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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
 Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about
Crap Going
on in my Head

1. My allergies are killing me. It is all in my chest. I'm going to the doctor today to get some meds before it gets worse.

2. I only have today and Friday left with my boss. After that he is on vacation for 3 weeks and I'll start my new job on June 19th. Yeah!

3. We hired someone to replace me yesterday. She will start June 5th. Double Yeah!

4. We are going to Branson, MO June 15-17. Any tips?

5. We went by our lot where our house is being built this past weekend. They have a load of sand to lay out to start the slab.

6. Max doesn't know yet, but may have to work all weekend. This screws up our weekend at the lake.

7. I'm hoping he doesn't work so we can go relax.

8. I have been slammed this week at work with my boss getting ready for vacation.

9. Has anyone noticed there hasn't been as many people blogging this week or is it just me?

10. I will be taking the dog to get groomed on Saturday morning and I'll post a pic of how cute he will look afterwards. Actually he won't look cute. We are shaving him, but he will feel better with this heat we are having.

11. School is coming to an end so I'm guessing traffic should start getting better during the break.

12. So what did you think about the American Idol winner?

13. I hope you have a great day and really appreciate you stopping by!
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Sonya said at 10:59 PM
Everyone I know who's been to Branson loved it. Have a great time.

Thanks for visiting my TT.
Hope you get something good for your allergy, I know how tough it can be (my ex had severe problems).

Well, I think that maybe the latest two weeks have been a little bit slower in blogging. Maybe it's too nice weather outside for many people (not me)?

Thanks for stopping by :-)
i've never watched ai, ever. i think as the nice weather kicks in, there will be less people blogging, i'm planning on taking some time off.
I haven't found out who won AI yet, we are behind here in NZ :)
Happy TT day.
I don't think this crap....this for me is living and existing.

My T13 is up too.
i was happy Taylor won - but I am all about Chris. I love Live - one of my fav bands so I was stoked that they performed tonight.

My T13 is up too
My allergies are horrible this week. I dont work outside the house, but I guess that means I spend more time working at home...I should get a job. Good luck with your new job

my tt's are up
Allergies suck. I love the smell of freshly-mowed grass, but it makes me sneeze for about 30 minutes.

Happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
I hope your allergies are better once u visited the doctor!!!!

Happy Thursday!
The blogging world is international and I'm not in the US so have never seen American Idol lol, but I hear it's a big hit over there :)

Happy Thursday!
MY allergies have been deadly the last few weeks. Stinks.

Go Taylor...I love him. Wish Chris hadn't gotten kicked off. But Taylor is great.
Well, for me this is life, so hang in there!!!!

My T -13 is up...hope you come by to see how many you can guess.
Ack, my allergies are driving me nuts as well.

Woo Hoo on finding a replacement for you! That's got to be a relief, eh?
I just wanted to say hello.. miss you girl!! =)
I'm glad Taylor won, but I'm still miffed that Chris was booted and not Kat. :)

Good luck with the new job!
Sounds like there is a lot going on in your "boring" life! I bet you can't wait until the new house is built! Great TT, thanks for visiting mine!
The no school traffice this morning was awesome! Happy person again :)

Great TT mine are up!
i definitely know what you mean about people not blogging this past week. several people have back to back th13s b/c they didn't post in between them. thanks for stopping by!
I hope things get better with your allergies. I'm glad Taylor won on American Idol. I've been blogging for a while and I noticed there's certain times of the year when people slack off on posting, I think this happens to be one of those times.

Thanks for the visit. Have a wonderful day. Take-Care...
More people voted on American Idol than have voted for any American President!

Imagine that!
I sure hope you feel better - that medicine should help.

I can't wait to see your house....when is the first dinner party????

sorry for no TT this week - I have been busy at work and home, so I will have to do an extra special one next week :)
Hello Sonya!
June 5th is my birthday :)

Branson MO is like Vegas if it were run by ned flanders haha! That's a quote from one of my favorite simpsons episodes.

Idol- I thought he'd win, I don't believe he'll have as much success as past idols, he'd be hugely successful if he opened a show in vegas, but his spaz dancing doesn't translate to a CD. We'll see though. The finale was AWESOME
Great Post!!!

I bet you are getting so excited about your house!

I can not wait until you start your new job!!

I hope you have the weekend off together!
Your life is not looking that much boreing LOL
Thanks for TT
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