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Friday, March 24, 2006
 Friday Concert With My Niece

Well my niece Jace'e's (pronounced like J.C.) B-day was in December. She turned 15. I told her for her b-day I would take her and a friend to a concert. What was I thinking? It is now time and tonight we are going to see: Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, Hawthorne Heights and From First to Last. We are going to see them at Nokia in Grand Prairie. I have not been to this location yet, but am excited. They are supose to have over-sized cushion seats kind of like the movie theater. So when I'm the uncool person sitting and I have 1,000 teenage butts dancing, standing in their seats in front of my face I can be comfortable. These bands are alternative and on the edge of punk. Not really my cup of tea, but I like Fall Out Boy and All-American Rejects somewhat. It is supose to be chilly weather I think, so I'm going to wear jeans, a t-shirt w/ a long sleeve underneath and take my jacket. I'm thinking I should really have something good to post after this experience. Anyway, in case your not aware of their music, I have a couple of videos you can check out on the (2) main groups. These paticuliar songs play on the local pop radio channel all the time, so you may know them. Let me know what you think of my wild experience I'm going on. LOL! I feel like a mother.
Fall Out Boy - Sugar Were Goin Down
All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret

On another note. Texas is enforcing a no drunk law in bars. What do you think of this? As of tonight, if you are in a bar and an undercover police officer is in there and decides to check your alcohol limit and they think it is at a level of bodily harm, you will go to jail. Is this legal? For more information on this, click here:
Sonya said at 5:50 AM
Does anyone have big weekend plans? Either way have a good weekend!
Wow, I'm incredibly interested in this new Texas law. I'll go read up.

Have fun at the concert! I'm sure it will be a mixture of fun & annoyance. :-) But you'll feel like the hip aunt if nothing else.

Chris's mom is coming today with the puppy. Ugh. Otherwise, I have to work all weekend. Another big grant deadline that popped out of nowhere.
Have fun!!!!!!!!
No big plans here.
Ok - have fun at the concert. I love Nokia Theatre. I have been to several concerts there and have had seats all over the place. From the first section...14 rows back from the stage, up the to the upper balcony. Adam and I went to see Jack Johnson there and we were on the upper balcony. We could still see and hear the concert wonderfully...but as like you I know I am getting old when I asked the 4 dancing butts in front of me to sit down. I paid for the ticket and wanted to see the show. Adam laughed and said he would have done it also, but I beat him to the punch.

As for the TABC enforcing the no drunk laws in a bar...

Isn't a bar a PRIVATE place? Since when can you arrest someone for a crime they have not yet committed? They are trying to crack down on potential harmful incidents...if someone else has your keys or you walk to the bar - you are most certainly not going to drive. How can you be arrested for that? I understand the whole PI (public intoxication laws), but I think the arrest and charges would not hold up in court if you had a lawyer with half of a brain. It's kind of like the video monitored traffic lights - Austin is trying to get rid of's self-incrimation. These agents are getting way to over-zealous and I think they are taking the fun out of going out.

On a funnier note:

A guy stumbles out of a bar. He drops his keys several times before making it out to the parking lot. I fumbles for the keys and tries to unlock a car that is ultimately not his and sets the alarm off. He then finally finds the car that is his and gets in on that passenger side. Realizes what he has done and climbs over to the driver's seat. Meanwhile across the street an officer is waiting to arrest any potential drunk drivers leaving this bar. He witnesses all of the events taking place. He sees the man start the vehicle and turn on the wipers (it wasn't raining), mess with the turn signals, and finally begin the back up. The man begins to drive away from the bar and is swurving and bumping into the curbs. The officer decides before this man injures himself or others, he better pull him over. The officer walks up the car and asks the man to step out for a sobriety test. He passes EVERY test with flying colors. And even blew a 0.00 when taking the breathalizer. Stunned the officer can't figure out what was going on, so he asks the man if he is on any medication. His speech is not slurred and he responds politely and says "No, tonight I am the designated DRUNK!"

Have a safe and fun time tonight. Don't buy the drinks - they cost your first born or maybe a kidney! It will be a fun night had by all.
Beading - I'm sure I'll have lots of stories.

Ames - I got one of those traffice light tickets about 2 yrs ago. It sucked. I just can't get over this drunk in bars thing. I don't think this will last long. They said they are arresting you if it you are committed bodily harm to yourself. So, are they going to arrest people who go to a tanning bed? Are they going arrest people who smoke? Are they going to arrest people who drink to many soft drinks? Isn't this all bodily harm?
Never heard of those groups, but I hope you have fun.

I think the law in Texas is a big pile of shit! God, I'd so be arrested if I lived there.
Chuck - I though about you when I heard this. Glad your work doesn't bring you here afterall. You would be in jail. LOL!
Kim - this means you can't get drunk when you come to visit in November. LOL!
First of all, have a great time tonite and be safe, I live "Dirty little secret" (I have it stuck in my head now) haha

As for the police patrol at bars, I dunno what to think, I can see both sides in this. I can see them looking out for the publics safety, drunk drivers and all, but damn I would be arrested in a heart beat if they did that to me, (I only go out once a month) but I would be jail bait that's for sure. Yikes!

Have a great weekend!
Love* not live haha
You are a wonderful Auntie, Ms. Sonya.

As for the drunk law in bars? I think they should have Texas Walker Ranger enforce the law.
Shan- I love that song too. I think the bar stuff is crazy.

Monsty - Thanks. I try to be the hip aunt, but not as cool as I once was. Texas Walker Ranger is a great idea.
My daughter is crazy in love with Hawthorne Heights! She has seen them twice. Once at Warped Tour and then at a local small club that does concerts regularly.

Your niece is such a cutie! Have fun.

Easy drunk law problem solver: Stay home and drink! *grin*
A no drunk law in BARS?! That's *insanity* to me!!! WTF?! I can understand disorderly conduct. But if you drink, get drunk and never do anything that may harm another person (start a fight, drive a car........) why does it MATTER how drunk you are?!?!?

Fall out Boy is actually pretty good, lol. Enjoy the concert!
Nutz - I don't really know much about Hawthorne Heights so that makes me feel better. I usually do drink at home so no one has to be designated driver. LOL!

EE - I like Fall out Boy and All-Amerian Rejects. I totally agree with you on the drinking law.
You are one cool aunt!

I think that law is a load of crap. The next step is them checking your fridge to see if you have more than a six-pack in there.
Zomb - thx! That is hilarious about them checking the fridge.
It should be a wild night!

As far as the drinking law thing goes...I won't be in Texas any time soon. I would end up in jail every time I went out. Move here and we can go get crazy!!
What a great aunt you are!

That no drunk in bars seems ridiculous. I wonder about entrapment claims. I think this is an attempt my municipalities to generate revenue.

It is all the more reason to join a social blub or country club where they don't let those fuckers in. If you want to go out and safly get drunk, Sonya, come over here and I will take you to my club.
Tumble - sounds like fun hanging out with you

Feetman - where is your club? It definately sounds like a way to make $$$ to me too.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I Love the All American Rejects!! Have a fantastic time at the concert. It is something your niece will remember forever!
Cherish - Thx!
How was the concert? Looks like a very nice arena. That new law is silly!
L of B - I'll be posting shortly.
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