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Monday, January 16, 2006
 Recommended Purchases of the Week

I've decided when I find a great item I am going to promote it. We are starting this week off with (2) items. The first one is Silky Sheets. I recomend the Pear Blossom Scent. This is best used to spray into the room after sex to get the after sex smell out. Another great use is, how many times does the wet spot after sex end up on your side of the bed? Well, you spray this on the wet spot and it contains talc powder that will dry up the wet spot so you can sleep and wash the sheets the next morning. This is a great item to keep in your night stand beside the bed at all times.

The next item I would like to promote today is Coochy Cream. This is great to use for shaving the coochy area. Also after you shave with it you can apply it on the area the next day as a conditioneer to the skin. This will relieve you of those little red shave burn bumps. Guys who shave their head can also use this. It works great on heads. This is a must to keep in the shower at all times.

Has anyone tried either? If so what do you think? If not, do you have any questions.

Sonya said at 5:21 PM
Thanks Sonya! I like the idea of the sheet spray. Damn wet spot!
What will they think of next??

Neither one looks too expensive, so it doesn't seem like you would be out that much if they don't work.

I didn't think "wet spot" removal was possible, but...might be the ticket!!
I have used them both and they are great. It doesn't remove the wet spot. The talc powder dries it up. Great investment. LOL!
Coochie cream just makes me LOL more than anything.
Vols, it is great to shave your head with. I do mean the one on top of your shoulders. LOL! They also have this "Like A Virgin Cream" that is for ladies to insert in the vagina and it tightens the muscels to make her feel like a virgin again. I haven't used it. The sales lady says that it is great for bags under the eyes. She said it is better than aspercream, cuz then your face doesn't smell like ass all day. LOL!
Finally !! A solution to the wet spot !!...Nothing worse than sleeping in that all night long and the last thing anyone wants to do is get up and change the sheets right after...besides, I'd have to wake HIM up to do it..LOL

The Coochy Cream made me giggle, but if it works, I'd buy it and just cover up the name..

Thanks for your input on my blog, it was helpful !
I like the Silky Sheets. I have tried that before.

But I have always wondered if the Coochy Cream works. It does, eh?
Yes, it is great, Glowie!
I've never tried either. But, I make the biggest damned wet spots, so I'm gonna have to try it out.
I have both. I like the sheet stuff, but they only had two scents when I bought it & neither were overly appealing. So if I go to another party, I'll pick up the new scent.

The Coochy didn't work for me. I still got bumps.

I found out the silky sheets are cheapier on the internet than at the parties. After shaving use vaseline over the shaved areas. Before coochy cream I did that and no bumps.


I know you need to invest in the Silky Sheets.
Damn I don't mind sleeping in the wet spot at all. Hell If I have too I have too.

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