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Thursday, February 02, 2006
 Half Nekkid Thusday
Well, it is Thursday and once again I'm posting a pic of Mackenzie in honor of Half nakes Thursday. I'm not sure if this one has been on her blog before or not. Anyway, I hope all enjoy the pic. Please no drooling on your keyboards and it is only nice to ask Mac's permission before saving this as your desktop background or as a screen saver. Hope you enjoy! Please comment away.........................
P.S. Can't wait to see what the Groundhog sees today.

Sonya said at 5:31 AM
Boobie cleavage. Yeah!
Yea for boobie day. Every day should be boobie day!!!

Can we have a parade???
Sure, Twisted. You start it.
Very nice!! Ohhhh yeahhhh!!! I couldn't get the audio to play though. I'll have to come back later and give it another try...and look at the cleavage again!
Hey, Chuck! You aren't missing anything on the audio. It was just a test.
This audio isn't working now anyway, but it was.
love love love the sweater.

I know you are new to my blog. Just to let you know this isn't my normal blog. It will be different next week.
Jode - It's from Target. I love it too. It's comfy.

Go to the HNT link under my peeps then go to all the pages on HNT people when you get a chance. There is some interesting pics.
Very nice clevage, and the sweater looks very cozy! Have a wonderful HNT! :) (p.s. Thanks for visiting my site!)
Hi, Vampirekitti!
Twisted, you might need to visit vampire's blog above.

Ok the first annual boobie day parade. Damn I can't wait to see the floats!
No pun intended!
Welcome to HNT. Stop by all you want!

Nice cleavage shot. Happy HNT.
Oh shit, not the evil HNT. Stay away from the light Mack!
Happy HNT! Cool pic! :)
Aaah, more boobies. Now all is right again with the world.
Oh my.... HHNT
Egan, what is wrong with HNT?
LOL @ Gareth!
Your blog is kicking ass Sunny Sonya!
As long as it doesn't kick my ass I'll be fine, but have the band-aids ready just incase.
Bytheway I love your accent!
Thanks, Gareth!
can we all put Mackenzie's boobs on our blogs?
Don't who, anonymous? You have to ask her and she prolly will want to know who is posting her boobs? I'll tell her to come here to answer you.
Nice boobs you have featured on your blog today!
Thanks, Lori! The are Mac's. You know this is "all about Mac" week on my blog, don't you? LOL!
Yeah, probably not, especially if I don't know who the fuck you are.
sonya - go check out my blog!

thursdays are going to be fun again :)


I had to get one more eyeful before I go home for the day. Thanks Mac & Sonya!

Thanks for posting my beautiful pic. NOT! LOL!

Flounder, go home already? I'm jealous.
I have to go into work in the Boston subway at 1am, after the trains stop running. It's nappy poo time.
Wow! I understand. Get a nap and don't hang any drywall today.
Very nice! HHNT!
Ok, Sonya - you need to take a class in HTML!

you are getting good at it, or are you doing it all?

A nap? Damn I am jealous!
Ames, I don't know. Mac helped me with some problems awhile back where I screwed shit up. Other than that, I'm on my own.

Twisted, I'm jealous of Flounder too. He gets to take naps and see other guys's pee pees (Note: see Founder's comments on his blog to understand him seeing pee pees). LOL!

I think you have had a bad experience or something. I understand dislikes. I have lots of them. I'm not majorly into it, just having fun. I still want to know what all the bet entiles.

Hi, Crimson!
Sonya, I vowed to be a nicer person this year so I will spare you my reasons why I dislike HNT. Yep, I am avoiding confrontation.
Nice set of ta-ta's !!!

I bet the groundhog doesn't see anything nearly as stimulating as this !!

Very nice HNT!!! love the clevage!! TTYL
LOL @ Super!

Hi, pieces!
Happy HNT!
Hi, Katie!
My boss is getting suspicious about the tongue marks on my screen.
holy crap, that girl is blessed with some damn nice mammaries
Sonya - Egan thinks it's degrading. That's pretty much the bottom line. One of the main reasons he challenged me to not post something sexual for a week. I'm kinda glad I had that break. It was nice.

Super - I can't see my feet, what are you talking about.

Thank you everyone for oogling my boobs. I thank you and the girls thank you too.
That's beautiful!

HappY HNT! :)
I havent seen Macks tits so much since I put the camera in her shitter.
LOL @ everyone! Glad yall have enjoyed the presentation of Mac. She really does get the party going even when she isn't trying, doesn't she?
Excellent cleavage!!!!!! Woo hoo!

Happy HNT. :)
Yes, but the anti-HNT thing Mack is a completely different issue. Not sure degrading is why I don't like it, but you know how I feel.

I blogged about it some time ago and mock it from time to time on my own blog. This is your blog though. I choose my battles carefully and this one isn't worth rehashing Sonya. Thanks for indulging me.

I respect everyone's opinion if I agree with it or not. Your opinion is always welcomed!
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