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Monday, April 17, 2006
Well, it is Monday and it is so dragging. I hate that. Anyway, I get an email from my ex-sil this morning that just reads, I need your fax #. I replied making sure she needed mine, cuz I thought maybe she clicked the wrong name in her address book. She replied back saying, yes you. She said my youngest niece's school needed to fax something to me. I replied again, asking why me. She replied back saying it was a permission slip for a field trip. At this point I'm really confused. So I asked why they would be faxing it to me, I'm not the guardian. She said someone from the school called and told her that they had to have a slip signed from the people participating and my niece told them I was goind with her. My ex sil assumed my niece had spoken to me about this, but I know nothing. My ex sil is calling the school back to get more information. I feel bad. I'm assuming my niece wanted me to go with her. I don't even know when it is or where. I doubt I could get off work. My ex sil is still getting more details for me. Is this weird or what? I am thinking my niece just had wishful thinking that I was going. That makes me feel bad. She and her sister are both my pride and joy!

Sonya said at 7:18 AM
yeah, that is a little strange. Is it the older one that you went to the concert with?
No the younger one. She is only 9. My ex sil has called the school back and they are getting with her to see for sure if she was talking about me. I feel so bad if she was wanting me to go and I can't. If she wants me to go I'm going to see when it is and where.
Sonya, You've been tagged...check my blog link to find out what you need to do. Have fun!!
crap - your last comment just reminded me - you tagged me last week....ON FRIDAY!

Barb - I'm on my way.

Ames - I guess I have been tagged on something else too, so that means you will prolly get tagged again from me. LOL!
Since it's the younger one, I'm guessing it was just wishful thinking you were going & she forgot to ask you. :-(
Kim - that is what I'm thinking. Her mom called back to the school. It is at the Dallas World Aquarium which I took her to not long ago. So I'm wondering if she was saying I took her there and the school got it confused. Either way her school thinks I'm going to help out. LOL!
updated - your tag is up now.
Mondays do drag, don't they? Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Are the Mavs any good this year? I know info like that should be encoded in my DNA, but I don't really get into NBA as much as I used to.

By the way, why does my name (and a few others) have a line in it? Are we special bloggers? Heh heh heh
Barry - they are like 4th in the conference and 2nd in their division I think or vise versa. I haven't follwed them like normally either. Once I have clicked on your name from my blog it does that. If I haven't clicked on the name yet or if no one else has then it doesn't have the line through it. It is my new template. I know it looks like I'm marking through you and checking you off my list, but I'm not. LOL! I came by to visit today and see if there was any updates.
Hey! I love the new look!
Flounder - thx! It is much softer on the eyes, I think. My friend Emily did it. She rocks!
emily does rock! you can even tell her I said so! :)
Ames - yes she does. LOL!
Can I have a strawberry?

Just wanted to give you something else to scratch your head about today :p
I guess going with her is out of the question?

Well, that's a bummer, but I guess kids don't always get EXACTLY what they want.

Maybe you can do a makeup trip.

(Love the new Template and pics!)
Gareth - like I need something else to confuse me. LOL!

Zen - My ex sil and I are both lost on this. I found out the field trip is do the Dallas World Aquarium. We are thinking since I took her there not long ago that she might of told her school that and they got confused or something. Who knows? Her and I already have a trip to the zoo planned soon.

P.S. glad you like me new look. Thx!
I think you are right it is your neice's wishful thinking. She wants you to go so bad she thinks you will go. That is really cute. I hope you can go!!
I forgot to mention I like the new format! Very cool. Did you make that pic in the header yourself?

Have you received your copy of my book yet?
Cherish - I think you are prolly right. LOL!

Barry - Thanks! Nope, my blog buddy Emily did it. She is awesome! I have got your book, but trying to finish up another one I had just started when yours arrived so I can start on yours. You will have a review posted here after I read it. LOL!
I love your new blog design -- very cool
PPP - do you recognize the artist's work? Em's. LOL! Thanks. Oh did you see the link to you in the post below? I figured you would have something to say about it. LOL!
That is a little strange.
Poody - I spoke to her. The woman in the office got her confused with another kid. So some other kid is expecting their aunt to go and not my niece.
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