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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
 Hump Day
Happy Hump Day! After today only 2 more days to go till the weekend. Yeah! Did anyone watch the new 8th and Ocean show last night on MTV after the Real World Key West? I actually think it is going to have jealousy, drama, religion and cat fights. What a combination. I'm really excited about this show. Anyway, I'm even more excited we have hit mid week. Well I have to go get payroll done for Friday so I'll post more later. Have a great day!

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Sonya said at 6:02 AM
I just can't get into anything on MTV. Remember when they used to play music videos on that channel?

Didn't think so.
Yea, there's some serious issues with that Paula girl. I'm really surprised that they put her on the show.
Happy Hump Day!!
HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!! I do not work Fridays so I only have one more day to go to the weekend after today. YEAHHHHHH
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I never watch any of those reality shows.
Cut me a check.
Happy hump day. :)
I think it's incredibly sweet for you to say 'after today, just 2 more days...'. Now THAT's optimism!
Flounder - I remember those days. Do you remember the game show Remote Control? I use to love it.

Les - maybe she will get help and be a good inspiration for other girls with her problem.

L of B - I am a reality tv addict.

Mac - I wish it was that easy.

Gary - Happy hump day to you too!

Miss Jay - always. Just like is the glass half empty or half full.
Cherish - I'm jealous
1st RW season I haven't watched?! maybe I should attempt... though my tivo is SO bogged down.
Nowhere - I was impressed with the Austin one. I'm liking this one.
I hope so.. Have a happy hump day!! Last day of work this week. Hope your feeling better...
Les - I'm really jealous. Have fun working at the big 12 this week.
I do not have cable, I am poor!
Jodes - I use to not and I didn't realize how much I missed these shows until I got it again.
Ok so I had to read what 8th and Ocean was about lol. I'm closer to the weekend than you are ;)
Gareth - no fair. I guess you have put in more time this week than us too, hun? LOL!
I didn't watch 8th and ocean and I missed the real world. I did however watch Idol, and the amazing race(so so good!) you watch idol?
Yes I have but it also means that I'm closer to the Monday morning blues too :(
Phats - I haven't followed it this season like normal, but when I get the chance I like to watch it. I have also been trying to keep up with the Apprentice. More than 1 night a weeks blows it for me.

Gareth - Good point.
you have been tagged, don't whine...just do it! ;)
Ames - LOL! I guess you liked my whinning email?
I love the apprentice. My sister turned me onto that show, however she is mad at Donald for how he treated Martha haha!
Phats - I have watched it since day 1. I never got into the Martha show.
Happy Hump Day to you, too!

I haven't even heard the show you speak of!
And "Beavis and Butthead" is as much drama as I can handle!!
Barry - LOL! It is a MTV show. I'm a MTV fanatic. It takes little brain cells to comprehend these shows. Also, this is prolly more of a girly type show, but men would enjoy it cuz it has hot women on it.
I love hump day.
Jason - Me too!
I dont work so I guess I dont have a hump day.
There's a "Real World Key West" ? Where da fuck have I been ?

Hey Marie where'd you go ? Dinners cold get home now !
Oh no, another show to check out. I'm so bogged down with show recommendations. Since my Dbf won't get digital cable and I'm to lazy to read listings, when is this show on and how often?
i totally forgot it was coming on...i will have to remember that...i swear i need Tivo...great blog...
Marie - you can still have a hump day.

Wally Crawler - it is on Tuesdays.

Lasann - 8th and Ocean is on MTV on Tuesdays.

Greta - there was repeats last night and I'm sure there will be more repeats before next week. The first one was a commercial free one, which was cool.
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