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Thursday, February 23, 2006
 HAPPY HNT (Half Nekkid Thursday)
First, if you don't know what HNT is please click on the Half Nekkid Thursday icon on the side bar for more informaion. I hope I'm not cheating, but didn't have anything new or exciting of a pic to post, so I'm doing a blast from the past. A fellow blogger posted a pic the other day from high school with the poofy prom dress and big hair. We were all discussing those days. Well while going through old photos last night I found a photo from 1996. So this is they style and have they have changed in the last 10 years. This paticuliar picture was after the big hair stage calmed down, we thought, but my hair was still pretty big compared to now. This portrait is of me (the big blonde hair with the green shirt) with my best R.L. friend Leslie in the middle and our other good friend Trish. We were in Lubbock, Texas at a bar. We were visiting Trish for the weekend at school. She was going to Texas Tech at the time. It was an extremly wild weekend. So, let the big hair comments get started and have a happy hnt! It is almost Friday. Yeah!
Edit: Anyway, since my post today alot has happend. If you weren't involved in my baby topic the other day you may not understand this. If you will go back to a post I did earlier this week Re: Babies I have a funny update. My S.O. would hate me and will if he sees this. My doc's office is still going back and forth with my ins company on paying for the test so that is still up in the air. Well the clinic she wants the S.O. to go to will only collect his specimen from 8:30-11:30 M-Th. That isn't convenient with work at all. So, I called his MD since they have a lab there to see if they could do it. I didn't tell the S.O. I was doing this today, just decided this morning it made sense since my boss is out of town I would have time to make the call. Well they will do it and I scheduled him for tommorrow. Then at lunch I called him to tell him. After reading the conversation you ladies can laugh and the men can tell me if this would be a hell conversation to have at work on a construction site or not. Here is how the conversation went:
ME: (Calls Max) Hey, are you at lunch?
HIM: Yes. Why? What's going on?
ME: Is anyone around?
HIM: No, baby, what do you need? What is wrong?
ME: Can you jack off any time or do you need advance notice?
HIM: What? What are you talking about?
ME: I got you an appmt at the md tommorrow so you don't have to go to the clinic. Plus you can't have sex 2 days prior to giving the specimen so it is a good time to go since we haven't had sex in 2 days.
HIM: I guess.
ME: You will have to go straight from work. You won't have time for a shower. Is this a problem or would it make it easier to jack off after a shower, cuz I don't know what you need or don't need prior to jacking off?
HIM: If I have to go tommorrow I will, but if I could go next week that would be better.
ME: Okay, I'll call back and see if I can reschedule for next week. Maybe I can get a later one so you can shower first if that what you need to do to make it happen.
Edit/Edit: EE and I have been talking and we are dedicating next week to the 80's and 90's, if anyone like to join in. Here is the theme: Monday & Tues will be 80's pics. The hair, clothes, etc. Wednesday is a Wild Card day and Thursday and Friday will be 90's pics. Hope you will join in on our fun. If you let me know each day you are participating I will keep a record going on my post and link your 80's or 90's pics from there. So please join in on the fun!

Sonya said at 6:25 AM
very very cute! did you have a perm?
HHNT!! :)
Ames - don't remember if I had a perm or curled it. I use to curl ever piece of my hair in little bitty thin pieces on a small curing iron. I think I did just curl it at that time.

Beading - HHNT to you too!
Cool 80s hair -- you could be Spys long lost twin hair sister. Spys got some great 80s hair pics
Memories!!!! We had fun that weekend!!! Wow who would think 10 years later we would be as close as we are!!! Love ya girlie!!! Les
Have a fabulous thursday!
Nice pic, you little hottie!

I'll have to look around for a pic of me with my Bosworth haircut and mullet.
Sounds great :) HHNT!
that must have taken forever - I would be working on that all day and all night if I tried to curl my hair in little tiny sections ( I break rubberbands all of the time ). I have some freakin' thick hair!

Happy HNT!
HA! I love the big hair!
I am stuggling to tell what bar that is. It is not the Lone Star OB, not Conference it Crickets?
can't say enough about a hot lady with hot friends... HHNT
Oh yes, how I remember those days....big hair, the smell of a lot of hairspray...

Great pic!
PPP - I will have to search her blog for them. LOL!

Les - Great memories and we are as close as ever if not closer.

Wenchy - HHNT!

Flounder - I would love to see your mullet pics. LOL!

Crimson - HHNT!

Nowhere - I bet several of us has the same hair do. LOL! That was the style. LOL!

Ames - my hair is fine, so had to do it so thinly cuz my hair doesn't hold a curl. It would take a good hour or longer.

Feetman - sometime I wish big hair would come back, but it took so much longer to get ready those days.

D-andre - thanks for the compliment and HHNT to you!

Chuck - you are right about all the hairspray. LOL! I should have invested in hair spray. I haven't had a can of hairspray in my home for years now.
Well I must be around the same age since I grew up with that style and even though I hated it at the time now I think it's kind of sexy LOL HHNT!
PS you're gorgeous!
Andy - thanks and HHNT to you. I'm 30 and going to be 31 in March. Are we in the same age range?
sonya, you big haired hottie!

