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Monday, February 27, 2006
 80's Week Part I
In case you didn't already know so of us in blog land are having 80's/90's week. For more information click here:

I realized real quick when going through pictures, my mom has most of my younger pics. I started kindergarden in 1980 and finished junior high in 1989, so I don't have a lot of pics from the 80's to post. The 90's will be a different story. My favorite memory of clothes from the 80's would be tight rolled jeans (which I have some pics tommorrow of) with a fluorescent shirt and socks to match with KEDS tennis shoes and big hoop earrings (which I think are coming back, aren't they). If you want more fashion tips from the 80's please visit the fashion guru's blog by clicking here:

If you updated your blog to the 80's or 90's this week, please let me know via email or in comments and I'll add your linky.

Other 80's pics and post:

Superspy Gal
Princess Prissy Pants

My 80's pics for today is my from my brother 8th grade graduation. Look at these beutiful frolics. LOL! Have fun with these:

EDITED: Here are some funnies for the week to get you starting the week
of right:

Sonya said at 6:36 AM
I just love those big hoop ear rings!
I sure hope they make a come back!
Oh hope I can get my scanner up and running...I have pics of me in some bridal about ruffles...geesh !!
ahhh gotta love the pastels and ruffles. I spy a mullet or two lol.
Twisted - You like the big hoops?

Superspy - I hope you can. Let me know if you get them up.

PPP - Prolly several mullets.
Bring back the 80's. Bring back the 80's. Everyone join in. Bring back the 80's.

Wow that was a weird dream!! I dreamt that I was with Molly Ringwald. Ok I'm going back to sleep now ;)
Gareth has a crush on Molly Ringwald. LOL!
You gotta love bridesmaids dresses from the 80's. You just gotta.
Mac - pastels, poofy sleeves and all. Yuck!

Maybe you can send these pics to your mom and tell her this is what you picked out for her wedding. LOL!
I was in a few rainbow weddings...where each of the bridesmaids wore a different color pastel dress...I don't think we had the umbrellas though...I'm not sure, I think I blocked that out or was totally too drunk to remember...LOL
Superspy - I can't wait to see your pics. Tommorrow is tight rolled jean pics.
looks like they want to prom with Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Almost paradise!!!
LMAO....NICE dresses, I love the overall "poofiness"
Les - you are right. Just wait till Friday when you see the 90's post mixed with the freaky friday. I hope the whole week already drafted. LOL!

EE - can't wait to see your pics.
HAD Sonya, HAD a crush on her! LOL. I mean she has to be 72 now, right?

OMG- I wore one of those.
Gareth - I can always depend on you for a laugh.

Jodes - Didn't we all? LOL!
Geesh that kitten is a pussy! I mean imagine being scared of a water pistol!
And if you did fart in the forest at least you have the Canadian flag to wipe your ass with. Oh geesh here comes an angry mob of Canadians. I'm outta hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Gareth - I was about to forward these to you. I know how you enjoy the funnies. I love the fart ones. LOL!
Hey I noticed that the cop doesn't have a gun in his holster. I wonder if it's the same gun that is now holding the kitty up?!

Smell gas? Locate the suspected leak by striking an ordinary match in every room
in the house until a loud explosion reveals the source of the escaping gas.

LOL @ Gareth. You are so funny.
I'd like to make a comment, but I am too busy playing Intelevision Football.

...and for anyone that grew up in near New York City, pix, pix, pix, pix, pix.... Score!!
Flounder - what is that game?
Intellevision or the pix thing?
Go here...
It was a video game, superior to Atari. All of my rich friends had it.
If Spy grew up in NYC, then I am sure that she will get it.
Oh. I wasn't rich so I must not of had it. We only had pong and atari. LOL! Then upgraded to Nintendo. So we blogging about the 80's and you are living it, hun? I'm going to check it out now.
I don't really have an Intellivision, but I do have a Mattel Electronic Football game. They sell them at Walmart now, and I just had to have one.
LOL @ Flounder. I checked out the website and asked Superspy about it.
I see you are busy today :) I love the pictures, thanks for sharing. I am not sure if I have any pictures though - I want to play too :(
Ames - You could post pics from Leslie's 80's party. I did the pics this weekend. I actually have a draft for every day this week already and pics combined with HNT and Freaky Friday. So I prepared in advance. I did edit in the funnies today. I couldn't keep from it. I thought they were great. That why I forwarded them.
Sonya are you in the picture?What color dress are you wearing?These are great!I was too young in the 80's to do anything fun.
Cezi - This was my older brothers 8th grade graduation. I was only in 4th grade here.
I am laughing so hard!! Those are awesome and I love the pictures!
Cherish - glad you enjoyed
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