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Monday, May 29, 2006
 Memorial Weekend
Memorial weekend was great. Friday night
we went to dinner with Kacie, Travis, Amy
and Jon to Posado's. We got up Saturday
and took Jr to get groomed then headed
down to the lake. We only spent the day
Saturday getting our drunk on. Max had
to work Sunday and Monday. Sunday
evening we went to my mom's for a
cookout and Monday I was invited to
go with my mom to my brother's for
a cookout for his b-day! Here are some
pics of our weekend:

Above is Max and Jr riding aroud on the golf cart.

Above is Max chillingon the boat.

Above is Kacie (Max's sister) and I chillin' on the boat.

Above is JR heading into the water to jump on the boat.

Above is Travis and Kacie chillin' on the boat.

Above is Max after alot of drinking.

Above is me at my brother's party. My niece
was flashing pictures left and right.

Above is my brother and niece preparing the
steaks they cooked on the grill.

Above is my nephew with his water guns and
blowing bubbles. He is giving his cheesy smile.

Above is my niece that took the pictures and
this is one she took of herself.

Above is the big kids playing cards.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend.
I want to hear all about it.

Sonya said at 11:33 PM
GREAT pics!! Sounds (and looks) like you had a fabulous wkend!
ee- it was alot of fun.
Okay, I saw the boobs in the tank top and that was the end of the picture show for me! Can I borrow those sometime? Your weekend was much better than mine, I am jealous. Glad you had a good time!!
Sounds fun! What lake do you all go to? It looks really pretty there.

We made some sangria this weekend and have a couple parties to attend. Plus, I managed to squeeze 18 holes of golf in...Not too shabby!
What a fun weekend! Party, party, party! *grin*
Everybody rides golf carts around my sister's camp. *grin*

Looks like a fun weekend!
Tumble - fat comes with the boobs.LOL!

Barry - It is Cedar Creek Lake here in Texas. Max's dad has a lake front home there.

Nutz - yes, it was fun even though Max had to work. We would have preferred staying at the lake longer.

Glowie - The golf carts are much safer than driving when you get drunk. LOL!
Sounds like an awesome weekend! It is a shame that Max had to work! Great pictures!

I had a nice quiet weekend just hanging around the house. Next weekend we will be running everyday. YUCK I hate that!

Have a great day, Missy May! GRINZ
Cherish - it sucked he had to work, but Mon was time and half. Woo-hoo!
Sonya looks like a great weekend.
Your comment to Glowie bothers me. I am not going to say I am sorry I feel this way cause I am not sorry. You said The golf carts are much safer than driving when you get drunk. LOL
Nothing is safe driving when you get drunk or you are drunk. A vehicle, golf cart and motorcycle and even a boat.
I don't believe in drinking in driving anything when drinking.
You may have commented as a joke but some people may not look at it that away. To many lives are lost due to drinking and driving.
Beading - I do understand drinking and driving anything is a very serious matter. Yes, I did say it jokingly and apologize if it offeneded you. I can tell this is a matter close to your heart and I wouldn't expect you to apologize for your feelings on that. Anyway, sorry if I offended you in anyway.
Very close to my heart. I almost lost a brother n law due to drinking and driving. I have seen to many young lives in a small town lost due to drinking and driving. I have been thru hell and back cause of accident. It was one my husband went thru. When you have to stand there and hear a woman scream at the top of her lungs my baby!! Cause her 4 yr old daughter is pinned up under a dash of pickup. Ya it hits close to home. When your husband goes to prison not jail over an accident ya it hits close to home. For the record my husband was not drinking, they tried to say he was but he was not. In prison he had to do AA classes. He was not drinking but he had to do the classes. There was drinking on the womans part. Plus many other factors why her 4 yr old daughter was killed on impact. Ya it all hits close to home.
Beading - wow! What an upsetting story. I have a good friend that her brother was involved in a drinking and driving accident. It killed 2 teenager. Her brother was the one driving and it was his fault. He is in prision. I know how bad it tore her and her family apart.
Sonya,you have a great family!I love your shirt! Drop down and give 20--that's great!I'm back from my vacation.I have no idea about the festival downtown big D. but I will look into it--sounds like fun!
Cezi 0

I'll let you know what I found out about it.
1 more day till the season premeire of the Hills heheh
PPP - I'm so excited. I watched the Laguna refuns this weekend. US Weekley (the one with Janet Jackson on the cover) has a little info on it.

I had to rewatch the making of LC and Jason.
Sonya, those are some oobies! Wow! Do you have as much trouble as I do finding bras? I went bra hunting today because the ones I bought a couple of months ago are not comfy.
Lasann - they really aren't as big as they look in that pic. At least I didn't think they were.
Looks like you had a great time!! :) Get much sun?

I love playing cards what were they playing?
Phats - not sure what they were playing. I didn't get much sun, but I need it.
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