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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
 Hump Day & Misc Thoughts
Happy Hump Day, only (2) work days left. Thank Goodness!


I'm totally slammed at work. The boss has been out and today is this is his first day back. I will be working overload. So don't expect me in blog land much today. If I don't get to comment much or visit your blogs much, I apologize in advance.


I heard this morning on the radio that Texas is losing tourism due to the no drunk in bar thing that I posted about last week. For more info, click here. It appears that conventions that were scheduled in Texas are now being cancelled because employers do not want an employee to have a couple of drinks and TACB (Texas Alcohol Control Board) to come in arrest them for thinking they are drunk in the hotel bar. Yes, they can arrest you without proof or testing you. So, if an officer wants to pick on you they can. I can't believe this is legal. I think this will be changed before we know it.


What are your thought on the immigration controversy all over the news? The news says that an illegal immigrant can be charged with a felony? Is this correct? I havent' followed it real close. Dallas schools has had high school students walking out of class the last (2) days to rebel against this. I think some kids aren't really caring about the issue, but just want to cut class. Effective today, if they cut class they will be charged with truency. (<-however you spell it)


Anything new going on in your life you want to share?


EDIT - I forgot this earlier: Does anyone know anything about or have you ever been to Wendover, Nevada? I got a special sent to me for $159 pp for 4 day/3 night hotel and round trip flight there. They have (3) casions there and it is 1 1/2 hour from Salt Lake City. The admin that works for another company here in my building just got back. She had a blast. She said it has the airfield that they filmed Con-Air and Independence Day at. She toured the Con-Air plane and everything. It sounds like a good place for a peep meet or just a weekend getaway. We are thinking of going on June 8, but not sure. If you are interested, here is the info: Click here

You can see what the cost is for your from your destination. Let me know what you know about this place.
Sonya said at 7:08 AM
To be honest, most places you can get arrested for being intoxicated ... they call it "disorderly conduct" ... whatever!

I do not get the whole illegal immigrant thing, because if they get charged with a felony, they are going to put them in our jail?!? Why not ship them back? Oh well at least I see plenty of them with driver's licenses and able to vote, so why not! >:P
the get immediate deportation don't they? I don't know nearly enough about it, but I want to know more.

Heck, they are great for the ecomony: most of them that work for legitimate companies take taxes out of their check and those taxes get paid to the government - who sees that money anyway...any suggestions Bush?

They do work most teenagers in our society are too good/proud to do!

They pay for gasoline to put in their cars.

I know if they were not here, I would not have a job (no trabajo para mi)!

it's just an impossible debate - let's ship back all the stinky Canadians too! They look like Americans, but just talk differently. :)
L of B - the drunk in the bar is different than that and different than public intox. It is if you are drinking and a TACB officer is in there and thinks you appear drink (their definition is that you are doing bodily harm via alcohol) they will arrest you. Crazy, hun?

Ames - I need more info on it too. I think it is across the board and not just hispanics. Either keep them here or deport them. Just make up your mind and do it. I would like for there to be a away for them to stay here though for the same reasons at you. Labor at work (construction). We need them to keep the construction world going.
Sorry about all of the extra work--that's a real bummer.

Bosses should have some compassion for the habitual blogger and hire extra people who don't blog to do all the real work so bloggers can focus on what's important.

Of course, I have posted ad nauseum on the immigration issue since Georgia looks like it will pass the controversial SB 529.

My position boils down to this: The United States is the only republic in history that has ever GUARANTEED the "pursuit of happiness" IN WRITING. God forbid a foreigner should have to hire an attorney, learn the language, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to be a part of it!

Most people boil the argument down to economics. It goes something like this:

"Because of illegal aliens, I can by a 3,000 square foot house in Atlanta for $200,000. If there weren't illegal aliens, it would probably be $300,000."

This argument also fails for me. Here's why: Have you ever met a veteran who lost a limb defending the Constitution? You probably have. So now we all of a sudden can't pay $100,000 to defend the Constitution? The Constitution gives inalienable rights to CITIZENS; not every swingin' d!ck who can swim across a river in the nighttime (or however they get here. I realize not every illegal immigrant is from Mexico...)

Anyway, getting off my high horse--I don't know that much about the Texas public intoxication law. It SOUNDS kind of silly, unless in enforcement they are only arresting people who are a threat to themselves or others due to the LEVEL of their intoxication.

It seems kind of strange, though: It would seem that Texas would be the LAST place to have this type of law. For instance, isn't Ron White's ENTIRE EXISTENCE now illegal??
Zen - good point about my boss hiring help so I can blog. LOL!

Thanks for the immigration info. I'll check it out.

I love Ron White.
The uber conservative laws passing are driving me insane.

FTR, I think in most states cops can arrest you on suspicion of drunkeness. However, this Texas law is a bad way I think.
LOL about Ron White. We have been on OT discussing this and I'm too tired and lazy to repeat, but my do tomorrow.

*doing happy dance* for niece.

Personal life - to quote my rather eloquent sister, "Different day, same shit".

Happy Hump Day!
i hate that their illegal all together. no matter what they do here. cause really if they didnt do it....then somebody else would. and actually 80% do not pay taxes. get paid in cash. look at the statistics over the internet. most contractors pick em up and pay them at the end of the day. i say if you can not freakin speak good english. go back to your own country.
sonya - it is for all races. not just mexican. arabs, and all. but will it actually even be passed?
when does bush doing anything other than care about our oil?
Kim - the drinking law in TX is crazy.

Lasann - I'll check out the other place when I have a minute.

Kacie - glad to see you joined blog land.
Considering that I am an immigrant. I think that the people in question should have to pay a fine or something to cover the costs of not following the procedures when they came to the country. I had to get a green card and things like that to be here legally. Granted I know that I was fortunate to be able to afford things like that, but it's still the law.
guys..i like this blog thing. lots easier than myspace.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
OOOOOOOOO I want to go!! I love casinos!! I have never heard of the place but it sounds wonderful.
Les - this is what I was wanting to hear. All views on this.

Kacie - I like blogs better to. Why don't you start blogging? Tommorrow check out the HNT (Half-Nekkid Thurdday). You will like it.

Cherish - Check out the website.
ok so the immigrants...if you don't like the way this country is run take your asses back where you came from...if it's so bad over here....and while i am up on the sopa box..where in the hell do these people get off rallying in our country when3/4 of them out there are illegal. You have no rights or say in this county until you get citizenship so GO BACK!! there is nothing that pisses me off more than these folks and them thinking we need to bow down to them...ugh think if we go to their country they are going to accomdate us in our language...hell why should we....whew wee...sorry about hit a nerve with that question
see ya there
Greta - your views are very welcome here. It really shows you have passion and I can't totally understand and appreciate your point of view.

Kacie - Are you here yet?
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