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Thursday, March 02, 2006
 90's Week Part II and Freaky Friday
Sorry I did my Friday post a little early. I have a short Friday. I have to leave work early to go have my HSG test done. I'll update yall on that later. So, if I don't comment back to you as quickly as you would like or if I don't make it to your blog today, you know why.

Today is my compeltion of 80's/90's blog week, but if you want to know the details behind it, please click here:

I decided to merge my final 90's pics with my freaky friday story. For more Freaky Friday information, please click here: I promised someone this story last week. It just so happens I realized this happened in the 9o's, so more power to the theme, right?

First my 90's finale (2) pics. The first one is of me a guy I kind of dated. Again, my hair is bigger than his cowboy hat. I think this guy minds me of Bill the Apostle icon. What do you think? Can an old flame sue me for posting his pics or anything? I hope not. Anyway, this guy was great and a really good dancer. The last time I seen him he was in the Air Force and I went to go visit him. I have no idea where he is now.

The second pic for the 90's finale is one of my friend Kathy and me. Look a the double trouble big, blonde hair do's. Funny or what? Once again, the red devil eyes come into play. Also, notice how white my face is compared to my body. I don't tan my face. I have an allergic reaction on my lips from the sun so I void my facing tanning at all. Yes, it looks stupid, but at least I should have young skin one day from this.

Please let me know when you get your 90's post or pics up and I'll add a linky in here for you eventually.

Other 90's Post:

The Fashion Police Hosted by Princess Prissy Pants
Blast From the Past 90's Part II Hosted by EE

Now to finish off Friday with a FREAKY FRIDAY story: I may have some facts mixed up due to drunkness. If so, Leslie can comment and correct me. This took place in 1997 on Memorial Weekend. My friend Leslie's b-day always hit around that time and we would always plan something fun over that weekend. This paticuliar year we went tubing at the Guadalupe River. The rapids were so much fun. You camped out, rented a tube for you and another tube for your cooler. Well, (4) of us girls and one of the girls' b-friends loaded up and went. We had a whole other group that had went down the day before, but we never found them. The Thursday night before we all went to Denim and Diamonds. A country club for college night. I won a t-shirt that night for some crazy drunken contest. We sleep in on Friday and went grocery shopping and loaded up on beer for the weekend. We finally headed out for the weekend. Three of us girls (Leslie, Trish K. and I rode together) and 2 others (Trish W. and her b-friend Steve) followed. We go there and they sent the 2 drunk girls to look for the other group. So Trish K. and I went on a walk. We met some other campers and started enjoying some cherries soaked in ever clear type appetizers. We moved on down and decided to take some hits of some people's joint. Don't have a clue why we did something stupid like that. It was like wood stock and we were having a blast. Well we finally returned to the others empty handed, but really dazed and confused. Leslie got really upset with Trish K. cuz she was acting off the wall wild and it was Leslie's b-day. We sit up camp and took Leslie on our journey so she too could fortake in the great cherry bombs. On the campsite they had v-ball sit up and all kinds of stuff. We built a fired and cooked and drank. We met a bunch of guys. We were loving that. We got up on Saturday and hit the river. I did manage to hit a small rock in a roaring rapid and tumbled over in my tube. I had my shorts and shoes I was previously wearing over my swimsuit in the tube and lost them. I never spilled my beer. It was quite an accompishment. Everyone was proud of me. LOL! We rode the river all day drinking. We got back to camp and every was sun burned like a lobster. So they all decided to take a nap. I decided to go meet some more friends and drink some more. I stumbled across another group of guys and we made friends. What can I say a chic drunk stumbling around in a bikini meets guys easily. A couple of them were heading to the beer store and I thought we needed more beer so I asked if I could join them. I ran back to camp and grabbed an id and some cash and told the girls the plan and off I went. I fall asleep and the next thing I know I wake up and I'm at the San Antonio airport. Come to find out the guys were also picking up a friend, but I swear they didn't tell me this. So a 20 minute trip turned into like a 4 hour trip. My friend has awaken and was worried to death about me. I'm sure Leslie will elaborate on comments about this. Well on the way back to camp I had to pee. So I made they guys stop on the major highway so I could get out and squat. The guys thought it was hiliarious and snapped pics. So, I'm prolly floating across the internet somewhere squatting and peeing on the sid of a major highway. Oh well. That is being drunk for you. We finally made it to a beer store. The stupid chic at the counter told me she couldn't sell to me. It was a no shirt, no shoes establishment. I was in nothing but a bikini the whole time. The guys got my beer for me and we finally made it back to camp. They did call their buddy on the way back and I had him go locate my friends and tell them I was alive. We got back around dark and it took me forever to find my friends. A lot of people had moved into the campsite around them. We were all just in a big field basically with tents. They had made friends with another group of friends. The "attention whore" I was, I jumped up on the cooler and started doing a dance for $1 bills. I think they were glad to see me alive. They even handed me a t-shirt at this time. It was getting chilly out, especially when you are sun burned.

Here are some drunks photographer pics of the trip:

This is Leslie driving and me in the back sit drinking. We have no make up and are totally hung over from the night before.

Here is Trish taking a squat on the side of the major highway on the way there. If you look close enough you can see the stream of pee coming out. Gross!

Here is me dancing for dollars with the dollar giver.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't do anything that I would of done in the 80's or 90's!

Remember: For funnies you can always click on MY VIDEOS on the side bar under places I frequent.
Sonya said at 7:13 PM
LMAO -- you have some great hair going on.

I have a Fashion Police 80s and 90s post up today
At least it was better than waking up ON the plane haha! That is funny, one thing about being a guy, lucky I do not have to "squat." Great story, I think that I have a couple of those laying around.
You take pics of each other peeing! LOL.
Sweetness! Sonya, good luck with your HSG today. Hopefully it isn't too uncomfortable. Have them show you the x-rays...they are pretty cool.
Great story Sonya!! I was LOL when you said you didnt spill your beer while tubbing.

Good luck with your HSG today!!
smooches and huggiezz
Memories!!! Guadalupe 1997!!

Where's the tent.. How was your trip to San Antonio.

Love ya girlie.. Good luck today.
Too funny, I love the road trip pics.

I added some pics today.

GL at your appt today!
You are one wild child, Sonya! I've enjoyed your big hair flashback pictures!

Have a good weekend.
Your blog never fails to crack me up. lol at the peeing on the side of the road.
PPP - Yes, very big hair

L of B - Good point

Gareth - what else would you expect out of a couple of drunks

Barry - thx@ I did watch it.

Beading - thx!

Les - I didn't come through the tent pic. I think I gave it to you in your turning 30 photos.

EE- I will check them out

Nutz- glad you enjoyed

Blind - glad I coule make your smile
I did my 80s post, finally!!! Have a good weekend :p
You have a pretty amazing memory considering the beers!
Tina- I'll be over to check it out.

Miss Jay - Good point
You had the 90's "I just French-kissed an air conditioner"- hairstyle down, I'll give ya that!
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