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Friday, January 27, 2006
 Finally It Is Friday
I got a question to ask fellow bloggers. Does it bother you if no one comments on your blog? I had a RL friend a couple of weeks ago that posted she might quit blogging because no one commented on her blog. I mean I think some people only blog to vent and to use as a personal journal and doesn't care if anyone read it or comments or not. I think others do it to start up a conversation and that is their conversation back and forth all day to keep them sane at work. I personally check out every person on my peep list at least once a day during the week if not more. If there is a new post, I post on every one of them. If I see someone new posting in their comments I check out their blog as well. There are a few blogs I frequent quite often during the day. If I see someone comments on my blog, I try to comment on theirs if they have one. So my question is if someone comments on your blog should you be courtesy enough to check out their blog in return and at least comment? Do you care how many comments you get a day? If personally doesn't matter to me. I post to many things a day for a high comment # on every post. I may not getting any comments and I might get a bunch. It just personally doesn't bother me anyway. I thought comments on her regarding this post might help her see other points of view if she reads this.

Anyway, on with another note. It is Friday! Woo-hoo! I have been exhausted all week. I finally figured it out. I have been having weird off the wall dreams all week. I should write them down when I wake up from them, cuz once I go back to sleep and wake up again I remember them being weird, but don't remember them. Does that make sense? I usually only dream or have bad nightmares when I'm ragging really hard. I think it is a hormone thing. Well, I finished PMSing on Tuesday so why am I having crazy dreams? I blame it on Mackenzie. She keeps telling us about these off the wall dreams of hers. Maybe I'm spending to much time on her blog and it is contagious and I'm now getting her weird dreams. Who knows? Either way, I figure anyone that frequents her blog would get tickled about me blaming my weird dreams on her.

Finally, it if Friday! So enjoy and hopefully it will go by quickly so everyone can enjoy their weekend!
Sonya said at 6:15 AM
I appreciate comments, but I don't always expect them. But they do make checking in with my blog more fun. It's nice to know a small portion of those who read everyday feel like leaving their thoughts. Unfortunately I don't often have the time to respond back, or leave many comments on the blogs I visit. But I do usually check out the blogs of the folks that comment, if I have time. I'm usually so busy during the weekdays, and then by the weekend I sometimes forget.

Just so you know...I'm glad you've commented on mine! Thanks!!
I enjoy getting comments on my blog. Sometimes it means more to me than other times. It is nice to know what other people think about what is going on in your life.

Thanks for commenting on my blog each day, and I will make more of an effort to comment on yours.

Have a great weekend!
I am asking to proof a point to my friend. I'm not asking for people to comment every day here. But if you do it always greatly appreciated.

Happy Friday!
I enjoy & appreciate comments, but don't keep a mental tally of who is coming & reading my blog. If nobody commented on my blog for a few days in a row, I'd probably post a lot less often. It's not that therapeutic to me, the blogs are my other OT...another fun distraction from the day & a way to get to know others a little better.

I try to visit those with active blogs most weekdays, but some days I get busy. I don't have any expectation that those I've visited & commented on will reciprocate.

I obviously also babble a lot. :-)
Hi Sonya,
I like your blog cause it's fresh and real. I like that you just post whatever you're feeling and usually what I read is funny so I comment. I read a lot of blogs that I dont comment on because I dont know the person very well or there's a theme going with the comments and I have nothing to add to it. I have a blog, you can find it through MM's links and I like getting comments every now and then too. It just depends on what I'm posting. There are times when I wish no-one was reading my blog which is why only a few have me linked. You are more than welcome to visit and comment if you like.

As for your friend, I think it largely depends on who her readers are. If they have some commonality (like knowing each other IRL or from elsewhere), they're more likely to comment.

My .02
Kim, I agree.

Blind, I didn't know you had a blog. Thanks for letting me know.

What is your link on MM's? I can't find you and I want to link you if it is okay?
Hmm, I try not to get hung up on the comment thing. SOme posts get 40... some get none. I just do my thing. People chime in as they wish. Let's place it, everyone's a voyeur. They like to snoop. That's what blogging is about.

I don't worry about it.

Regardless, Happy Weekend, chickie-poo ;)
I agree Nowhere girl. When she posted this last week I tried to explain that to her. I just didn't get it. I thought about doing a post last week and asking everyone to go comment to make her happy. LOL!
I think you are really nice Sonya! I wish I could comment all the time. I don't even get a chance to go make the rounds every day. Some days I have the time and you see a whole lot of me!

Usually though and I hate to admit it but if a lot of action is going on in one blog then I tend to stay there for the day. Unless I missed it all(that usually happens in Carey's blog).

If someone I did not know posted in my blog I would definately check out their blog. I usually check anyone new in someone else's blog as well. I don't always post there though.

I don't really mind comments or not.

I don't think the number of posts is incicative of the number of people have read your blog!
I tend to stay alot in Carey's blog or my new friend Mackenzie's blog. They have alot of action. I totally know what your talking about, Zombs!
I always enjoy and welcome new comments on my blog, but I don't lose sleep if I don't have a certain amount of comments either..Blogging is like traffic, it goes in each direction..if someone comments on mine, I will try to reciprocate aswell..It's human nature but people like to see that their comments are read and responded to..your friend should keep blogging, it's a great outlet...eventually she will set up links and have more people stop by :)
Have a great weekend !!
Super Spy, I agree. I told her if she commented back so people would know she read them or frequent others more and comment there she would get more traffic. I agree with you about the traffic. I always talk back and forth with my favorite bloggers and that is all that matters. There is always room to welcome more favorites.
My personal experience is, the more "highbrow" the post/blog; the less "Comments."

Examples from personal experience"

"Ragging on Alito"= 0 Comments.

"Ragging on 'Love Monkey'": 32 Comments.
This is my take on comments. Some are cool and some are annoying. Like if you come in my comment section and say "I want to spank you" and I was talking about peanut butter I know you didn't read and you're just trying to draw traffic to your blog. I've also lost patience with these "anonymous" bloggers that are pretending to be somebody or something they're not. I can understand anonymity, but I really do have better things to do with my time like read your blog. :)

Don't get me wrong I love funny posts, but they need to at least go along with what I've said. That being said, to each their own. I used to get no comments, now I get like 20 a post. I could care less if someone commented, my site meter tells me when people are at my blog or not.

/my 2 cents
I totally understand what your saying, Zen. Give people something they can relate to so they will comment. I'll suggest that to her.

Mac - your 2 cents are always welcomed. LOL! Did you read the part about my dreams?
You know I didn't get that far and then I went to lunch. My dreams are crazy. I keep a sleep journal and when I have a weird dream I write it down right when I wake up. You should try it.
Well, when my post is entirely directed toward insulting or making fun of a specific person, I would be sad if they didn't show up and complain or cry or something.

Bob <---mean since forever.

Comments are nice, but I don't think blogging should feel like work.
Mac - Good point

Bob - I know exactly what you mean. LOL!
If I get a lot of comments, that tells me that I actually pissed someone off enough to elicit a response. Either that, or I made them laugh. Whichever it is, it's cool. I really like the comments from random people that I've never heard of before though. Those make me laugh. :)

Happy Friday. Carry on.
I think Spy said it best, I have been really bad about talking to back in mine to my blogger pals. I will work on that. I do enjoy the banter.
Chicken, you crack me up!

Hi, Princess! Thanks for stopping by.
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