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Friday, March 17, 2006
 B-day Pics
We went to dinner at Mariano's for my b-day. I have such wonderful company with all my good friends and family. I could never ask for more. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group in my life.

After we got in from my b-day dinner we had my dog (JR - the big one) and my mom's dog Lacy stayed for a play date. Max is holding them for us.

I really scored for my b-day. Max got me a big bottle of Crush by Curve purfume, a make-up bag with goodies and a $150 gift certificate to Best Buy. I'm excited. I'm getting my dvd burner and scanner now. Woo-hoo!

This is my friend Leslie. She got me a gift certificate to Bath and Body. I love the place and will go crazy in there. Thanks so much, Les. You did good!

This is my ex co-worker Tom and his neighbor Greg. They are some partying boys. Greg and I have been trying to find a woman to steal Tom's heart for quite some time. Not sure what happend to the pic. I don't think I should have used night portrait even though iit was dark in there.

This is my friend Samantha and her husband Greg. Samantha and I became friends when I was 21. She is so awesome. I hope I look like her at 40.

Here is Sam and I. Yes, I look like death warmed over. I had been drinking and I was hot. What do you expect? LMAO!

Here is Steph and Amy. Stephanie really did me up right too. She got me a gift certificate to Bath and Body and a big candle with (2) smaller candles. The candles are awesome. She know I love both. I couldn't believe she did so much. She truelly rocks!

Here is Amy and John. Amy got me a gift from Family Dollar. Just kidding. It was an inside joke. She told me she was going there on her way to get me a gift. She is crazy. I'm not knocking it, cuz I love that place. She got me a really cool wood decora type thing that has a clock on one side and flips around and hold a photo. It is so cool. Everyone wanted it. Then she got me a beautiful set of wind chimes. Did I rake it in or what?

This is a long time friend of mine Cindi and her beautiful daughter Kelly. Cindi really hooked me up to. She got me a wonderful Yankee candle in the scent of Buttercreme and another tealight candle holder that looks like it is made of cork with a really cool "friendship" quote. It is awesome. I'll treasure it forever.

This is me in the hat when they sung happy b-day to me. Can you tell I was excited? Not! My friend Teresa came too, but I can't find a pic. Also my friend Trish stopped by with a gift certificate from Target. So can anyone guess what I'm doing tommorrow? Shopping with all these gift certificates. My mom and step dad also came. They are so wonderful. They even drove Max and I so we could drink. Them coming to the city after dark was a big deal. They are wonderful! I am truelly blessed to have such a great group of friends and very thoughtful. I never expected any of this. I'm in complete amazment. Just want my friends to know I love you all. You are truelly the best!
Sonya said at 9:05 PM
So I come home from work and Cherish says to come wish you a Happy Birthday, but of course, that was really yesterday and the party's over and you are soundly sleeping and subconciously shopping through the morrow...

But I still hope it was the Happiest Birthday ever and that a hundred or so just like it follow that one!

(And btw, you look like anything but death warmed over!)

AWESOME PICTURESSSSSSS You are so beautiful, I loved seeing pictures of you. It is just great to see you.

WOW You made out like a bandit. I hope you have an awesome day shopping. I prefer gift cert. to cash because if I get cash I always put it in the househould budget.

Enjoy yourself!!!
Have fun shopping! I wanna come! Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner with all of your wonderful friends! Happy Birfday!

That first pic of JR? looks like he has big fangs. LOL!
Wow looks like you had an awesome time. And you are getting BOTH of the presents that you really wanted. It's hard to ask for anything more than that, right? :)
You wore green as well, hehehehe ;)
Have a great weekend.
Happy B-Day! Sounds like a great time.
Shop shop shop till ya drop!! :)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful birthday with us!
Sounds like an awesome time. Happy for ya! Thanks for mentioning Bath and Body, forgot I had one from xmas I didnt spend yet! Lets go shopping! ;)
Great pics and it looks like you had an awesome birthday. I didn't get much on my birthday but I spent it with my honey and that was plenty.
Glad you guys had a wonderful time! How did the shopping go?
Glad to see you had a great time..HAPPY "BIRFDAY" GIRL...
Alan - Sorry you missed out. It was great and thanks for coming by.

Cherish - I really did make out good. I had a great time.

Nutz- I thoght that pic was hilarious. He was yawning. LOL!

Gareth - Yes, I am. Lucky or what? Getting what I wanted and then some. LOL!

Bob - Thanks so much!

Beading - We had bad storms and I hadn't got to go shopping yet. =(

Tina - I'm game. Let's go.

Blind - I was with the people I love and that made it the best.

Momma - these storms keep me from shopping yet.

Greta - thanks!
Wow looks like a great time! Glad that you had a wonderful birthday ... like the hat the best =)
Thank you for inviting us to participate in your birthday celebration!! We had a blast! You look good at such a young age. Enjoy your young years because you 2 one day will be 40. All body functions start to change around this mild stone of life. It was great to see you. I mailed your card today. Sorry that I forgot it, but you know how it is when you near 40!! :(
Love ya!
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