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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
 Tuesday Random Thoughts
I have another hectic week. Really trying to stay on task at work and we get to meet with the mortgage company this week. They will start building our home in June. I'm really excited.

I am going through all kinds of stuff this weekend. Out with the old and in with the new. Mom is having a garage sale the last weekend of April, so I'm going to get together things.

Saturday we may try to go to IKEA to look around for some new living room suite ideas. Then, Sunday we will go to my mom's for Easter lunch.

Is it bad that I totally live for weekends? I mean I really do. Every Monday I start the count down.

I was reading Em's blog yesterday about BlogHer and realized I had never heard of this. Have any of you? Sounds like so much fun and a great peep meet. Kim will be coming on a buisness trip to my area in November and Momma and I are going to meet up with her. I can't wait. Cezi also lives in my area, but I have never gotten to meet her or Em's for that matter. Ames is a R.L. friend like Momma so of course I have met most of them. If you were to go on a vacation would you try to meet up with a fellow blogger friend if you were going to be in their area? I would love to meet some of my blogger peeps. Jodes went to school in this area and has friends here. She may come here to visit soon. I mean, think about it. Just from blogging I have friends that I depend on living in California, Florida, Mississippi, Washington, New York, Canada, Ireland, everywhere in between and even Nowhere ville. Anyway, this thought is just about meeting bloggers, I guess.

Do you have just one truelly best friends or several close friends?

Why are so many people quitting blog or taking a break? I mean I know it is addicting, but I miss you.

Just want to end this post with saying I hope everyone has a great day.
Sonya said at 6:09 AM
I have a few friends that I would say are my best friends. Then I have friends that acquiantances. I have to really trust the person to consider them my best friend.

PS-I live for the weekends too!! I just realized that yesterday was only Monday!!
Nope I haven't heard of that BlogHer thing either.

I have said this a few times on my blog and during IMs. I would love to meet all my blogger buddies too some day. That would be awesome.
If I was in The States for what ever reason and was near a fellow blogger I would definitely look them up. I view you all as being a friend :)
Don't forget Connecticut!

My best friend is my wife, but I have 3 really close buddies that I grew up with that are more like brothers.
Les - I don't know what made me think of this. I guess there is always that one person you will confide in unconditionally and others that you will confide in about certain things only. Does that make sense?

Gareth - if you ever come to Texas you know I want a peep meet from you.
You got it Sonya.
Flounder - Ct is one of those in between. LOL! That is awesome that you wife is your best friend. I think it should be that way with everyone.
I luv garage sales. My best friend is my twin Lori. But I have made several close friends thru blogging.
Right now I am not doing a whole lot of blogging cause I don't feel well. I am trying to keep up with everyone inbetween naps lol :)
Beading - I so hope you get feeling better. I feel bad for you. I love g-sales too and flea markets.
The conference seems like, if nothing else, an excuse to "get out of Dodge."

Does Dionne Warwick have a blog?

If it is in San Jose, I'm concerned she might not be able to find it.
Zen - I wish I had a reason to get out of dodge. LOL!
*snort* and I live for Mondays, lol!

I have a best friend and several really close friends.

We were crunched for time when Emily and I visited SA, trying to fit in as much as we could in the days we were there. If/when I go back, it would be cool to try to hook up. :)
ee - I live close to em. SA is about 4 hours away. If you ever come here we will definitely have to hook up.
Yep, I agree.... You know where you fit in that category...
Les - exactly.
I have noticed a lot of people quitting as well. Not sure why.
I can tell you it get's like this every spring and summer because of so much going on with everyone when it starts warming the winter there is not much to do so everyone lives for blogging...I know I took a hiatus for a while myself but I am back just not as much as I was....I think a bunch of us should meet one day for a "Blogger blowout" that would be kick arse
leesa- maybe that is it.

greta- a blogger blowout would be cool.
There are so many bloggers I would love to meet! I enjoy blogging I think the drama gets to people and they need a break. I also think some have to take a break because of real life issues. I miss my blogging buddies when they leave or go AWOL.

I have one friend that I can tell absolutely anything to but I do have several close friends that I enjoy immensely!

Have a great week!
Don't forget Pennsylvania baby!! =)

I would wanna meet all of my blogger buds too!I mean what the heck! lol
Cherish and Shan - I agree.
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