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Thursday, April 13, 2006
 I Got Tagged and You Could Be Next!
I've been tagged by the Emily(who was tagged by Reluctant Housewife, who was tagged by sugarmama, who was tagged by the pajama mama), and since I can never be called a poor sport, I will do as I am told. I am supposed to share 6 weird things about my self, things I do, say, whatever....then tag 6 more people to spread the general weirdness(again). I am a very weird person so coming up with just (6) things will be incredibly easy.

So, here goes.

1. I'm to extremly observate at times for my own good. I pick up on things that most people wouldn't notice. For example, I catch more people in story telling cuz they forget who they have told what to and they can't be doing the same thing at two different places at the same time and so on and so on. Then this eats at me and makes me so nosey.

2. I don't like any veggies, but pickles on hamburgers or sandwiches.

3. I like to mix squeeze butter with my salsa at Mexican restaurnats (only if they have squeeze butter like Posado's) to dip my chips in.

4. I don't like to kiss before I brush my teeth. That just totally grosses me out.

5. I don't do the drinking after people thing either.

6. I have different work morals than most people. I can't stand for someone not to be at work at least 15 min early and back from lunch early and you don't turn off your computer or shut down till time to get off and not before. I also can't stand people staying on personal calls at work all day. Yes, I'm a hardass. Of course, if you can find time for blogger and get away with it w/o being caught that is okay. Very double standard, I know.

****FTR, (there is only supose to be (6) things, but I thought I would give you one to grow on) I'm not a big fan of candy unless I'm hormonal. How weird it that?

So, I am off to tag:


Here are the rules-
1. Reveal six weird facts/things/habits about yourself and then tag six people
2. Leave a "You're Tagged!" comment to let the people you have tagged know they have to reveal six things (or the entire blogosphere will explode and it will be their fault)
3. Leave a comment HERE to let me know when you have completed your mission

Hope everyone has a great Good Friday, a great weekend and nice Easter!
Sonya said at 8:38 AM
Sorry if I tagged you.
haha dont be sorry - you are the first ever to tag me! (I believe) So I will do the post - jus wish I knew this before I wrote a post few min ago. So, I shall do sometime this weeknd and let ya know! ;) Have a good one!
Just six??? hehehe I have a hundred grinzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Okay squeeze butter and salsa??? You are weird!!!!

Going over to work on the tag!
Ok #2 and #3 does make you weird >:P LOL #5 is iffy and #6 is completely NORMAL! lol I could never figure out why my employees thought differently haha
Tina - whenever you get time. Thanks for participating.

Cherish - don't knock it before you try it (Squeeze butter and salsa). I have friends that have thought gross and now I made them try it they are hooked. It is the same taste that is in middle of a tortilla if you put both of these on one. If my RL friend Ames comes by, she will vouch to this.

L of B - Thanks for saying one thing is normal. LOL!
squeeze butter is the shiznit in salsa....a vendor took us to Posado's last week and I did it - he thought it was GROSS until he tried it......yummmy!

PS - thanks for the tag, I will see when I can do it.
Nuh uh you did not just tag me did you, lol.
I'll do it very soon :)
Have a brilliant weekend.

p.s. I'll get you back for this.
p.p.s. very soon!! :p
Damn Sonya... you would FIRE my ass?! ;)
Ames - thx for the proof.

Gareth - thanks for not being upset about the tag.

Nowhere - if I like you it is different and I like you so you could get away with anything. LOL!
My tag is done!!!

You and I have the same work ethic! But I have a feeling we would not be able to work for each other!!! I think we are too much alike!
Sonya, thanks for thinking of me.. LOL.. I will do it for ya..=)

Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter girl!
Cherish - you are prolly right.

Shannon - thx for being a good sport.
Happy Easter!!!
Drats I didn't get tagged again!

Are you hormonal today? I was going to offer to buy you a kit kat?
Nutz - Happy Easter to you too!

Phats - I sorry. I can tag you too, if you want me too. LOL! Not hormonal yet. I'll let you know. Thanks for offering to buy a kit kat.

Nutz - Happy Easter to you too!

Phats - I sorry. I can tag you too, if you want me too. LOL! Not hormonal yet. I'll let you know. Thanks for offering to buy a kit kat.

I love this layout - me wants~ :)
Credit goes to Emily.
I didn't follow

ONE - I like the smell of gasoline and I say it like that is a good thing.

TWO - I like to wrap bologna around sweet pickles (gerkins)....what a tastey treat!

THREE - I can literally fall asleep anywhere if tired enough - concert, football game, drum and bass really doesn't matter.

FOUR - I know what happens if you make Big Red and red licorice your only food intake for an entire day....let's just say it's scary!

FIVE - I constantly wear a pair of jeans with a whole in the crotch...I can't bring myself to throw them out b/c they are so darned comfortable (I don't give any shows...I sit like a lady ((especially when wearing those jeans))).

SIX - I am wearing those jeans TODAY!
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