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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
 Thursday 13
Hosted by
Thirteen Things about
Why I Love Thursdays

1. Only one more day until Friday

which starts the weekend.

2. Our paychecks arrive from the

payroll company.

3. OC is on.

4. When I use to go clubin' this was the

good dancin' night.

5. I can usually stay up later knowing that I

only have one more day to get up early.

6. It is the last day of the work week I

have to dress up.

7. I get to participate in Thursday 13

and meet a bunch of fun bloggers.

8. The sale ads usually come in the

mail, so I can plan the weekend

shopping trip.

9. S.O. usually gets all the laundary

caught up for the weekend

before I get home (since he

gets home before me).

10. This is always a good happy

hour night.

11. I have made it past mid week

and can usually start

winding down.

12. If I take my paycheck to

the bank the line isn't near as long.

13. Since I have my Thursday

Thirteen up, I hope to refer new

participants to join in on the fun!

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Also, the Thursday 13 banner is courtest of Kelly Nello
Sonya said at 10:53 AM
I just wanted to be T13 is NOT up yet....will be shortly. Stay tuned. I will send another comment when updated.

I love the laundry comment - tell him to swing by. I have a load or two
Paydays are always good, no matter what day it falls on! But I enjoy thursdays also, cuz I get to visit all the ohter 13s.

My list is up
I love Thursday as well! One of my fav shows is on tonight...Smallville!!! Then tomorrow is Friday! Yes!!!
I'm not ready to join the Thursday 13 YET, but I love reading yours. Have a good day, but it sounds like you will anyway!
There's a lot of things I love about Thursdays and you named quite a few of them. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Have a lovely day. Be Well...
All great reasons to love Thursdays!
Great list. Wish I was working so I could enjoy your reasons too! Thanks for the visit. Nice to meetcha!
Ames - can't wait to see it.

Kim - you can come here anytime whether if you join or not.

Carmen - can't wait to see it.

Trinity - Yeah for Friday.

Ardice - yes there is.

Denise - me too!

Reverberate - I would rather not be working.
Fantastic List Sonya!!

Your forgot Half Naked Thursdays!! chuckles...

Ummmm Do you think your SO could stop by and take care of my laundry? Or at least speak to my husband about finish the laundry before I arrive home? hehehe

My weekends are always spent doing laundry.

Happy HNT!!
Any day somebody else does the laundry is a good day!!

Thanks for coming by my blog.
Your Thursday sounds wonderful!! Thanks for stopping by my TT!
I loveeeeeeeee Thursdays too!!

For basically all of the same reasons as you.

Thursday is the best night for dancing at clubs and the OC is on.. whoop!
thursdays are always my favorite, even before the 13! and yes, I'm very aware I'll be waiting on the cable guy... hopefully hubby will come home, and I can leave! thanks for visiting my tt
I usually stay up later on Thursday too and still have just as hard of a time getting out of bed!
What a positive way to look at Thursdays. I think Thursday is my new favorite day.
ok - I am up now.
with you on number 7...totally!

I guess if I was working I would realise when it was Thursday a whole lot easier than I do as a days kinda merge into

Thanks for visiting my list, Happy Thursday!

Ivoryfrog x
I enjoyed my visit to your site, great list for lovin' Thursdays! :)
No wonder you like Thursdays!!
Thanks for visiting my T13.
I used to love my Thursday clubbin nights too..even better than Friday and Saturday. :D
ahhhhhhhh, whaddya mean "complaints" for comments? I'd never complain. *s*

I like thursday for TT blogroll too.

Thanks for dropping by my TT-----love the photo show.
I could have written this SAME TT. Great list!

Happy TGIF tomorrow!
I have to agree with #6 the dressing up for work. I can't wait for the weekend and I can dress casual.

Great list, thanks for stopping by.
Survivor too!
Lots of great reasons to be happy it's Thursday! I agree with most... some don't apply to me (Don't watch OC).
All very good reasons to like Thursday! have a great one!
Great list of reasons. :)
I added my link because I didn't know what it was about lol... I didn't do a list thou.. oopseee.. sowwy!
Cherish - I'll see what I can do. LOL! I haven't done the HNT the last few weeks. Just got burned out.

Joan- true.

Susan - I'm trying to make it a postive day. I'm getting sick thought and it is hard.

Shannon - great minds think alike. LOL!

Amy - this is true.

Alexia - thx!

Ames - I'm on my way.

Ivory - I would rather be in your shoes.

Feathers - I'm having trouble with you blog.

Jane - yes I do.

Becky- they were good clubin' night.

Wystful - Thanks!

Tracy - thx!

Kelly - You had a great one too!

Suzy - How could I fogot about Survivor?
Hoo-ah for Pay Day! You are SO not "boring". ;)

Thanks for stopping by my T13!
Great list! I love how your 'comments' are complaints. LOL!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Thursdays are a great day of the week.

Who said you were boring?

