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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
 Stressed About Babies
I was going to write about this subject yesterday, but didn't get around to it. It was icy here and I was slammed at work. Anyway, I went to my girly doctor last week for my annual exam. We started discussing "babies". In less than a month I'll be 31 and no babies. It isn't from lack of trying. So we decided to to start doing some testing. Not that there is anything wrong, but just to checking the plumbing out so to say so when we get really serious we will know. It took my mom a long time to get pregnant so it could just be hereditary. Anyway, they did a cervix test last week to make sure it was open and it was. They gave me paperwork and Max gets to go give a specimen. He was cool with it. His only question was, "do they supply the magazine or do I need to take my own?". Anyway, they were closed yesterday and we haven't got that scheduled yet. We have to make some calls to see if he is going to the clinic my doctor referred and pay $96.00 or if see if his md can do this with the insurance co-pay or refer his to someone who can. So just trying to keep this cheap basically. I am scheduled to go to the hospital next Friday afternoon for a HSG test. For more information click here. This is an outpatient x-ray type of deal. They shoot die into your tubes and uterus to make sure everything is flowing correctly and there is no blockage or major scar tissue or etc. Then I go back to the girly doctor in (6) weeks. My period is always like clock work and it decided to be a freak of nature and start early this time. YUCK! So, all testing has been moved up quicker than I thought is why I didn't bring this up quicker. The main reason I'm bringing this up now, is because I could be blogging periodically about everything going on and especially if I ever have to start taking hormone pills. If I did that I could be crazier than I am now. LOL! So, I just wanted to give you all the background of the story now and fore warn you for the future. If anyone has an experiences or information or comments on any of this, please share them with me. Have a good day!

P.S. I'll post something funny and off the wall later today.

EDITED: I just spoke to my insurance company and they don't pay for this test. What should I do? I have a call into the doctor office to find out an out-of-pocket price.
Sonya said at 6:13 AM
Good luck, sonya. I wish I had some advice or similar experiences to share. Of course, I figure if we DO decide to have children, it will be our luck that we won't be able to.

Why can't things just work the way they are supposed to? Our lives sure would be easier.

Take care of yourself! *smooch*
LOL @ Max!!

Thanks for the warning about your impending craziness. You should have told us 30 years ago but we'll take it now anyway :P
REMEMBER: Practice makes perfect - so keep practicing to have one!

Have fun trying to make a special little one! Also, it baffles me when people that actually could provide a wonderful caring home/life for a child sometimes have difficulties, but those that couldn't care less and don't really "want" ONE can have them like welfare pancakes!

that's all I have to say about that - Adam and Tara have been trying for over 7 years now :(
Good luck to ya Sonya!! I don't have any similar experiences or adive I could give ya either.. I always got pregnat every 3 yrs haahaa! After the last one I told doc to weld my tubes shut LOL :)
It is MUCH easier to get pregnant the second time!!!

I had a hard time getting pregnant the first time. It took 2.5 years for me to get pregnant. The funny thing is as soon as I stopped trying to get pregnant I got pregnant. My husband was still in school, I was stressing him out beyond belief over this baby issue. He said will you do me a favor please wait 10 months until I start my next year of school and we can start trying again, go to doctors, tests, whatever it takes. I just really need a break from this situation and concentrate on school. This was in December and I agreed to wait. Well I got pregnant in January and my daughter was born in October when we were going to start trying again. I had my next baby planned for hmmm five years. I figured I would get my girl into kindergarten and I would be pregnant blah blah blah. Well the pull out method most definitely is not 100% WINKS... My daughter was 8 months old when I got pregnant with my son. Hmmm most definitely not how I planned it but it worked out great!!!!!! My daughter is 14 and my son is 13 and I miss my babies!!!!!!!! Teenagers are not as much fun as littleones.

Good Luck with your journey, I will keep you in my thoughts!
Kim - I wanted kids by 30 and tried to let nature take it course. Now I don't want to be 40 before I have my first. So we are just doing the precautionaries.

Gareth - you know I'm already crazy. LOL! I will definitely be posting about Max's experience there for all you men. LOL!

Ames - you know I practice every chance I can get. LOL! Has Tara or Adam been checked out?

