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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
 Wet Wednesday
Well, in honor of WET WEDNESDAY, we have brought to you the winner of the latest wet t-shirt contest.

(In case anyone is lost go to Tuesday’s post or Mackenzie blog in her archieves to understand) I hope you all enjoy today’s pic. To see the cleavage version go to my prior post. Hope everyone has fun with this pic. I wish I could have the honor of saying this was me, but it isn’t. All props go to Mackenzie. She is smoking! Or at least she was until she got all wet and they put her fire out. Please comment away…..
Sonya said at 6:01 AM
Is it raining there?
Flounder likey Wet Wednesday!
I have big nips!
Flounder - LOL!

Mac - Maybe it was cold?
WOW! Happy Wet Wednesday! Thanks for making hump day more enjoyable.
one word YUMMM!! ;)
Jesus likes big wet nipples...I do too by the way
Oh it cold there or are you just happy to see us??....

Here's lookin at you kid !! ;)
Reminds me of Spring Break 1992 ahhh my first college spring break -- I should share the details of what I did lol

To be young and silly again

I can live through Mackenzie.
Oh my!

Mack, you's a crazy one!

Lori & Beads - It does make hump day more enjoyable or at least makes you want to hump. LOL!

Bill the A - I know what you likey!

Superspy - I think it was cold and wet. LOL!

PPP- I already live through her so you might as well join me.

Ames, She minds me of myself about 5 years ago so much it is unreal.

Yes Princess, I too reminice over Mack's posts. The good old days...
Nowhere girl,

I think we all live through Mac. LOL!
Good Morning Sonya!

Now those are nice, very nice, just like the first time I saw them.
Now when are you going to post yours Sonya??????
We need to compare!
I can't view your blog the rest of the day Sonya. I think my co-workers will assume I'm viewing a Girls Gone Wild type site.
I agree with Twisted. It's not a wet t-shirt contest with only one contestant now is it?
LOL @ Twisted.

Egan, you can downsize it. Maybe it is because you saved it to your desk top or because you are drooling when you view it.
Now Sonya if your shy and need me to your pics out first, I would be glad to do that.

All you have to do is email them to me!

I promise I will forward, I mean not forward them to flounder!
That should say check out
Twisted, I was waiting for someone to volunteer to take them for me. LOL!
Well your in texas right? And I am in oklahoma! We could arranged something I am sure!
Yes you will. See I do pay attention to details. So should I get the camera ready????
Oh wow! I didn't realize we were so close. I'll have to remember that on my next trip through there.
Now how did i get on top you sonya?
I mean how did my comment get on top of yours??
I don't drool, just in my sleep.
Hot tits on a platter, comin' right up.
Mack would that be a 2 titty lunch?
I have heard about those, but never did have the chance.
Some universities might let you submit a Master's Thesis on MacKenzie's breasts, if you are interested in getting some initials behind your seem to have enough material...
Twisted - dunno

Egan - do you dream of boobies?

Mac - what a treat!

Twisted - lol!
I can't wait for the next post LOL ;)
What man doesn't dream of boobies?
Gareth, Don't get to use to this in my blog. I only have this week's worth and it goes back boring next week. LOL! You will have to go directly to Mac's blog. LOL!
Copy and paste the link below to hear what the picture makes me think of:

I have totally been missing out on this.
Yes you have, Drunkbh. Where the hell have you been? You know the party isn't complete w/o you. LOL!
Boobies and drunk bitches. It's officially a party!
You must of copied and pasted my song. Did you?

Titties and beer?
No, but I am very familiar with that song.
Oh. That is what my link was to. LOL!
LOL @ Twisted
You know I love titties and beer, or just titties and titties!
I haven't gotten a fucking thing done at work today. My cube-mate is watching videos on, and I can't concentrate on a fucking thing.
Lucky for you that you don't have an internet nazi like we have here.

There would be no film watching that is for sure!

We are supposed to work at work???
Are the boobies distracting yall at all?
They are not distracting me, I don't do anything any way.
Maybe that is what the problem is. I was been distracted by the boobs early this morning and it has been all downhill from there.

Glad you don't let the boobs stop you from not doing anything. LOL!

That could be it.

ah yes, those famous nips
I would so lose in a wet t contest......not much to show off. :)
Jodes - It is okay. Little perky ones are just as appealing as big ones at times. LOL!
Those guys look tired. Like they have been trying to take care of wet dogs all day.
By the way, this does violate the agreement Mack! No blogroll for you!
LOL @ Mrshife!

Egan, what was the actual bet anyway?
She's welcome at my pub any day!!!
Hi, Alec!
Sonya - I decline to comment on that matter at this time. I will have to try that audio post at some point.
Alrighty, Egan. Comment when you can.
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