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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
 HNT (Half Nekid Thursday)

For more information about HNT (Half Nekid Thursday), please click here.

My pic for today is my pinky finger. For some odd reason I was born with both my pinkies crooked. The bone just bows out. No clue why. I have accidentally broke both at different times and they still didn't grow back straight. My grandma (dad's mother) has the same conditions, so I think it is hereditary. Some people say arthiritis will do this, but hopefully I'm to young for that. Anyway, today I thought I would show you a very unattractive feature on my body. Hope everyone has a HHNT! Only one day till Friday. Yeah! Have a great day!

Sonya said at 9:30 PM
OMG! I have a crooked pinky too!

I have run across several people with very similar pinkies...mine are straight but really short compared to all my other fingers...
oh! I forgot to say Happy HNT!
HAHA the 13 reasons were so funny. Come on now though you can admit it, those all happened to you and that's how you knew about them right? haha!

Crooked pinky weird
Oooh... scary! Happy HNT x
Oh my I hope that doesn't cause you problems.

Happy HNT ;)
I have such ugly fingers and hands.
They looks super old.
So I'd gladly take a crooked finger.
How did it happen that the tiny finger was called a pinky? Mine isn't crooked or pink.
Solitiare - HHNT!

the melody sensor - good. I'm not the only one. LOL! HHNT!

phats - you caught up with me. LOL!

wdky - it is ugly. HHNT!

suze - so far so good. HHNT!

Sherry - i doubt that. I bet they are beautiful.

Lasann - I was born that way.
Interesting. My little pinky on both hands are "bowed" too - not to that extreme, but they are definitely not straight. Funny how genetics work, because my mother's pinky's are the same way. But none of my other brothers or sisters are - strange. HHNT!
L of B- maybe it means something cool. LOL! HHNT!
Your pinkie looks like that of an NFL offensive lineman's that has been broken multiple times.

That's what women love about me, my charm and ability to edify them.
Hey, I have pinky issues, too! One of mine worked itself flat early on, the other is still tented up at the second joint. It never goes flat. You can't really notice it unless I point it out. However, when I'm being stupid, Chris likes to mock me & holds up a crooked pinky while going "Meeeahhhhhh" in a retarded voice.

My grandmother also had this & the only way to fix it is to have my finger broken & reset. AAhhhh, no thanks. I refer to it as my birth defect.
Flounder - you are the charmer. LOL!

Kim - like I said to L of B, I think it means something great. Just don't know what. LOL!
crooked things arent too bad. . . . .my husband's unit hangs strongly to the left, and I enjoy that ;)

Happy HNT!
Doo dah - that is sooo funny. HHNT!
Awwww your pinky fingers are still cute even though they are a bit crooked. I think that is a sign of high intelligence. ~winks~

HAPPY HNT!!!!!!!
Sonya-any news on the house front?
Cherish - I like your thinking. LOL! HHNT!

Kim - Lots. I'll post later today or tommorrow. Okay? Or I can email you.
Awwwwww thanks for sharing your little pinkie with us...It's still cute as are you!

Happy HNT!!

Some of these comments are hysterical lol
Shannon - I hated to post such an ugly pic of my deformed finger. LOL!


Have a great day!
Hmm! Interesting! HHNT!
Andy - HHNT!
I'm patient...remember, I have a full day of relaxation tomorrow.
Kim - I'm so jealous. We just got a rain storm here.
Hey! That is by far the cutest crooked pinky finger I have seen in some time.

How is your Thursday going? I am leaving work soon to get a split-rail fence installed at the hacienda..Whoo hoo!
Barry - LOL! Thx! I wish I was leaving early. I did yesterday to look at new homes.
Ok yeah that is a little weird! I have a crooked middle finger on my left hand from all that painful writing we had to do in school.....precomputers.....

barefoot - it is both of my pinkies on both hands. Sucks!
Wow..that's wild. HHNT!
Crimson - hhnt!
I have crooked pinkies too, but yours is much cuter.


PS Happy HNT!
under - thx!
Yes thats right .. we are definitely COOL! :)
You may be a Ware Wolf! hurry get the silver bullets! just kidding :)
I thought I was the only one with crooked pinkies! It is hereditary. I have 8 grandchildren, one on the way. The first thing I do is check their little pinkies. So far one grandaughter has them. It's fun to know I'm not alone. Thanks - Richard
I have crooked pinkies as well. They are hard to bend and sometimes cause a little pain. I know it's not Arthritis. The doctor wanted to break them and replace the middle bone with artificial bone.

I decided to leave it. It's embarrassing.
yay for crooked pinkies! i have two as well. as does my mother and grandmother. as flaws go, its a pretty cute one. embrace it.
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