Beading - To bad you got fixed. You might could of had a baby for me. LOL! You could of been preg with your soon to be daughter n law.
hang in there it took a year before my first pregnancy and then to miscarry at the fourth month. i was blessed with two beatiful little boys 3yrs apart of course.the best advice to you is to try to stay stress free even though its easier said than done.
good luck.
Anonymous - Thank you!
My 1st one was the result of 7 months of Russian Roulette. A bit of an oops, I suppose.

The 2nd one we actually PLANNED. It took me over a year and a half of constant sex (my husband was thrilled). ~snicker~

I had an early miscarriage after a year and then was pregnant 5 months later. My little Nowhere Child is now 4.

It will happen, though you are doing the right thing by getting tested... just in case.

Keep us informed, Sweets. No pressure to be funny. It has been nice getting more to the core of you... ;)
they have done all sorts of things - I don't know the exact specifics (knowing about my brother's plumbing is not something I get real excited about), but I know they have seen Drs and have been taking different measures...Amber is a beautiful little girl (and smart and funny and just amazing) so if there is another in store they may conquer the world!
Nowhere girl - thanks for the encouragment. You are a true inspiration.

Ames - if I'm lucky enough to have one my life will be complete. It took 6 years for my mom trying had to have my brother. They started trying immediately afterwards for another and took 4 for me. I really believe GOD blesses you with one when the time is right, if there isn't any health issues. So I'm just checking out the health issues, then it will be in God's hands.
Good luck sonya!
I feel like I have so much information about you now.

This may sound like advice from a crazy man, but I have seen it work on more than one occassion for couples slow to find pregnancy:

Go to an all encompassing resort in Mexico (maybe with a jacquzii tub on your balcony) and drink and screw all week.

You will be relaxed and thing will work better.
Twisted - thanks!

Feetman - you crack me up. I thought alcohol lowered the sperm count. I don't understand that fact cuz how many people get preg on one night stands from being drunk at a bar. LOL!
I wish you luck with the process. No advice.

Is the test really expensive and will the doctor take payments?

Insurance companies are the devil!
sonya, being an x-ray/MRI Tech, I would count on the exam being fairly expensive, perhaps $750+, could be a lot more, since I am not directly involved with them anymore.

I am suprised they do not cover HSG's under insurance!
First, yes they do provide some spank material for Max.

Second, my wife and I went through the same thing 18 months ago. She was tested, I was tested, and they said that everything was fine. We started taking Chlomid, and that didn't work either. We decided to "step back from the ledge" and quit taking all meds. We went to Bermuda for a vacation, and two weeks later, found out we were expecting. My wife just turned 35 last weekend, too.

My advice to you is wait to see how Max's test comes back before you do the HSG test. My wife said that it kinda sucked, and no sense going through it if your hubby has the problem. Then, if you do that test, make like a bunny when you are ovulating that month because it will be the best time to conceive. Finally, don't get freaked out about it. It will happen when it is supposed to happen.
lasann - it has to be done at the hospital, not at the doctor's office

Barry - that is expensive. The doc office is not calling the ins company. They may use different terminology than I do and find out its covered. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm waiting to hear back from them.

Flounder - What happened to you is what Feetman said above. I'm going to try to get Max in this week or so. My test isn't scheduled until next Friday. His ex wife got preg and had an abortion w/o his knowing until a later time. So we think he plumbing should be working, unless the tramp cheated or was lying. She was capable of both. Ask your wife if the test was very painful. I heard it gives you major cramps.
She said it was like the worse period she ever had. I think it took less than an hour, though.
I read it is says it take 15-30 min for the test.
Getting all the tests is a good idea for now, if not for anything else but to give you peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy trying to make a baby..

I hope this all works out for you, you seem like you'd make an awesome Mom...

Good Luck and keep us all posted !

Yes, that's right !!...we want to know every SINGLE time you guys have sex... position, amount of times, how long, etc...

Super- do you know how many post I would have to do for everytime? LOL! Do I need to post when I'm ovulating and everything? LOL!
No advice Sonya (though it looks like you have plenty of good stuff here) butI wanted to say good luck, and you'll be in my thoughts.

