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Thursday, June 01, 2006
 Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about BORING SONYA

1. My last official day of working where I am at now is June 13.

2. I will have my replacement at the office starting June 5 and won't get to blog as much.

3. I start my new job on June 19.

4. I will be enjoying my one day off to myself on June 14.

5. On June 15-18 we are going to Branson, MO.

6. Any suggestions on Branson?

7. We went by to check on our house being built this weekend.

8. The excavation had started for forming the slab. Yeah!

9. We got new furniture for our living room. Yeah!

10. My new job will be 1/2 mi from our house we are building.

11. And...I'll be making more money.

12. I am planning on meeting up with Em at Hooter's one night soon. Finally get to meet a fellow blogger that I really think alot of. Also, she is the one who introduced me to T13.

13. Did anyone watch The Hills last night?

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Sonya said at 12:26 AM
Wow a new house. We bought another new one last July just a few weeks before the wedding. We go there on weekends to get out of the city. Its great your new job is nearby. Wish you all the best!
Happy TT! Thanks for coming by mine.

Have fun in Branson! I have been once, but my in-laws go all the time! Make sure you go to Shoji Tabuchi's show and The Presley's were pretty good. Ride The Duck if you get a's fun. Oh and eat breakfast at the Belgain Waffle & Pancake won't regret it! Ok, there is my 2 cents! :)

Happy Thursday!
Good luck with your new job and the house. And the decorating.

My tt is up. Stop by and say hi
Good luck with the new job. Watching a house go from ground up is neat! Be sure to take lots of pictures of each stage. Love the new furniture! :-)
Sorry there about Branson but can't give any suggestions. Don't know where that is. Happy for your new job and that it pays you more.
Thanks for dropping by.
I do like black leather furniture too. don't have any, but I like it.
june 13 is my ex hub's bday , scary isnt it. hehehe....have a nice trip to Branson and I love that black leather sofa you got.

Happy T13. mine is up.
great about the new job and hey more money! cool!! and new furniture too - things look good!
Wish I could help with what to do in Branson. We've got black leather couches, and they are so comfortable and with kids so easy to take care of. Have a great TT!
New job, new house, new furniture, new money (that goes with the job, I guess). I am thrilled for you and am waiting for all that to happen to me (waiting, but not holding my breath...). Enjoy all the good things that are coming to you.
I agree with tanya ....Woo Hoo, looks like some wonderful thngs are happening for you. My TT is up.
WHAT EXCITING CHANGES you have ahead of you!

I chuckle a little every time I come to your blog thinking, "She is SO not BORING!!!!!" ;)
Enjoy your trip to Branson! I've never been there, so I have no suggestions except....RELAX and HAVE FUN!!
I like your leather- I'm thinking I want leather next time. good luck on the new job. as for Branson- no ideas. it's kinda a weird place- like Vegas, without booze or sex. but it's fun...
that's really neat to have a job so close to home. no long morning commutes.

my t 13 is up
Good luck training the new person, that can sometimes be more stressful!!!!! Glad to hear about the house!!!! talk soon.
Good luck with the new job and training your replacement. It sounds like life is going pretty well for you right now. I'm happy for you. I wish my job were only 1/2 mile from my house. I could sleep in every morning.
so i don't flood your email I will comment on all in one. Love your pics and furniture.
Glad you had a great weekend.
Can't seem to remember about the hills...lemme know how it is.
I did however love Laguna Beach...tell me..what is it about all these show that i like so much...i mean hell i am no spring chicken you know. Even sweet sixteen..WTF is up with that? LMAO

Well ia m beck an in full force chicka...congrats on your new house and job...glad you took it.
That 1/2 mile commute will be great! How long before the new house is built?
Some big exciting new things coming your way. A new job - I hope it goes well... and have fun meeting a fellow bloggette!
I've never been to Branson, but everyone I know who goes there has a great time. Enjoy! And good luck on the new job.
I watched The Hills! I just LOVE LC, she seems to have her head on MUCH better now. She really came across as a ditz on Laguna Beach. And her friend Heidi?!?!?! LMAO She's a TOTAL putz!

What did you think of it Sonya???
Sounds like you are really looking forward to the new job! More money is always good. Training people is not always fun, breathe alot! The new furniture sure is nice but too dark for my tastes. Thanks for stopping by!
YAY! Stress relief is almost here - your replacement is going to take so much off of you - no more pencil pushin'

I want to meet Peanuts too! :)
oh, and my list is up :)

Happy TT!
That's so cool that you're building a new house near your work! Will you be able to walk to work if it's nice?

Dh is driving an hour each way right now, yuck.

Thanks for stopping by!
A half mile commute sounds very do-able.
New furniture is so fun. Especially sleek black couches!
I'd love to live that close to home! Good luck with the new job and the new house, sounds exciting!

Thanks for stopping by my TT!
woops! I mean live that close to work!
Good luck with the new job and the new house!
Nice! New job, new place, you're like a new woman! Good luck with all of it!
Is Branson where they make Pickles? Or is it where Richard Branson got his name???

Good list... Living close to work is always nice!
Very nice furniture! I love the picture! Great for you that you'll get more money at your new job and it's sooo close! Anddd.... and a brand new house!!! :)
Quite a big change in your life, both new home and job! It sounds perfect!

Good luck with it all :-)
Ah, you're not boring!
Congrats on the new job and new digs to come! So great to get a better paying job closer to home! Branson, not familiar with what is there. Have fun whatever you do though! Thanks for stopping by!
I have been to Branson several times but all were when I was much much younger and it's hard to remember what all we did, I do know I had a blast!
Hello. I am very very new to this blogging thing and would really like to create a really great/cute/beautiful/fun page but don't have the slightest clue how to do it. Yours is adorable and very creative and thought that if it weren't too much trouble if you could give me some pointers or point me in the right direction.
Well, anyway, thanks for your help.

Enjoy that day off you get for yourself. Plan something special.
Thanks for all the great comments. I appreciate you all!
Sounds like your new job is fantastic! More money and eventually a shorter commute...wonderful!
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