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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
 Short Version Of A Really Long Night
Last night was special, cuz we were together, but other than that it sucked. We had made dinner reservations at a local bar weeks ago and was going to once again see an Elvis impersonaotor. We won't plan anything like that again. When we originally bought tickets Max's dad wanted to go. I did mind him getting a ticket, cuz some of my family and etc would be there. Well Max talked to him Monday night and his dad said he wanted to know what time we were living. Max told him 6:00 pm. He said he didn't think he could be at our house in time. He had to finish a job and would have to take a shower at our house. Well Max didn't hear from him anymore so we assumed that I paid for a ticket that wasn't going to be used. So I left a little early from work and rushed home and jumped in the shower. I'm naked in the hall bathroom and Max is shaving in our bathroom and the doorbell rings. I tell Max to get it cuz I'm not dressed. It was 5:55 pm and Max and I were rushing and decided we both could be ready by 6:10 at the latest. It was his dad. So Max gave him his bathroom in our room to take a shower. Well I couldn't get into our room then to get my bra or clothes on to finish my hair. I was wearing my hair up and had to have my blouse on before completing it. So we finally got to leave about 6:45. So I was already a little put out. We got there and had to stand in line in the chili wind outside to fill out membership cards. It took about 15 to get in. Then we had to wait in line over 30 minutes to get our tickets, then another 15 from the ticket booth to inside the door to get sitted. Crazy, hun? Well we had (14) tickets all together in my name. They screwed up the sitting. We had (10) at one table and were supose to have (4) at another. They messed up the other (4). The guy sitting us was supose to get a manager for me. A manager never came instead a young girl came up with an attitude. She said the table where the (4) was supose to sit wasn't the one the host to them too, but this other one which only had (3) chairs available. She talked to the couple not me (the reservations were all in my name) and said she would try to find another chair and be back. After 45 min I went and got another host and explained this situation and he called the manager over. The manager called that girl over and she told him she had taken care of it with Ms. "R". I said have you ever spoke to me? She said no. I said well, I'm Ms. "R" and you haven't handled it. Then she said well I meant I had been over there and spoke to Mr. "R" 3 times. I said no haven't. There isn't no Mr. "R". The manager looked at me like I was a liar and informed me that I was luck we even had a table because due to our big party he should have sitted us further back. The (4) that didn't have sits was "Elvis's" neighbors. The work with my uncle. I told the manager I wasn't happy with this. I knew it was a busy night, but this should be a special occasion and there is nothing special for us. He told me he had to fit 700 people in and he couldn't do everything and I should expect some mistakes. I told him I did expect some, but to make reservations and not have sits was unacceptable and he should go management school. He got pissey and I got pissey. Well our waitress never took our drink orders and cleaned up. So Max did all the beer runs and I did all the cleaning up and taking bottles and boxing them at the bar. It took 1 1/2 hr to get our food. The steak was dry. We asked for steak sauce and never got it. Finally after the first set we decided to go home. It was a little after 10 pm. He had 3 sets total. It took another hour to get our check. Our waittress called the woman sitting behind us a effin "B". On the way out the host/bouncer that I talked to that got the manager apologized to me for the way the manager acted. He heard it all. We ended up getting home about 11:30 and Max's dad invited himself to stay all night. So I can to get his aspirin out and a drink and wait on him after we got home. Then I sit down on the couch to relax after changing and Max's dad was sitting on the recliner snoring while Max was in bed. Max's dad finally woke up and went to bed and asked me to wake him this morning. So then I got the pleasure of getting ready around this morning, which meant I had to get up earlier and I ended up going to bed about 1:30 am. So, yes I am bitchy today. LOL! Max already called to check on me and he was sweet. We agreed to go to bed early tonight. So, how was your evening?

P.S. I have a video clip from my camera of the guy singing. He really looked and sounded like him. I just don't know how to post it on here. If any ideas, please email me.
Sonya said at 6:39 AM
There was one upside. Max hasn't had a cigarette since Novemeber. He said last night being in a smokey bar made him realize how nasty the habit is. So maybe he will really quit for good now.
Thats really cool about Max quiting smoking and sticking with it.

Sorry about your night....geesh have you noticed servers and service people in general just aren't that nice anymore and don't care.

My night is on my bloggy
Service sucked, but at least we were together. That was the important thing, right? LOL!

Happy Hump Day!

*running to PPP's blog to check out her evening*
I hate such hassles. Sorry about your night.
I hate smokey bars.
Ok there is ABSOLUTELY the main reason NOT to go out on Valentine's and fix a nice romantic dinner at home. Plus getting into "loving" is much easier at home ;)
Wow, that sucks! *hugs*
That is one of the reasons I like to stay in on holidays....way to much stress dealing with it all.
huggiez to you!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Feetman - thanks!

Jodes - I agree

L of B - We decided next year we are going to cook dinner at home.

Kim - hugs back to you.

Beading - you are smart.

P.S. I think my friend explained to me how to post a video from my camera, but I don't have it with me. So I'll a short 1 min video of our enterainment tonight.
Geez Louise if this wasn't so serious it would be funny LOL :)
Yuck, that doesn't sound romantic at all. I sure hope you guys didn't tip!
What a shame Sonya, I would have been so pissed. You should write a letter and complain see if you can get your money back for a crappy evening. I hope tonight goes wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
Gareth, thanks for the email and you can laugh. I'll laugh with you. LOL!

Miss Jay - He did, but just because we didn't want to wait any longer on change. I was pissed his tipped.

Cherish - the manager didn't seem to care, but I'm writting a letter to the owner today.
I hate it when all goes wrong at once. I had a pretty stressful day yesterday also.

Congrats to Max on the smoking. I just can't do it.

cheek kiss to you!
Thanks, lasann!
Omigawd! Could your evening have been any worse? So sorry it sucked. {{{hugs}}}
Good idea ;) heehee
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