MM- thanks and smooch back to you!
Good luck with everything!!
Joe, thanks!
Good Luck --- I know how you feel, I was diagnosed with having a bicornuate uterus -- which I have a 60 percent chance of miscarriage.
PPP - I had no idea. I have never heard of that. So after yall get married do you want babies? Is there anything you can do? Will you adopt?
Good luck Sonya. Me and the wife are thinking about adding a little one to the family but we are just talking about it. I think if it is important to you that you should pay for the test.
Did you find out how much it costs? Why doesn't insurance not cover it? Even if you pay for the deductible. That's weird. But you know that I have been having issues with that lately too. Let me know what you find out. Keep your chin up... Love ya, Les
Mrshife - good luck on your tryings, if yall decide too.

Les - they told me it is considered infertility and that is something my health ins doesn't pay for. If it is a medical condition they pay, but if it isn't they don't. My doc's office is going to call the ins comp and see if they can get it covererd under a different code or if they use different terminology or something. I haven't heard back from them yet.
Hi Sonya...Damn girl. Insurance companies SUCK...Hang in there
Ceri - Thanks!
Wow...I'm not sure what to say. Up until T got pregnant I assumed that my boys couldn't swim. I'd been with my ex for 3 years off and on and while we never were trying to have kids, we weren't exactly trying NOT to have them either. We broke up and four months later she was pregnant (not mine of course). I told T that whenever we decided to have kids IF we decided to have kids I might have to go get my count tested. Well wouldn't you know that a month after making baby jokes we were pregnant.

I dont know how it all works but you might decide to give it a rest for a bit and then wake up one morning with a surprise. I hope that you do.
I had the opposite problem than Cherish had. Got pg and had a (for the most part) easy pg w/ my dd. Then couldn't sustain a second pg to save my life. I had to jump through hoops to stay pg w/ my son.

Sonya, *hug*, I feel for you.

I had an HSG test while trying to figure out why I kept having reoccuring m/c's. MAKE SURE you take Ibuprophin a couple hours before. It's not a bad experience but the cramping can be bad if you don't have enough Ibu. before hand.

Hope you guys get it figured out. Have you tried charting and temping yet? That's what worked the best for me when ttc my son. Also, you may want to get the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni somebody. It's THE best book out there. It's the TTC bible. Awesome book!

The silver lining is that if a lot of people's insurance doesn't cover the test, it is probably priced accordingly.
Hang in there babe it will happen in due time, thats how it was for me for the longest I thought I could never get pregnant and out of the blue it happened. Practice, practice, practice and practice.
Hey Sonya! Good luck with that. I may be encountering similar events in the near future (next 12 mos.) I'll be 33 this year and no babies yet and I just know, without a doubt, I will be needing fertility specialists!! :P
kis me now...and I will pay fir it ;-)
Hey Sonya,
Best of luck with everything! My sister and her husband were having problems and they did invetro and POW they had twins, and they were told the only way they could have another child would be invetro again. So obviously no precautions were taken and POW baby 3 the natural way. Strange things happen. Best of luck though. Loved the line from max about the magazine haha!
Blindslim - maybe it will just happen. Thanks for the encouragment. We are just checking to find out, but maybe we will get surprised in the meantime.

ee - please email me when you get a chance on the exacts of checking the temp. Also I will run out and get that book this weekend. Thanks for the great advice.

Zen - you are prolly right.

Lori - I like to practice.

Tina - when you get there, let me know if you need a shoulder to cry on. I'm here.

Van - *smooch* pull out the credit card. LOL!

Phats - I really want to lean away from inventro. I know several that have done it, but want to try all other options first. Thanks for sharing the experience.
I am glad Flounder bolstered my advice. Just get to a beach and get away from any stress and hassles for a while and just have relaxed sex.

If you get pregnant, you will always remember the babymaking trip and when the kid gets older you may decide to tell him why you call him "the Mexican"...if it does not work, well, you still had some great sex on a great vacation.
Sonya- the author is Toni Weschler. Hands down BEST book out there on TTC and if nothing else incredibly informative about a woman's body.

I have a crazy insane day today, but will email you tonight. :)
Feetman - if it happens that way I will surely remember your and Flounder's advice. LOL!

EE - I'm going to look for this book right now and order it. Thanks so much!

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