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Monday, March 27, 2006
 Concert Update
The girls had a blast at the concert. I felt like a teenager again hanging out with (2) 15 yr olds. It was an overall great experience. I wish I had taken pics of the outfits I seen. You aren't going to believe this, but guess what is back in style? Denim short skirts with leggings. I kid you not. It was hiliarious. I seen a collection of M.I.L.F. t-shirts on the guys. My favorite was a young hottie wearing a t-shirt that read, "I love Hot Moms". I thought this was great. We arrived a few minutes late due to traffic. We got there during the first performance of From First to Last. We didn't really care much for them, so the girls stood in line for a t-shirt and I got drinks. We finally made it to our seats as Hawthorne Heights got on stage. They really rocked. I really like them more than before after listening to them. After this, All-American Rejects got on stage. They rocked the house as well. They finally ended with Fall Out Boy. It appears Fall Out Boy has a guy that does "Jack Ass" type stunts. He decided during their break since he was in Texas and Texas is know for BBQ to chug a gallon of BBQ sauce. Yes, they had the trash can handy. The kids get so much laughter after seeing someone barf. I sit down and rested my legs during this. Once Fall Out Boy got back on stage they announced they had 4 songs left. I asked the girls if they wanted to beat traffic or stay till the end. They decided to leave and I was thinking the LORD. We made a quick pee pee run and left. Outside there was a promo going on and we got a free cd and dvd. If we had of left with the crowd we may not of gotten these. Overall the concert was fun and I only lost my hearing temporarily. I took over 100 pics and bunch of video. Here are a few for your viewing:

This is my niece Jacee and her best friend Kristen, before the concert.

This is them after getting their new t-shirts on and finding our seats.

This is the first band we actually watched, Hawthorne Height.

This is Jacee and I in between bands.

This was All-American Rejects performing.

The final band we seen was Fall Out Boy.

Finally, the girls on their way out of the concert.

To listen to Fallout Boy and see the girls jamming, click here:
I will have some video clips of each band uploaded on my videos on the side bar at some point. They are just being stubborn about uploading at this time.

To view Hawthorn Heights, either click 1 or 2
To view All-American Rejects, either click
1, 2, 3, or 4
To view Fall Out boy, either click
1, 2, 3, or 4
Sonya said at 6:19 PM
Wow, looks like you guys had a great time! I'm still in shock to see the 80s styles coming back. *shudder*
Sounds like fun, back in 98 I took my friends daughter and her friend who were 12 at the time to see Nsync and Britney Spears -- Britney was new and opening for them. It was really fun actually, I decided to act silly with them and scream and act nuts too.
I loved the leggings style but isn't it a little early to recycle it?

The girls are so cute, sigh.

Sounds like fun.
MM- I am shocked. I know the styles come back, but this one I'm surprised.

PPP - Isn't it fun to get to be a kid again?

Lasann - that is exactly what I was thinking.
Sonya you look like a teenager!How fun:)
Adorable kiddos! I'm so glad you had fun!
Cool - such a great aunt to take them to the concert. Looks like you guys had a great time and good call on leaving early. Leggings and denim ... hmmm don't remember that.
Cezi - aren't you sweet!

kim - thanks, it was a great time.

L of b - it was during the new wave stage, i think.
First of all I love that people appreciate MOMS, and still consider some of us appealing lol...

I have that American Eagle sweat shirt your neice is wearing, or is it your neice's friend? lol..

Looks like fun!! "Dance, Dance" =P
Shannon - I loved the t-shirts. I thought they were great. I wanted one that said I love older fat women so maybe it would be for me. LOL!

My niece is in the navy blue sweat shirt which is a school hoodie. Her friend is wearing the green one. The girls bought the pink t-shirts at the concert and they are Dance, Dance t-shirts. LOL!
You are a great aunt!! :)
I am in disbelief over the leggins coming back in style. lol
the videos are giving me crap - looks like you had fun.
Beading -thx! I can't believe they are coming back either.

Ames - it is because they are downloaded from my camera to the computer, to putfile to here. It would prolly be easier to view from My videos on the side bar. It is in quicktime. I'm not having a problem with them. Sorry. There isn't much to see anyway.
Ames - I went back and checked and it seems all of them are working just a little slow. Fallout boy 2-4 is having difficulities.
I have seen that around all over the place....little jean skirts and leggings. LOL!

Glad you guys had fun! :)
ee - I'm just so shocked it is coming back. We really did have a good time.
WOW SOUNDS Like a BLAST!!!!!! I love the All American Rejects. The girls remind me of my daughter so much, she tries to do that with her fingers in every picture. I am like errrrgggghhhhhh. I am so happy you had fun. I am so going to threw my closet tonight because I know I kept my leg warmers. hehe!!! I just can not believe I am so old that stuff from when I was a kid is back in style!
Cherish -Yes, they are typical teens. LOL! They are alot like yours. Matter of fact Cheerleader try outs are today. I thought it was weird to be done during the week. We use to do it on Sat.
I have absolutely no clue who any of these groups are. I would love to blame it on the fact that I am a country boy and only listen to my country music, but it's probably just a sign I am getting older. Glad you had a good time! :)
Phats - I am a country girl, so I totally understand. LOL!
Sounds like a good time was had by all.

By the way, is your neice a Satan worshipper? She is making the devil horns in every photo. If you need a deal on an exorcism let me know...
Barry- No she isn't a Satan worshiper. She is very much a good little Christian girl. LOL! They are so naive I doubt her or her friend would have any idea what the devil horn sign is. They just see other kids do it and do it all the time. They think they are cool.
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