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Monday, January 30, 2006
 It's Monday
Well, it's Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend. My other half worked all weekend. None of our previous plans happened, but it was still an overall good relaxing weekend. Friday night we went and ate Chinese Food. Had to celebrate Chinese New Year in advance, right? LOL! On Saturday morning, I got up and took the dog to the groomer. It poured down rained until after lunch time. We needed it, so I'm not going to biatch. I was lazy the rest of the day. Saturday night we went to Posado's for Mexican food. It was good. While we were there we sat across from a table with two darling kids. The baby fever really set in. So whenI got home I called the nieces to see if they wanted to come over and stay the night. Of course, it was to late in the evening so I couldn't get a hold of them. Anyway, Sunday I actually got up and started cleaning. My mom called and asked if I wanted to meet her for lunch. So when I met her she had my nieces with her. The youngest had basketball pics that afternoon so I took the oldest one home with me. This was a real treat. Her being 15 now, she doesn't have much time for me. We had a wonderful afternoon. We went shopping then went back to my house and she downloaded about 150 songs off my itunes to her ipod. We watched Lifetime and then went back shopping. Finally we cooked snacks together and went back to my mom's after the other half got home for a PPV last night. She stayed at mom's with us and I took her home in the middle of it about 9 pm. We had a great time. She is so mature. She had 2 guys calling her on her cell. She even discussed guys with me. It made me feel cool again. LOL! She has 1 guy that she likes and has went out with twice already. He flirts with her non stop and has the right social status. He just isn't asking her out. Meanwhile, she has another guy that is really nice and she thinks he would treat her nice, but doesn't have the social status that is begging her to go out with him. (This is one of they guy's calling) The other guy calling is a friend of her step brother's that is interested. Oh, to be 15 again. I told her when she gets my age she would prefer the one that will treat her nice, but at her age she will prolly want to go with social status. She thought I really understood and that made me not such a dork to her, but almost cool. It really made me feel young again. It made me feel alive and even motivated me. I was working out at 10:30 last night when I got home and got back up at 5:00 am this morning and hit the treadmill. She was good for me. Anyway, I am taking her and her friend to the Fallout Boy Concert in March. This should show if I'm really cool or not. Hope everyone has a great day today and just want to say thanks to Jacee for hanging out with me yesterday. It meant more than she knows. For a 15 year old to have time for her 30 year old aunt and giving me quality time really meant the world to me!
Sonya said at 6:33 AM
Kids are so cool at that age!..being a parent and being an Aunt are two different things for me...I can fool around with my nieces and they can come to me about anything, with my daughter it's a bit harder, she knows she can talk to me about anything, but it's still awkward for her so I leave the door open for any conversation hoping she knows that if she ever needs me, I'll be there.
So your the cool Aunt :-)

I have a baby fever as well -- I know what you mean.....I am hoping by the end of 2007 to have at least one.

I have all nephews, I love them but have nothing in common with them and they all live far away :-(
Great way to ring in the Year of the Dog...taking the dog to the groomer!

I like your style...
What exactly is a "Fallout Boy Concert?"
LOL @ Zen.

Flounder, they are an alternative band.
Well, you're one up on me. That's got to be really cool.
You are a good woman Sonya...Bless you
Thanks, Bill the A. LOL!
Sonya, I think it's funny you feel that way about your 15y.o. niece. I'mm 44 and feel like one of the cool kids because all you 30 year old young ladies let me hang out with YOU! :-)
I was thinking about you and how your oldest is with your compared to the youngest when she was spending time with me.
I love your profile pic.

Actually, I wouldn't want to be 15 again. But 19 can work. I liked your weekend summary. Glad your niece rejuvinated you.

I think if you remotely know what kind of music and TV shows they like, they think you're cool. But your niece sounds like a sweetie!
Hi, Gunngirl! Welcome to my blog!
Ha-that's so cute! My niece is turning 11 this year & I'm worried my coolness will soon fade.
I already know I'm a dork to her, but yesterday when it was just me and her she made me feel like I wasn't. LOL!
Thanks, Twisted. Sorry it wasn't as exciting as your late Friday night early Saturday morning. LOL!
Glad you had a good weekend sonya.
Sonya, you are cool. In fact you are one of the coolest people I know, and I've never even met your ass.
Thank, Mac! You know your my idol though. LOL!
Hey you changed things up in here!


I love hanging out wiht my neices. They are all ages 7-21. I am the cool aunt. Only 14 years difference between us. It is so cute too the way they play with my kids the way I used to play with them.
Hi, Zombs! My friend did me a favor awhile back and changed my template so I could add links. It was pink. I don't do pink. So I figured out how to change it this weekend. I really appreciated all her help. Thanks for noticing. I think you are the first.
Oh I noticed the change, and I like the white on black much better.
It is so much easier to read.
Twisted, you got a new icon?
Hi Sonya, My oldest is 6 years older than her sister. They aren't on the same wavelength too much.

Oldest is quiet, a wallflower. Youngest (now 12) is the cool girl, life of the party. The one everyone else gravitates toward. I would have been scared to talk to her when I was 12! But she would have been warm and friendly to me if I had.
blah, blah, blab, blee, blah, blab....and then, blah, blab, blee,blah, blah, blab, blee, blah, blab....and then, blah, blab, blee,blah, blah, blab, blee, blah, blab....and then, blah, blab, blee,blah, blah, blab, blee, blah, blab....and then, blah, blab, blee,blah, blah, blab, blee, blah, blab....and then, blah, blab, blee,blah, blah, blab, blee, blah, blab....and then, blah, blab, blee.....

do you know what I mean?
Mtw, I totally understand. My youngest niece is also that way.

Ames, No idea.
Yep I thought I needed a pic of myself on my blog.
Well, it is Monday all right!
It is fun being the cool aunt keep it up, I am the cool aunt with my sis's kids, when we are together we play football in the aisles of the grocery store with paper towels LOL.
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