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Thursday 13


Part II - How We Met/Max's B-day/Friday 13th!
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Friday, January 13, 2006
 Part III - How We Met
Well, he finally made it to pick me up. It was just him and I and not others. I keep wondering what I was missing out on by not standing him up and going out with Momma & Larry or Steve or some guy. LOL! We got to the game and had a wonderful time. We got our drunk on. We liked the same kind of beer so we found something in common. I don't think we watched any of the game. We drank and laughed the whole time. We left after the game or shortly before it was over, I don't really remember I was drunk and went to the beer store. He went in to pick up some more beera. I called momma on my cell to see what I was missing. She said for us to come over and hang out with her and whichever flavor of the night that was there with her. We went over and there and all (4) got our drunk on. We had a blast just laughing and joking around. Late in the evening, he started rubbing my feet giving me a foot massage. I was loving it and momma was wanting to gag. He was so into me and it was noticeable. Well it finally became wee hours of the morning. We couldn't drive, so momma and her man went to pass out in her room and she gave us the kido's room. In their room was (2) beds. Here is the next dilemma. I got in one and he got in the other. I told him he could sleep in mine. So he came over to mine. Although momma and I think he really like the stuff animal he was cuddling with in the other one. He actually held me all night. I was so ragging so I was glad he didn't try anything. We sleep for a few hours and got up and he drove me home. He ended up coming in and staying all day at my house. Early evening we were both starving and ordered some food. He finally went home about bed time. He hugged me good bye. At this time I had no kisses, but had sleep in the same bed with. Crazy, hun? I was really questioning my sex appeal. Anyway, I had to work the next day. Did I mention we worked together? Well, I didn't think I would see him, but he made a point to come into the office. I felt butterflies in my stomach. It was just him and I in the same room. It wasn't preplanned, but I asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner. He said yes. From there we started hanging out every night. Finally after about (2) weeks we were in middle of a conversation and right in the middle of me speaking he laid one on me. We stopped and continued the conversation like I had never been interruped. I finally asked him what took so long. He said he was scared. I thought that was cute. I think I intimadated him. I had been wild, and he was tame, but he had his issues prior to me too. He had been married to a stripper and they were all about drugs. So I think even though I was wild I was still responsible and I was a good influence over him. After the kiss, he didn't seem scared anymore. It took about (2) more days until he tried to take it to the next level. After about another month he was staying with me every night. He got off work before me so he would go home, change and shower and come over. Finally I gave him a key so he could go directly to my place if needed. One day I came home and had my whole place covered in roses. The card read, "I love you". He told me he just wanted me to know. I was shocked. Shortly after that we decided to make it official. He moved in and we started halfing all the bills. We stayed there until my lease was up and then moved into a bigger condo. We stayed at the condo for about (2) years and have now been in a house for a little over a year. We plan on buying a house after this lease is up. We are trying to save for our down payment and both work on our credit some. Divorce killed both our credit. We both want to get married someday and want childern. I guess I'm just waiting on a proposal now. Well, today Friday, January 13 is his birthday. I got brave. I wrote him his sweet nothings in his birthday card and ended it with, when in the hell are you going propose? Is that romantic or what? LOL! Anyway, now you know my story.
Sonya said at 11:18 AM
*sigh* That house full of roses must have been so sweet!

Hmmm... Valentine's Day is coming soon. Do you think, maybe?

Thank you for sharing your story, wild thang! *wink*
You were the first to complete the novel, Nutz.
Wow!! Memories!!!

did you read the part of you trying to come pick me up that one night?
Wow, I read it all too. Thanks for sharing it Sonya. I'm glad you are with someone more deserving of you, now.
I just got home from work and whoa!! Two more parts to read! Who do you want to play you in the movie? I'll pay $10 to go see it, although I think it'll be an X-rated movie.
THAT'S my girl!
Yay!! I found it. I wondered where it went. Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.
Thank-you for sharing, Sonya. I'm enjoying these glimpses into other people's lives.

*snort at puffy*
That's a long road to Max. I'm glad you found him.
What a sweet and wild story. Now we're all waiting for the what me and momma did to torture the guy story *grin*
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