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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
 Tuesday Random Thoughts
10 days till my b-day. I'll be 31 and what do I have to show for? I'll tell you what? A great S.O., shelter, food, a job and great group of blogger friends.

I had my HSG test done last Friday. From what the radiologist could see everything appeared normal. Also, Max has his test last Wednesday and everything came back normal.

I can't wait for the weekend. Not because we have anything extra great planned just because I live for weekends.

I have plenty of work to do and no desire to do it. Why am I not motivated?

I haven't really followed AI this season, but still interested in it. Just can't make the time with Deal or No Deal, Apprentice, Gauntlet II, Real World Key West, Flavor of Love, There and Back, The L Word and we tivo Young and the Restless ever day.

A new show on MTV starts tonight called 8th and Ocean. I think it is from the producers of Laguna Beach so I'm super psyched. Does anyone know when the New Laguna Beach or The Hills starts up? I can't wait.

I have a pot roast with potatoe, carrots and onions cooking in the crock pot at home. Can't wait to taste those fine vittles tonight when I get home.

I hope I didn't piss people off with my recipe tag below. I hope it is a chance to get some really good and interesting recipes to try out.

What is your thoughts on My Space? I have friends that do it and I don't. I really like blogger much better. What are your thoughts and the pros and cons of this?

We found out yesterday that my S.O. might be leaving town for work again. We should find out today or tommorrow. If so, he might be leaving this weekend. If so he will be working 7 days a week for 12 hour shifts and won't be here for my b-day.

I don't know what I want for my b-day. I'm thinking a dvd burner for my computer. Any other ideas? If so, what? If not, any information on this item.

My step dad is working out of town for 3 or 4 days this week. My mom is going to come stay the night towards the end of the week. She is going to have dinner cooked when we get home and clean my house. Did I hit the jackpot or what? My mom is the best!

Anything exciting going on in your life?
Sonya said at 6:47 AM
Hey girl, I spaced and did not even look at the computer at home last night. I will try again tonight. I think it would be really cool if we put together a book of the recipes when we are done. Happy Birthday, I know I am early, but I tend to forget stuff....I think you should have a spa day for your birthday, get pampered. I love crock pots, they are the best. My hubby made chili in it on Sunday and it was soooo good. Very cool about your Mom staying and cleaning and cooking that is a gift right there. My Mom is like that too.
Hi Sonya!!

Potroast for supper!! yummm what time should I be there?? LOL :)
I got my tag up. That sucks on your S.O being out of town on your birthday. I say too a day of pampering cause you deserve it!! That was good the test results came back normal. I don't know a thing about my space. I luv blogger and would hate the thought of moving my stuff. You did hit the jackpot on mom cleaning and cooking for you. Let me see anything exciting going on in my life right now....hhhhmmm I got a grand baby on the way!! Yep I am getting soo excited now. I got 2 months before the wedding to find a dress, shoes and the works. Have a great day!!
Jodes - I love the pampering thing. As of right now he may or may not be here for my b-day. We have plans with a group of friends to go to Mariano's. It is a Mexican Restaurant. Yummy! I can't wait to check out all the recipes.

Beading - you will look wonderful for the wedding, especially with your outstanding stylist. LOL! I'm about to go check out the recipes.
WOOOO HOOOO You did hit the jackpot!!!

That would suck if you were not with your SO on your birthday. But a dvd burner sounds great!

Happy Early Birthday!!!!
Cherish - I can't wait to see your recipes you are pretending that you didn't get tagged by Beading on. LOL!
Slow-cooked pot roast sounds fantastic right now! Lucky devil!

As for MySpace, Mack-n-z says she and her friends use it and they are normal, so who knows!

Personally, I think the majority of MySpace inhabitants are subterranean.

Maybe I am just a Blogger snob :)
Barry - I know Mac uses it and some of my friend do, but from what I can see it is just an every day hi back and forth. I would rather have a place to post my thoughts and opinions and get opinions of others. That helps us learn from one another and grow as people. Maybe, I'm a blogger snob too. LOL!
I've tried to get into MySpace but without much success...I dunno...

And HSG's suck ass, don't they? ughhh....

Happy early b-day! Making plans for anything special?
You want diamonds for you birthday.....
Ok so your b'day is on St Patrick's Day - that's easy to remember then ;)
Glad everything went ok with the radiologist :)
Emily - yes it did suck. I had it done at Baylor (Garland. I got there and found out that they scheduled it 2 days later than they should have and had to do a blood preg test before hand. We are going with a big group to Mariano's Mexican Cuisine for dinner off Skillman and Abrams. Have you been there? It is wonderful. They invented the magrarita machine that then started the frozen margarita.

Mac - you know diamonds are always good. When did you get back in town?

Gareth - you got it. St. Patty's day.
Ooo, a local mexican joint I haven't checked out yet? I am SO going to have to go there! I haven't had good Mexican in a while(last mexican I had was Panchos because it was cheap and on the way

Oh, and I hate Baylor Garland-well, at least their ER...I have numerous horror
I loved this post!
For starters you and I would be the best TV buddies, I almost watch all those shows you watch. I can't believe that dumbass on the first episode of the apprentice that spoke and then got fired! Last night's was good too, I can't stand that big guy who needs to comb his hair(I don't know their names) Gauntlet, I think Alton is a freak of nature the man is a beast. Heard they are already filming the next challenge.

Myspace. Not a fan, it's geared more for teens then anything. They did a big story here in Indiana on the local news about High Schools having to block it from their computer labs. I think you get a few too many perverts on it as well. I'll stick with blogger.

Can I come over for some pot roast? I just loves me some pot roast!
Emily - here is the website to copy and paste:
Two of you can share an order of fajitas for 1 and still have plenty of food. We are going the 17th at 7:00ish. A big group if you want to come out. Have you been to Trevino's off Ridge in Rockwall? It is pretty good.

Phats - you should check out my RTW (Reality TV World) link on my side bar. A bunch of my bloggers friends frequent there. Mucho info.

Flounder - anytime.
Ya know, from what I can tell, most of the Myspace users are teens. My local news station just did a bit on how stalkers target "myspace users" bc they have so much more info on them. I personally like blogger and it's format. A friend and I just yesterday were talking about other places to blog and really, we decided we liked it here best. LOL

Totally excited for "8th and Ocean"!

I hope you don't have to be alone on your bday. That would suck. :(
I heard the same stuff about MySpace...just a bunch of fakes and teenie boppers...

As far as my life?...NOTHING new, just been busy with the old..

I'm fearful of posting the random thoughts in my head...scary, scaryyyyyyyy place !!
Have a great day, glad to hear all the tests came out ok !

ee - i'm excited about that show too. I already have the tivo set up. Even if he is out of town I won't be alone. I have a huge group coming out on my b-day.

Superspy- did you see you got tagged? Is your computer doing better?
Speaking of the L Word... do you think that they are going to kill off Dana?!
I hope not. I think she will get back with Laura and devastate Alice. What do you think?
LOL Sonya, that's what I meant to write. I didn't think you'd be alone ALONE. ;) Thankgoodness for friends, eh? That's the only thing that kept me sane on my last bday.
This b-day isn't that big of a deal.
I just realized you linked rollergirls!! hell ya I love that white trash show!
LOL @ Phats
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