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Thursday, March 02, 2006
 90's Week Part I and HNT
Well we are starting the 90's pics for the 80's/90's theme this week. For more information, please click here:

I have a few 90's pics for yall. The first pic, is one I wanted to coordinate in with HNT. This pic was from a party in 1997. All, I can say is BOTTOMS UP and HAPPY HNT.

Next, is a pic from New Year's Eve in 1996. I was dressed for a country bar, so all countried out. LOL! I have the big hair going on.

Final pic is from the same year, I think but a few night earlier. Again, the big hair. I don't know what was up with the short shirt showing the belly ring. I was such a hooch. Anyway, I think my big hair weighed more than I did. Also, I apologize for the red "devil" eyes. My eyes do it all the time and I didn't take the time to remove the red eye.

For other 90's post and pics:

Blast From the Past Hosted by EE
The Best 2 Shows of the 90's Hosted by Princess Prissy Pants
Emily in the 90's Hosted by Emily
About Myself in the 90's Hosted by EE
Sonya said at 5:47 AM
Please let me know when you get your 80's/90's pics and/or post for this weeks theme up so I can add your linky.

Happy HNT!
Happy HNT Sonya!

Love the first pic, LMAO.

And yes, I DO think your hair weighed more than you in BOTH of those pics, lol. You were a hottie though still.
EE - thanks and HNT to you!
Happy HNT! Nice pics.

BTW you have been invited when you get a chance check out my blog. xoxoxo
Wow...I know they say thin is in but I love the here and now sonya look. That hair does look like something straight out of Now I have to ask the question that all the guys are wanting to know but afraid to ask...which cheek was you in the first pic ;-)
Oh gosh I mustn't even go look at my pics from back then!
That's classic!! That's how you looked when we first met!! have a great day...

So which arse is yours? I'm guessing the one on the left.
Happy HNT!
Gotta love "big hair" LOL - whatever happened to all the good big hair bands? oh well.

Great HNT shot ... you on the left or right? ;) btw you look super-skinny in those pictures ... I mean I do not know what you look like now, but don't mind me either because I have a fetish for tummies - I keep staring at the last pic.
you are so cute!!! MY HNT Is up.
I liked the way you partied in 1997! :)

Whoo hoo!
Oh my gosh...that hair...and that flat tummy...nice. And WOW, what as ass on you. So it is not just your feet that is sexy?
"Anyway, I think my big hair weighed more than I did."

LOL! ?That's too funny, sonya. I will be posting a few 90's pics tomorrow.
These are great :) HHNT!
Lori - I rsvp'd

Blind - the pale one and I love Grease

Wenchy - you should join in on our 80's and 90's week. It is funny.

Les - Yes it was

Flounder - correct

Robyn - Happy HNT

L of B - I was super skinny with a 6 pack back then, now I have the whole keg. LOL!

Jodes - I'll be making my rounds shortly. I'm slammed at work.

Barry - I partied hard back in the day.

feetman - glad someone finds something sexy about me. LOL!

Barry - Let me know when you posted the 90's pics so I can add a linky from my crazy post tommorrow.

Crimson - Happy HNT!

Everyone - I'm slammed at work, but will make my rounds to everyone's blogs as soon as I can.

Happy HNT!
looking good
Too funny!!
Happy HNT! I luv your hair in those pics!! :)
That's some nice ass and hair you got there Sonya! ;p
Art - thanks!

Happykap - LOL!

Beading - Happy HNT! Are you going to run out and get your hair done like this? LOL!
(EE's friend here)*snort*...Nice hair! LOL I have always been hairspray impaired, so I don't have any fun big-haired pics...

Oh, and nice cheeks, sista! LOL
Mac - Ass and Hair shouldn't go in the same sentence. Yuck! LOL!

Emily- Hey, girlie! I think we may live in the same area. Lucky you not having any embarrassing pics from the past.
I'm wondering if this is what Dolly Parton looked like when she was younger. I'm talking about the hair not the boobs lol.
Happy HNT :)
ahhh yes...the decade(s) of big hair

Gareth - isn't her hair still big? LOL!

village idot - Happy HNT!
Yea, we are very close...I'm right down the highway from your area(over by Lake Ray Hubbard)

I posted my 90s pics...but, like I
great hnt pic!
Emily - we are real close, I use to live on the lake. We are going to move about 10 mi east of Rockwall sometime this year, hopefully.

Slutbag - Happy HNT!
Niiiiiice Dumper!
Flounder - LOL!
you're still a blast - and quite lovely ~HHNT~
Love the hair -- my blog has a new look hehe
Jericho - Thank you and happy hnt!

Great Pics!!
Damn HOT...I'm all kinds of nostalgic now!

Cherish - Thanks and Happy HNT!

Chuck - LOL! HHNT!
Yeah there's always one smarty pants LOL ;)
so cool
Gareth - That is normally you, isn't it? LOL!

Jay - HHNT!
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