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Monday, March 20, 2006
 Monday - First Day of Spring
Well, it is Monday and back to work. Yuck! Today is the first day of Spring. It stormed all weekend. Some places got up to 10" of rain in the area. Today is supose to be in the 70's so I have on my capris and tommorrow is something to possibly freeze. Only in Texas, hun? Doesn't seem like Spring yet. The weather is crazy. I have an ingrown nail on big toe. My mom is freaking and saying it is due to my pedicures, because she watches the news. What is your take on this and any advice for the soreness? It is getting better. "Aunt Flow" is visiting so once again no babies yet. Damm it! Anyway, I do have b-day pics below. Have as good of a Monday as you can! Also, thanks for all the great b-day wishes last week. Also, since I am older this week, I thought I would post a pic of Max givng me a ride on his new bike. LMAO!

Sonya said at 6:52 AM
I know a great cure for an ingrowing nail. Cut the sucker off :D Yep just whack it off with an axe and dunk it straight into a bucket of cold water to reduce the swelling. Then go to the 9 toed store to buy your socks and shoes. They will do a great trade when they see you coming :)
Seriously, go to Cozumel and get drunk and screw for a week.
I hate ingrown toenails. I always let mine grow out painful as hell though.

You have a great Monday!!
Gareth - NOT! LOL!

Feetman - where have you been?

Beading - I think it is getting better.
So much for Spring here -- its suppose to snow tommorow haha

Happy Late Birthday
PPP - thanks! Weather is crazy, hun?
Sonya~ Happy Birhtday again!! (Just had to say it).. great presents too! I love candles.. Spring has not sprung here yet.. it is suppose to flurry tommorrow here and it's only getting into the 30's for a high today..

As for pedicures.. I get them.. I actually just got one.. some people are just unlucky and get them. You should get it removed.. it will just irritate you till you do. It will go away and then it will come back again. They suck azz that's for sure!!
Birthday~* oopse

The last one I got they told me I had one and I had no idea. I had never had an ingrown nail before. They said they got it out for me. It has been fine since. Then Friday night it started getting irriated and that was like 2 or 3 weeks ago. It doesn't look ingrown, just irriated. Hope when it clears up that will be the end of it. It needs to clear up cuz it is time for another one.
Hope you have a happy Monday, too! I love the birthday pics...sounds like you all had an awesome time.

Maybe babies will come next month!
barry - LOL! Thanks! I can't wait for your book to get here.
barry - LOL! Thanks! I can't wait for your book to get here.
barry - LOL! Thanks! I can't wait for your book to get here.
Cut the toenail out and we still need some more rain.
Virginia Beach needs rain really really bad.
Dick - it is crazy with rain. LOL!

Mac - I'll try to send our rain your way.
sonya, I like your scooter!

Tell Max I need one and want to know where he got his :)
Ames -
You and Jon can join us and we can start a bike club. LOL!
Thanks, sonya! I got my author copies last week and still cannot believe it.

Instead of rain, we are gonna get freezing rain tonight! Yahoo!
LOL that was funny pic! How fast do you get going on that 15 mph?!? haha I hope that you had a wonderful birthday and sorry to hear the baby thing not happening but it sure is damn fun trying. For the toe, soak your foot in warm water and Epsom salt.
Barry- It is supose to freeze here tommorrow too.

L of B - that is what I've been doing. It really does help.
Barry- It is supose to freeze here tommorrow too.

L of B - that is what I've been doing. It really does help.
What is up with your double and treble comments lol? Are you feeling lonely hehe.
Gareth - blogger keeps locking up on me and then it either doesn't post or it post twice. Uggh! So irriatating.
Yup tell me about. I had a double comment today on someone's blog. I just thought there might have been an echo.
Gareth - you are too funny!=)
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LMAO that is so funny (Max and You)! The only thing for the ingrown toenail that I can think of would be warm soaks. Also keeping neosporin on it so it keeps the skin soft and infection under control. Well it was 32 degrees yesterday, first day of spring yeah right!
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