'll let you know if I find any bargains.
Ok, so how about Gareth paint his house red.. then we would have an American Flag at it's finest!! =)

I have no plans for the weekend.. I wish I did thou.. it sucks azz.. It's suppose to rain this weekend, so maybe it will be a movie weekend and a lifetime movie network weekend lol.. Of course I will clean and stuff that goes without saying.. ughhh.. lol.. Maybe I will go get some high-lites put in my hair.. I kinda did something to my hair on my own and my hair dresser is gonna kick my azz... maybe I should go some where eles this time?? HAHA

Have a great weekend!!
Just you and the boss, huh? Doesn't sound like such a great day, lol, hopefully you get along and like your boss fairly well.

Sorry you don't feel so hot. Allergies are kicking my ass this spring. Blah.

Have a great wkend!!!
hey girly, bummer you are not feeling well, get better soon. So happy for you and the house!!!!! WOOHOO!!!
Have a godd weekend S!!!
I meant "good", of course
Have a good weekend! I'm supposed to go to the university's Spring Fair...
Shannon - I think that is a great idea. LOL!

EE - they are really kicking my butt. We get along. He doesn't really bother me. I just rather have him leave too. LOL!

Jodes - thx! And love the new pic on your blog.

Nowhere - I so have you take it easy this weekend.

HD - sounds like fun.
Garage sales sounds exciting. I luv them. I am getting to leave now to get my shopping done. It is clouding up oo I sure hope we get some of the rain.
Have a good weekend. :)
I'll be smoking some pork shoulders and ribs this weekend, and playing in the first softball tournament of the season.
Beading - try to stay dry.

Flounder - can I come?
I’m going to the Fort Worth art festival tomorrow—have you been there? I hope it’s not raining:) Have a good weekend Sonya.
First off I watched the OC last night, i was wondering when they would resolve the baby issue with Ryan. I don't like Seth and Summer together a dork like him should never be able to land a hottie like her! :) Can so do without Marissa, the show is better when she isn't in the scene.

Have a great wkend
Have a great weekend! Just popped in to say hi because I haven't been here for a few days.
GOOD LUCK with all the house stuff!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!
You would actually be surprised and quite scared at the same time how much identity theft actually goes on. Good luck on the house - looking forward to seeing some pics when it is all done. Hope you had a good weekend.
I wish I'd have gone to that sale. I love sunglasses. I was on a sunglasses buying phase the last couple of years. Now I'm stocking up on shoes.

I went to DC this weekend. It rained and poured!
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