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Monday, March 27, 2006
 Drowning Pool

Do you know who Drowning Pool is? If not, click here. Drowning Pool is a metal band. I'm not really into metal, but took a liking to these guys for personal reasons. The band is based out of the Dallas area. When it was originally started the lead singer was David Williams. I went to school with David. He was (3) years older than I. Everyone use to call him Super Dave. He use to wear Superman shirts all the time. He was a true rebel. He was one of the only guys in our school that wore long hair. My sophmore year of high school I moved to a different school, but Dave dated the most beautiful girl in my class there. So, I was still often in contact with him. He had the biggest heart and the best personality. He was so much fun to be around. Dave always said he would make it and I believed that in him. Dave did make it. His band toured with Ozzy Osbourne. While on tour, Dave was found one morning on the tour bus dead. He was just 30 years old at the time. He was such an inspiration to so many young and upcoming artist today. One of their hit songs was, "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor." Dave died of natural caused. He had an undigonosed heart problem. For more information, click here. Anyway, I was talking to an old friend the other day on email and Dave came up. Since then I have been thinking about him. His band has a replacment lead vocal and is still touring. Did you go to school with anyone that made it big? If so, did it change them? Dave never did change. He said he wouldn't get caught up with all the drugs and he didn't. He stayed very humble.

Anyway, an update on the concert from Friday night will be coming soon. Hope yall have a great Monday!
Sonya said at 6:21 AM
I have the CD that has Let the Bodies hit the floor -- great bad and what a tragedy.
PPP - I do to, but just for him. BTW, I had some young girl doing a search for 80's hairstyles on the internet and found my blog. They are having an 80's dance at school and wanted tips. She emailed me. How funny is that?
I have heard of Drowning Pool & know a few of their hits, but had no idea about the lead singer. How sad.

I have zero cool peeps that I went to HS with.

I'm totally excited to hear about your concert experience.
Kim -
I'll be updating shortly.
My best friend growing up was Louie. He was my first kiss and I thought he was awesome. He and I would play together all the time because our moms were best friends. He went to Catholic school for a long time then he transferred to my school. He was so popular, star basketball and baseball player. He changed a lot and the most I got from in the halls was hey whats up? He went onto college on a basketball schlorship. He played in the minors (baseball) for Texas Rangers (believe) for two years but was injured. When he returned home he was humbled!! He really loves my daughter, he says she reminds him of me when we were little.

Thats about it for me!

I am sorry about the loss of your friend!
Cherish - cool story. He passed in 2002. Just after talking to an old friend the other day it brought back what a great guy he was and how much he had going for him and it is sad they didn't catch his condition earlier. Just goes to show that you never know when something could be wrong, so always go and get your check ups.

P.S. The concert update might be tommorrow. I can't blogger to upload photos for anything today.
Hey Sonya, very sad about Dave. I'll be glad to hear about the concert, haven't been myself in awhile now. And you are right we are almost neighbors. Cheers!
I have heard of them and that song. My kids play it all the time. So sad he passed at a young age.
Can't wait to see your pic's from the concert. I had a helluva time this morning getting my post to publish.
qchique - yes we are almost neighbors.LOL!

Beading - glad it isn't just me having blogger problems.
Sonya: Some girl emailed me about my batman tattoo -- it was a really strange email so I deleted it -- I am trying to figure out when I talked about it on my blog too lol oh well
I remember you bringng it up after you changed your icon to this one. Not sure if your brought it up on your blog, superspy's or mine. It wasn't the chic who emailed me about 80's stuff was it?
not sure -- if I still have the email I will forward it to you :-)
PPP - I forwarded the email I got to you.
How sad:( Did you have a good weekend? Can't wait to hear about the concert--did you take pictures?
that is so sad about your friend.
I love your pics at the bottom that is cool
Cezi - It was fun. Update to come when blogger decides to let me load pics.

Greta - thx!
I finally found time to leave some comments!!! Hope you had a nice day without the bosses.
Jodes - I did. Thx!
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