I used to sport the killer mullet back in the day...if you are interested, please check out "The Evolution of Barry" in my December 2005 archives. It was bad ass.
I always tell my wife if she knew me then she would be putty in my hands.

Times were good back then.
Barry - I just went to your archieve. I love the mullet with the cap on. That was so hot back then. LOL!
Sorry, but the hair just does not compare to the midwest 'dos that I had to look at during high school in the early 1990s. I was sitting in English class one day when a guy from the Spanish class next door came into the room, walked right up to one of the young women, held a ruler up to her bangs, and then turned around and left. I found out later that he won his bet because those bangs did stick up eight inches or higher. I blame that particular woman for the depletion of the ozone layer.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
It's like Jersey and shit. Love the pic.
LOL @ Mac. Thanks! HHNT to you!
Feetman - I don't remember the name, but it was a sports bar.
Your suck a cutie in that pic!
I still dig the big hair! Silly me.
HD - It was the earlier 90's and late 80's when I had that do. Like I said this was calm for big hair for me. LOL! I remember hair spraying your bangs and the side wings straight out. That was hiliarious. Damm, we were stupid. LOL!
Happy HNT!
Pbbbffft, you call that big hair?! LOL! Wow, look at you, aren't you the little hottie. ;)

I think we *should* do an entire wk of "back in the day", 80/90's.

Happy HNT Sonya! ;)
Jill - HHNT!

EE- that is what I was saying in your big hair post the other day. We should do it. I did write this was after the big hair calmed down and it is still kind of big. LOL!

Happy HNT!
I know, I was just teasing you. :) I went through that stage too, big but not QUIET so

So when do you want to do it? Do you want to dedicate next wk to that era? What do we call it "Blast from the past"? LOL

Mine won't be *quite* as good bc my stupid husband is 'weird' about me posting pics hence them always being blurry, lol)...but still, it would be fun!
Oh Sonya I have a pic of me in the 80's I had long hair then and it has the wing look to it. :)
Well, look at you...little miss hottie....I love that pic...the hair wasn't that big....I've seen really BIG hair in my time....anyone remember Stiff Stuff??...the hairspray, NOT the sex aid.....geesh!

Happy HNT !
EE - Maybe we could do M & T the 80's W could be a wild card type day and Th & F 90's. What do you think? If so let me know so I can dig out some pic this weekend. LOL!

Beading - do you want to join in?

Super - do you want to join in? BTW, PPP made a comment earlier about your archieves and big hair pics. I so remember Stiff Stuff. I use to use it to stand up the bangs and the wings straight out on each side. LOL!

FTR - did yall see the baby update post I edited under the pic a few minutes ago?
Sonya- That is one funny conversation. If my S.O. called and wanted to know what i needed to do to jack off, I would get all excited! LOL
Sounds good to me Sonya! :)
Twisted - I was wondering what he was thinking.

EE- it is a plan. Share with all and I will too.
That is some impressively big hair! LOL. HHNT!
Irreverend - yes it is. LOL! HHNT!
HA! i love the phone call that's nuts man.

Who leaves idol tonight any guesses?
Phats - don't know who will leave cuz I don't remember their names well. That Chris is a hottie though!
Sonya: I had them in my old blog of Spy --- hehehe she was miss little 80s pants lol
PPP - LOL! Is the day going any better? You only have few hours left until a day off. Lucky you!
Good Lord yes, I am in!

I am always willing to shamelessly display photographs of me with my wicked 80's hair.

I hate to brag, but for a brief period in the late 80's, I was infamous, and I owe it all to my Tennessee Top Hat.
Barry - LOL! BTW, my ins may pay for part of my test next week. The hospital has a contract with my ins company so it won't cost me anything up front. They send it off to them, then bill me the difference or the whole amount. The hospital billing gave me an estimated price of $272 for outpatient, radiology and test. Cool, hun?
Sonya I am in I will dig out the photos this weekend.
LOL @ your conversation. :)
Beading - cool. Glad you will join in on the fun theme week.

He will die if he sees I posted this conversation.
I thought I posted this earlier, but maybe not - poor Max....

are there prerequisits for that anyway?

cool call ~ and you are beautiful :) ~HHNT~
Ames, not sure exactly what all you are asking. Sorry. Don't tell him I posted this. He will kill me. LOL!

Jericho, I always love your wonderful comments. Happy HNT to you, dear!
What a beautiful girl you are! I never had big hair because I didn't have the patience to fool with it. I did have an afro-like perm for a while.

LOL at you curling little bits individually. That must have taken some time.

Also at the time I had two toddlers and little time!
Count me in for the flashbacks to the 80's and 90's.
Lasann - Thanks. I understand not having the time.

Lori - Cool! I'm so glad you want to flashback with us.
HAPPY HNT!! Great pic!!

The conversation is hyterical! Wishing you both the very best of luck!
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