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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
 Lost and Found Box
Hello! I was searching through my lost and found box and find a set of boobs. Does anyone know who they belong to? There might be a reward from the person who lost them, but I’m not sure. I thought I better post these.

Someone – who will remain nameless (Mackenzie, you did want to be anonymous – right?) that we depend on for lots of smut and T&A pictures among other things did something crazy. She made a bet that she could go this whole week without any smut or smutty pictures in her blog for a full week. So, to help her win the bet, I will place her normal post in my blog for one full week. Then, my blog goes back to the ordinary.

Now, guess who’s boobs these are? I hope she appreciates my efforts of helping her win a bet with the monkey boy Egan. Comment away……………
Sonya said at 5:54 AM
You're a good friend to help Mackenzie out this way...LOL

My boobs are jealous of her boobs !

My boobs are mad b/c it's raining today. They are also wet.
WOW! Don't know whose they are but I wish they was mine. :)
SuperSpy gal, That is what us girls are for. To help each other team up against the guys. LOL!

Mac- the wet ones are the post tommorrow. You know wet Wednesday. LOL! What do you think?

Beading- they belong to Mac. This is kind of a running joke I'm going to do all week. If you go to Mac's post from yesterday and read through all her comments you will get it.
I love those boobies. Oh yea thats right I love all boobies!
I love those boobies. Oh yea thats right I love all boobies!
I know how upset you were when Mac posted new stuff and it wasn't as easy to view her boobs. Hope this will help carry you over till she can post them again next week. LOL!
Giggles @ Chuck
Those are some nice boobies! I'm thinking I could have some fun with 'em! Send them my way! ;-)
They look like mine, no lie, but real -- but I can't claim that photo because I have no photos of that nature out there in cyber space.

I wonder if the mystery boob girl has the same back pain I do.
Mac, the princess wants to know about your back pain. LOL!
Thanks sonya, I appreciate all your effort to afford us views of those fine titties.

Now when are you going to post yours??????
So are those Mac's? ^5 sister -- I feel your pain.

You got nice ones :-)
I have permanent indentions from my bra straps. I don't have a lot of back pain yet, but I get back spasms every once in a while.
Hey, Sonya, check your email. I sent you some more boob pics of me.
Going to check email. This should be interesting. LOL!

Mac, you know the guys are jealous I get emailed pics and they don't. LOL!
No mail yet. I'll keep checking.
I got mail.
So Jealous. Green eyed monsters.
Mad boobs are my favorite boobs!

I thought your boobs would make Flounder feel better.
Just a tittle, errr, little.
Titties on the mind there, Flounder?
Got Milk?
Mac, Flounder hasn't got to see the pics you sent me. He will be jealous. At least I'm going to share them. We just have to work on Friday's post now.
Well, they should. And if they do, then he should be happy to know that you will be posting them for the rest of the week.
Where is Egan?
thanks for the comment!!! Lime showed me how to do the link too, thanks though!!!!
Your Welcome, Jodes!
Nowhere Girl, we are going to make sure Mac wins this bet. Make sure you in tune in tommorrow for Wet Wednesday. LOL!
he he he. You girls are CRAZY
Wolf whistle, booyah, woohoo, va va voom gotta luv them boobs. Nice ones Mac. Oh I almost forgot I cant wait for wet Wednesday
Hey, Lori! Whassup?
Wet Wednesday should be interesting lol.

Is this Boobalicious Week?

Wonder what Half Naked Thursday will reveal.
Maybe Mac can make them do THAT would be cool !!

Princess, This is help Mac win a bet week. LOL!

Super - I think it would be cool if she could make them animated and bounce up and down or squirt milk or something. LOL!
So so so unfair. This violates her restraining order I think.
I can't wait for the spam to pile up. I will do my best to thwart tomorrow's post.
Egan, Sorry us broads have to stick together. LOL! So what was the bet for anyway?

*Blowing kisses to Egan*
I think I should hold on to those until the rightful owner comes to me for them. *grin*

I had a funny feeling you might appreciate this. LOL! Tune in tommorrow for Wet Wednesday.
Egan, you can't thwart this. And, I barely get spam and half of my blog is filled with smut.
I dont know whose boobs they were but they are mine now
Mac, get him. LOL!
Bill the A - You likey?
I'm sorry, Egan is kind of hot?!
Hmm, I want to be here for Wet Wednesday, sounds interesting.

Can't place the boobs, but they look good.
Nowhere Girl - Yeah, it's too bad he's married.

Gunngirl - They're mine.
Nowhere Girl - Egan is HOT!

Gunngirl- They belong to Mackenzie. They were on her blog earlier this month. I'm just reposting her old post.
Sonya, I likey! I likey! I may get in trouble for viewing this at work.

Oh, that, and for saving it as my desktop image!
Enough of this banter. I don't take compliments well. Yes, it's true, I am married.
Egan - You sexy fox you. If you weren't married...
Mack - if I wasn't married, you most likely wouldn't flirt with me.
Egan - You fucking caught me you bastard. Yeah, but I'd still fuck with your head. It's what I do best.
MTW, Your wife will have your hide. LOL!
Oh, Egan, Oh, Egan! Baby! You are smokin'!
Mac, My rl friend just emailed me and I guess she logged onto my blog, but didn't leave a message. She said she liked your boobs, it made my blog look bigger. LOL!
I smell a rat.
Well, then come hitter kitty, kitty. Let the pussy run it away.

Oh shit. Hey, I think the picture of Mack's boobs needs to be a bit larger. I'm hoping to get fired from my job today. See if you can make that happen.
LOL! Wait till we apply the animated version and the bounce out of the screen 3D at you. LOL!
Damn sonya you sure did get the hits today, and like I asked earlier, when do we get to see your boobs????
It is amazing. You post boobs and the traffic finds you. Amazing isn't it? Well, Mac and I done decided that our boobs are just alike so if you seen one set you have seen them both. That and I don't get the angle she uses to do this. LOL!
Twisted, this in also "ALL ABOUT MAC" week on my blog. LOL!
Wish they were here,, please stop by my house. I need some fun bags..
LOL @ Jerry.
I will thwart tomorrow's post.
They left me "speechless" the first time around, and have not lost their power on the redux.

I will just remind you that *I* have been posting on your blog for a long time, not just when you post the booby pics! :-)

Therefore, if anyone is entitled to see your booby pics, it's me :D
Boobs are so overrated. Everyone has them, even this guy.
Thank goodness I have never lost my box!
Wow, what in tarnation is this?! How do I always come late to posts like this! Those are a fine pair of boobs Mackenzie :)
Gareth, great to see you again buddy. Stay tuned on this very blog for more, more of something.
Egan, what do you have up your sleeve?

Gareth, glad you enjoy!

Zen, I know you always enjoy!

MTW - I will inform you if mine ever get posted.
i have seen these boobies before
Well this should be a fun week.
Nice job ##NAME##. I'm usually lurking rather than commenting, but I liked what your comments on ##TITLE## so I thought I would stop in and say so. I was really looking for stuff related to Yorkshire Terrier Puppies but my search on Google landed me on your blog. Close enough for me! I like your perspective. Certainly food for thought! Can't say you've completely won me over, but at least you've managed to pry my mind open a fraction more! Thanks again...
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Hi. I was out blogging and found your site. It certainly got my attention and interest. I was looking for books information and even though this isn't a perfect match I enjoyed your site. Thanks for the read!
Hi. I was out blogging and found your site. It certainly got my attention and interest. I was looking for stores information and even though this isn't a perfect match I enjoyed your site. Thanks for the read!
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