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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
 Tuesday Random Thoughts
We made it through Monday at work. Yeah!

We got pre-approved for a new home. We have picked one out. Now we go Wednesday night to decide if we want the model or build a new one. We can get the model with the upgrades already in it and it would be less expensive then building with the same upgrade. I just can't pick my colors and can't upgrade the carpet like I would want to do. So we are going to re-look at the model and see the difference of prices then decide.

We both have massage appointments tonight. I can't wait. I really need it.

Some really great bloggers have been talking about quitting blog land or taking a break. I hope they don't. They are wonderful people.

It is 53 degrees right now, but supose to be getting in the 70's again today. Yeah!

Allergies and sinuses are getting the best of most people around here with the weather and something in the air.

I'm already ready for the weekend.

Anything interesting going on in your life?

Have a good day and I'll be around blogging today, when I can.


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Sonya said at 6:04 AM
A massage sounds sooo good!! I hope it's great for you tonite =)

I know what you mean about the house thing.. I just went thru that myself.. My house will look like smurfette's house (It's kinda blue) lol

Have a great Monday!! Good luck with everything!
I absolutely hate when people leave blogland. I think sometimes the drama gets the better of them. Oh well hopefully they will return.

I am leaving for Florida on Friday for a cheer competition. UGHH I am NOT looking forward to it. I am not a great fan of traveling.

Good luck with your new home. I think I would go with the new one unless they give you a deal you just can not pass up.

Happy Tuesday!
PS: Pouts I want a massagy (as my husband calls them)
it's happening! Congrats Sonya - you deserve it! I can't wait to come see your new house!
Congrats on the house! Allergies are real bad around here with no rain and everything blooming. It got up to 87 here yesterday. Looks like it will again today. :)
Congrats on the pre-approval! I can't wait to see which you chose to do! I vote take the model & switch out carpet later, especially if you are looking at having kids soon. You'll want new carpet in oh, 8 years.

Have a nice massage. I'm a little sore from playing on my ball last night, so I'm jealous!
Quick, everyone round to Sonya's new house for a party when it's built :p
Shannon - tonight will be great. Thanks for the luck, I need it. House hunting is fun, but also can ware you out. LOL!

Cherish - Have fun on your trip. Wish I was going to Florida. Is there a such thing as a good deal when you are spending so much money? LOL!

Ames - you know you will be over at it soon. LOL!

Beading - I love the warm weather. I just hope the summer is going to be terribly bad since it is starting out so warm already.

Kim - you are right. Just wait on the carpet. I may decide I would rather have tile or wood floor or something else so this is a good starter.

Gareth - Yes, the party can be at my place. LOL!
70 degrees woohoo!! It's suppose to be getting warmer here too, I can't wait :)

Have a great tuesday
Phats - you have a great Tuesday too!
hey sonya congrats...
that what were doing today. going to do all of our final paperwork and get approved. we got our preapproval cause weve been biding on huds but today we are going to go see a house thats so cute.

and my allergies are driving me crazy today too! been sneezing all day! i think i am finally figuring out all that mypsace junk!

hey sonya where are yall lookin again..
Kacie -We are looking in Royse City. We got approved already with $0 down and $0 close. Yeah! We already have the payments and everything for the inventory "model" home. If we decide to build it will change the price. So we are going tommorrow night to make double sure if we want to build or get the house that is already there. Then they make up an contract and we sign it and take the norm to the mortgage company like copy of dl, ss, check stubs, bank stmt, etc. If we take the one already built we will close in April and be moving in April or May. If we build it will be 3-6 monthes down the road. Anyway, email me.
Good luck with the house situation. Let us know what you decide =)
Sonya the topless carwash was cruel--Oh god... cruel!:)I love it!
hey girl, I could so use a massage. Good luck with the house, that is sooooo exciting!!!! Congrats!!!! I would go with the model, you can move in faster.
Hey girl! Tell me how massage went, I've never had one! man that car wash is too funny - you find da bestest stuff ;p
HAHA topless carwash was funny, you can see what those men think with, I would never have stopped for that ;) haha! ya right!
Congrats on the house! I got pre-approved for house, I just don't have $12k sitting in a bank account for the closing costs. Do you think they will take a check? lol

I know so many people that are dealing with allergies and sinuses :(. Have to do the grape seed concentrate wash! Weekend ... I was ready on Monday morning >:P
Lisa- I'll let you know when I know. Thx!

Cezi - was that gross or what?

Jodes - we are leaning towards the model.

Tina - you really need to get a massage it great maintentance for your body.

Phats - I thought that was cute. LOL!

L of B- Luckily we got qualified with $0 down and $0 close. We have been saving for the down payment for a couple of years, but now we can use that for some new furniture or something. Yeah!
Best regards from NY! »
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