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Monday, February 20, 2006
 Which Pic Do You Call B.S. On?

Let's get this Monday started. How would you like to play a game of B.S. (bull shit)? Here is the directions. Examine each picture below and in comments, tell me which pic you think is B.S. You may have to examine the pictures very carefully to figure this one out. Be careful with one of them if you are at work. Now, have fun playing and let me know which you call B.S. on. Have fun!

Sonya said at 10:58 AM
Have you figured it out?
I would have to see the big penis lol my lord that would hurt lol
I think it is that too. If it was really that big he should have bigger upper body muscles to carry that thing around. LOL!
My vote's on the large moose photo. That looks Photoshopped...

Wait a second...I just scrolled down a little further to see all the pictures.

Now, I'm going with the oversized shrimp.
LOL @ Barry. I told you to examine each pic carefully before deciding. LOL!
Is just one of them nonsense? Hmmmmm Definitely the man with the big friend, hehe Darn!! laughs... I actually think they are all fake, maybe number two is the only real one. I can not wait to see the answer!!!
Cherish -
That is one fat cat too. LOL!
Oh, I forgot to tell you I don't know the "real" answer. Someone sent this to me and I was hoping if I posted the pics someone could tell me. LOL!
WOW! I am glad I am off work today so I could take in a naked man with a snake penis ha NASTY! I am scared of fish also so this post creeped me out all around hahaha :) I would guess the man, or quite possibly all of them?

I like BS the card game
Phats - didn't mean to scare you.

Admin - you so crack me up.
It's gotta be the cat, the pic of the guy is me so.....
LMAO at the cock pic!! I think that's too obvious to be the BS one so I'll choose another one. I'm going to say that it's the moose one (5th pic). It's body looks as if it has been photoshopped.
LOL @ Gareth. Glad these made you laugh.
Well if it's a cock then call it a cock. Don't beat around the errrrrr bush ;)
Whooooa....that jus scurred the fck outta me! No way is that penis real haha dont believe the moose either or the second fish. I wouldnt doubt there is a cat that big though....(wow that could be taken outta context too) :p
I am glad you finally posted the picture of my my - ex boytoy! He was sooooo last week. I can't believe he used to ask to go in the back door? OMG - could you imagine?!?!?! We would need an economy size of PrepH for that's got to be the long-ass fish in the museum - that's my vote!
Gareth, you are too funny! =)
I need to test this...while eating a bigass tuna salad, steamed lobster, and a chocolate moose... petting my big pussy...

I wonder if he gets his condoms specially produced for him?! He could open his own sperm bank too.

*no words. blushing*
Tina - didn't mean to scare you. I guess you could say I have a pic of a big cock and a big pussy, hun? LOL!

Ames, hope you don't mind I borrowed that pic you took of him.
at least you cropped his mug out - he has a face for radio!

Do you know what kind of pressure that thing blow at?
LOL well im not that scared...hehe but yep that about sums it up for your post today hehehehe
I can't even comeback on that one. LOL!

So tell us about the psi?
Ames, I bet he could still "do you" while you were in one city and he was in another.
LOL @ Seahag!

Gareth - He prolly just uses those big contractor trash bags. LOL!

Nowhere girl, I didn't mean to make you blush.
Do you get a free pussy with that thing too??? Is there a waiting list?
Gareth - you just keep amusing me.

Tina - I think you are a little overwhelmed. Are you still in shock? LOL!
LMAO - I dont know what I am, I'm too busy to comment so perhaps I should shutup hehehehe ;)
I was Wow'ing at Gareth lol
LOL @ Tina. I thought that one pic would be a for shock purposes pic. LOL! Gareth is to funny, isn't he?
Oh gawd...way too painful to look at that man! And while I'm having breakfast!
Ok....Ok.....I got it.....picture number 2 is definitely the fake !!

LOL that's all!
Chick -sorry about your breakfast

Superspy - you are the winner. LOL!
I call bullshit on da cat . That last pic looks a awful like da wallycrawler ! Minus 2" !!!
I know that the fat cat is fake, I saw it on a photoshop test. The guy with the huge thing is fake. The Moose is fake, that was on the photoshop test also. The only one that I would say is not fake is number three. And maybe the large shrimp looking thing.

Working with photoshop you learn some things to look for. Like in the second picture...where is the guys right arm? If a fish is that big, you should see his arm holding the front up. The first one, you can see the lines and the color distortion where the pic was cropped, reversed, and cloned on to make it look extra long.
Despite popular opinon, the last photo is not fake.

That is a picture of me (and my limpie).

Fuckabuncha Nemo in #3.
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