My own 13 is up and getting started early for a night of dancing over at
You don't seem to be bored. just dropped by. My TT13 is up too.
"7. I get to participate in Thursday 13 and meet a bunch of fun bloggers." ...... so are you saying that your other blogger buds aren't fun?! *stamping foot and rapping fingers on desk* :p
TNChick - OC isn't for everyone.

Kassi - thx!

Enigma - me. LOL!

Friday - not today, I'm not. LOL!

Gareth - you know you are fun. I just get to meet more people to bring into our cirucs. LOL!
testing something - no need to reply.

Mine are up…..Go check out my T13
I love that tomorrow is Friday. That's my favorite part of Thursday. :)
Thursdays ARE awesome.

It's Survivor day!
Great list!

Love your blog!
it's been so long since i've been clubbing, back in my day it was called going to the disco, gah, hold old am i!
happy tt.
Yup one more day til Friday! and i agree about meeting other fun blogger!No long line in the bank and start to partyyyyy! hehe happy TT!!! thanks for visiting!
Ames - I have been there.

Paisley - TGIF

Ems - I'm in a survivor pool.

Attila - thx!

Better safe - I would of loved discoing.

Susan - so true!
Happy hour sounds very nice! :)
I love Thursdays ever since "Must See TV" started on NBC. Now that Thursdays aren't so "must see" anymore, I am sorta lost. But Thursday is still my favorite day of the week!
Ocean - happy hour would sound better right now. LOL!

Kelly - good point.
Happy pay day to you! Getting money always makes it a good day.

Thanks for stopping by my TT. Happy Thursday!
Thursdays=Survivor night :)
The shows I watch on Thurday nights are Smallville and CSI. Thanks for commenting on my TT list.
Interesting list. Thank you for visiting my T13
Thursday is my favourite day of the week. There's just something about Thursdays that I've always loved. :)
Cool 13! Thanks for stopping by mine!
Those all sound like great reasons! We watch Survivor and My Name is Earl on Thursdays :)

Thanks for visiting my TT today.
I used to love the OC and watch all the time, but this year just isn't doing it for me and I haven't watched it in weeks. Hmmph. Although I see Ryan finds out he is a dad tonight possibly?
Just the first two ones could be enough....

Mine is strange ;-)
Pink - I loved your blog.

Beading - good point.

Joe - everyone has their Thursday shows, don't they?

Scouser - thx!

Mandy - me too!

Heather - thanks for coming by.

Courtney - I like those too. That is what TIVO is for.

Phats - yes, tonight could be good. Did you know Summer and Seth are split up again?

Life - LOL!
Glad to meet you. Just wish my check came today. Oh yeah, I work with my husband, we don't get checks. Hmmph. I am digging on that casual Friday thing though. I didn't wear socks with my dressy clothes today.
Thank you for stopping my TT! Returning the favor!
ah, thursday. yeah, it's a great day. the work week is ENDING!! thanks for stopping by my 13 - i'll be back to read more; i love your site!

Thursday nights has the best shows on! Yay, O.C.!
I too like thursdays. Thanks for stopping by. I'll write about Evita on the morning of the 11th likely.

look forward to connecting again....
Great List! I like Thursdays for some of those reasons and some other!

Thanks for stopping by my list!
I used to always go out dancing on Thursdays too -- back in the day! And of course, I definately love the end of the work week! Nice list!

Mine is up!
Today is hubby's payday - yay money in my pocket.
I love going out on Thursdays and getting a jump on the weekend.
My list is up.
Take care and see you next week.
Thursdays are a very good day of the week, aren't they? They must be good party days in a lot of places, because we always went out on Thursday nights!

Now, I am just glad there is one more day of work left!

By the way, those scrolling pics are great, especially of Trish squatting.
Surrender - that sucks!

Shrone - thx!

Emily - thx!

Chelle - you are right.

Alison - sounds like a plan.

Melli - I'll come check it out.

Just Expressing - See you next week!

Barry - thx!
Happy Thursday. You have reminded me of why I should celebrate. But... it's Friday now (in Australia).
Hurrah for Thursday! And a double hurrah for the weekend. Isn't pay day just the best :)

Here's my TT:
Elle xx
YES! I love Thursdays too!
I love Thursday because it's my Friday:)
Sonya, last night Louie got attacked by this huge dog, I had to take him to the vet. big cuts on him poor little thing:(
just got home and working on laudry. would love to have it done for me. loved you TT-

Happy Thursday!
ok i'm not anonymous, don't know why i didn't hit the right button....sorry....

You've talked me into loving Thursdays.

My TT is up at
I never thought of Thursdays like that before but it's so true!! Great list and I love the slideshow.

My TT is up!
Thursday is a great day! Let the drinking begin! :)
LOL Sonya, Thurs is my all time favorite day of the wk. Good list, esp the part about OC. ;)
Thursdays mean ER for me! I love Thursdays...

Thanks for stopping by my TT
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