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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
 Will You Be My Valentine?


Sonya said at 5:53 AM
My boss went by this great store yesterday called The Pudding Hill Store ( and brought my in a jar of apple butter, a box of pecan turtle candy and a small pecan fruit cake for V-day! Was that sweet or what?
Wow, really?! Awesome. I may get something sometime today, but not from boss lol

Happy Valentine's Day! :)
Then, there is a company in the back that rents from us and the admin and the purchasing agent each brought me a small box of candy. They are adding to my fattness. LOL! The other half and I are going out tonight to celebrate so I don't really expect flowers are anything today from him.
I noticed that you linked to the Ft Worth Stock Show. Did you go this year? I live very close and I go several times each year. The weather was really great this year.
very cute and yes I will be your valentine. Gonna get around to adding you to my blog list too soon I pinkie swear.
Feetman, I linked it so I could view the schedule then ended up not getting to go this year. I love it and I love the stockyards. I live about 45 min from there east.

Jodes, I have several I need to add links for, so I totally understand. Hope you have water again and I'm glad you will be my valentine. LOL!
ok lets keep a tally LOL... well, not my current, but my former boss, brought by some chocolate covered strawberries for me...yummmm :)
Happy VD. *grin*
Yum-yum, Tina! You can't beat that.
Happy V-day Sonya. I hope you have a wonderful time this evening with your sweetie.
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Will be your Valentine any day :)
is it strange or coincidence that venereal disease (VD) and valentine's day (VD) have the same initials?

hmmmm...deep thoughts.
Happy Valentine's!!! Love ya, Les
LOL @ Carey!

Thank you, Twisted.

Beading - you can be my valentine also. I'm honored.

Ames - I guess you seen Carey's remark. LOL!

Les - Don't forget Love Smart by Dr. Phil tonight at 8:00 PM Central Channel 11, cuz I know you love the book.
Happy Valentine's Day Sonya!!!!!!
Thanks. I'll watch it at my parents tonight!!! Always taking care of me!! Les
Happy Valentine's Day!
Cherish - Happy V-day to you too!

Les - That's what friends are for. Damm, that sounds like a sappy love song, hun?
You too, Mac!
That was awfuly sweet of your boss!

Happy V-day Sonya. ;)
Thanks, ee! I was shocked.
I did see the remark - maybe that is why I made the sparked the thought in my morbid mind.

what is this dr. phil crap you speak of?

LOL! I thought it was funny too!

Les has been reading that book Love Smart by Dr Phil. A show is coming on tonight. I think they are fixing Paula Abdul up, but not for sure. I might tivo it for shits and giggles. LOL!
Happy Valentine's Day sonya! You have a cool boss to bring in those goodies.
Thanks, nookie and happy v-day to you too!
You too, PPP!
I have found self-help books to be too extreme for me. If someone doesn't like you, why should you have to change to make them like you or change them to your liking? - the article about love smart "find the one you want or fix the one you got"

that is the most terrible thing I have ever heard. FIX THE ONE YOU GOT! seriously, have these people ever looked to themselves for the problem?

sorry, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Oh, also, I was anti-valentine's day until last year for the first time, but still did not give in to exploitation by Hallmark - I made me own damn card :)
I think this book helps explain how to approach the opposite sex and how not to "stalk" them. LOL! I bought it for my aunt for her b-day. She has told me a little about it. It is more motivational than telling you what you should and shouldn't do. I see the how to fix the one you are with statement, but the book it actually telling you to change that person. It gives you scenarios to explain if this is the right person for you. For example, it might say if the person is not coming home at night and won't tell you where they have been, then you may not be able to trust this person. You know it just states the obvious. LOL!

I still haven't gotten Max a card. I was thinking of writing him a poem this afternoon.
Happy Valentine's Day Sonya! I will gladly be your valentine!
MTW - Happy V-day to you too! I would love for you to be one of my Valentines, you sexy thing!
stalker - that was a good one!

I see what you are saying - Ned tried to get me to read this book when Jon and I had our hiatus - it was soooo depressing. I was not motivated to do anything but sit around and mope. That was right before I went to the memorial day party with you and max - then Jon noticed I was not moping around anymore and was curious what my secret was!

~ Don't Worry - Be Happy!

no matter how hard you squeeze an orange, you will always get orange juice - throw it against a wall, juice it - you will still get orange juice. if you push someone and all that comes out is anger or frustration, maybe that is what they are FULL of....or just shit!

LOL! I knew you would enjoy the "stalker" comment. I don't think it will help with the "depressed" stage of a break up, but I think it is motivational for someone in a not so stable relationship or someone that is trying to figure out someone they are interested in starting to date. Does that make sense? I can't pass judgement either way on the book since I haven't read it from cover to cover. If it isn't a short article in US Weekly or on a blog or email, I don't read it. LOL!
right - if it is not in Star Magazine, who gives a rat's ass anyway - globe counts too!

I can't say much, I read, but not things like that. It doesn't interest me. I like non-fiction, but only if it is about something morbid (cadavers or serial killers). That interests me...I am not the normal girl with lace, ribbons, and bowes!

the stalker comment was a classy one, thanks for the laugh!
I don't even read the morbid stuff. Can't find time. Alot of people read when they go to bed. Not me. I watch MTV. I'm such a junkie. LOL!
do you watch the Gauntlet? I have a new guilty pleasure - that is so shameful!

I watched the first one and this one. Still not as good as the Battle of the Sexes, in my opinion. You should go to my link beside here: RTW and click on Real World, then message boards, then Real World again. It is a discussion a bunch of us have about the Gauntlet each week. You can put your 2 cents in.
Hey girlie.. Have fun at dinner tonight. Eat some steak for me!! My flowers smell good!!
Happy Valentine's Day Sonya. I hope you are having a great day :)
I'm so depressed
Happy V-Day Sonya!
Oh you're watching the Gauntlet?! Beth is driving me *c*r*a*z*y. GO AWAY. Man I hate her. LOL
The day is almost over, but maybe I can be your Valentine for a few minutes. That's plenty of time!
Les - Enjoy the flowers!

Gareth - Happy V-day to you too!

Danny - I'm sorry. Do you need a shoulder to cry on?

Tina - xoxo to you!

EE - I'm a total MTV junkie.

Tumblemweed - you can be my valentine anytime.
LOL i think those hugsnkisses were for Lori but sure I'll throw some your way too haha
Hey Sonya! Hopefully you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Thanks for stopping have a nice site.

I'll check back soon!
Tina - sorry! I take all the xoxo I can get.

Barry - Hope you had a good V-day!
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