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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
 Hump Day
Well, after today only (2) more days till the weekend. Some have less due to being in other countries or they have Fridays off. Lucky, them. LOL! I have had lots going on, but at the same time much of nothing here lately. Max (the S.O.) is working in town M-F and out of town on Sat and Sun and then off for the weekend every third weekend so it has been hectic. He just started this last weekend. I spent the weekend at my mothers and had a great time. We did some fun mother/daughter bonding. Friday night we went to the movies with her friend and her daughters to see Failure to Launch. This was hiliarious. Saturday we went shopping and made snacks for Saturday night. We just watched movies at home Saturday night. My step dad made us margarittas. That was sweet of him. On Sunday we just relaxed until time for me to go home.

Friday is my b-day. I'll be a whooping 31. Yeah! Not! Yes, I'm a St. Patty's day baby. I asked Max for a dvd burner, but now I'm leaning toward a scanner. I have one at work, but not at home. What do you think I should get? On Friday night we are going out with a bunch of friends and family to Mariano's Mexican Restaurant for dinner. It will be delicious. Mariano's invented the frozen Margarita machine, which started the frozen margaritas. Pretty cool, hun?

I also started reading a great book, even though I don't normally read books. This was referred to me by EE. It is called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It has great information on charting to get pregnant or to use as birth control either one. It had information the doctors just don't tell you about. I'm very greatful for EE recommending this. I have also ordered a copy of Barry's new book. I'm very excited for it to come in.

Finally, I was browsing blogs and came across the most interested one that yall should really check out. It is a young lady going to school at SMU that has started up a blog to raise money for a boob job. She will show the before and after pics. You really must check this out. To view her blog, click here: Also, for you other reality tv lovers, I found out that The Hills (spin off from Laguna Beach) will begin May 24 and Laguna Beach Season 3 will begin July 25, if my sources are correct.

Have a great day!
Sonya said at 6:11 AM
Yep I have friday off. There is something happening on that day but I haven't quite worked out what yet ;)
I think you should get the scanner. If you are leaning towards the scanner make sure you don't fall over, especially if it happens to be underneath you. Otherwise you will be leaning towards the front door and running through it when Max sees the damaged scanner :D
Gareth, I'm thinking the scanner to. That way I can scan in pics from home.
I say get the scanner.. that is a present that keeps on giving lol.. Happy Birthday to you (a few days early) just in case! Be safe!!

Ohh and thanks for the Laguna Updates.. !!
2 more days to go!! I'm getting off work early on Friday. We are having a department get together, so I'll dress to go out for the party. Can't wait to see you!! Ps-Sterling emailed me and can't find a sitter for Alex.
Shannon - thx! I think I'll go with the Scanner too.

Les - see you on Friday!
I'm ordering a copy of his book too. I'm excited as well.
Mac - he said if we send it to him he will sign it for us and ship it back to us at no charge. Cool, hun?
I say get the boobs....I mean scanner. I can't believe that girl has to raise $9000. We have great boob jobs an hour from here for $3800. One of the bartenders is a model and just got hers done. They are awesome. I want boobs too, I wish I would have come up with the idea!
I live 20 min from where she goes to school and have no idea why she wants $9,000 for boobs. She must be pocketing some of it or getting some more work done. Boobs don't cost that here either. Not even from the best surgeon in town. Is that a funny blog?
She is cute! Funny? Well, maybe a little. I'm older, I deserve the boobs more. he he
I told her the other day she still had time for a growth spurt. I was an A cup until I was 25, then I moved to a C cup. Heck now I'm between a D and DD. So growth spurts do hit some people later in life. I understand cuz I use to want some before my C cup. Now I just want a lift. It seems people who have them don't want them and people who have don't have them want them. I have been on both ends and I prefer them. LOL!
Go with the scanner!! I got a scanner/copier/printer thingee and I luv it.

Happy Hump Day!!
Beading - that is what I'm thinking. Happy hump day to you too!
Can I join in with the talking about boobs LOL.
Gareth - Of course you can.
Happy Hump Day, sonya! I'm glad I'm not the only over 18 person that likes Laguna Beach! It's a secret love of mine.

Yay-your birthday is almost here! I hope you get the burner or scanner. Personally, I'd go for the burner.
Kim - I may try to go for both. What do you think? Princess Prissy Pants, Leslie, Shannon, Superspy in denial and other watch Laguna too. You don't have to be embarrassed here.
I may just have to check out this Laguna must be good if you like it!!

What do you have planned for your birthday? How exciting!! I hope you have an AWESOME birthday - especially on St Patrick's Day!
31 on Friday, WOOHOO!!!!! Happy Early b-day. I will be 33 in July.
Sound like you had a nice weekend and part of the week. Have some down time this weekend to do something fun! That blog site is so funny - I like her description ... "augment" funny. I have never even heard of Laguna Beach show.
Barry- the S.O. has to work so we are going out to dinner with a bunch of friends and family.

Jodes - Thanks! I appreciate you.

L Of B - I think Laguna is a chic flick reality show that brings us back to the teenage years. LOL!
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