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Thursday, January 12, 2006
 Part II - How We Met/Max's B-day/Friday 13th!

Happy Birthday Max
First matters of today, I want to wish Max a Happy 29th Birthday. Hope he enjoys his last year before he gets over the hill with me. Happy Birthday, baby!

Friday 13th
Next, I want to say Scary, Friday 13th. Don't know who all is superstitious, but it is scary, don't ya think?

How We Met - Part II
Finally, How We Met - Part II. I left out a very important factor in Part I. There was one good thing that came out of it. My ex employed Momma's ( ex. So if it hadn't been for that I would have prolly never of had the pleasure to meet Momma. After my divorce I moved in with my mom to get back on feet and barely made over mininum wage with a very expensive truck payment. Well, we had a couple friend that took me under their wing, much like Glowie had. I started doing alot of activities with them and they paid for everything. They were great to me. One night we went to a wedding and got our drunk on. We got back to their house and they were ready to pass out and it was still early so I decided to make my first venture to the bar by myself. There I ran into a guy that I had dated his cousin in high school. What a small world? The ex and I had ran into about a year earlier. Anyway, we hit it off. I decided it was time to go soil my wild oats. So, we left the club and well it was bow-chicky-bow-wow time. It was great for me. I hadn't been that wild in the bedroom in a long time. I warned yall I was wild. Sorry for the smut. Well, we hung out after that for the next couple of weeks. I had a good online friend at the time too. We met up one night after work (Valentine's day to be exact) and her and I went drinking and shopping. What a great combination. She was married, but bi and her husband didn't mind her having other women. I wasn't interested in her that way although I think she was with me. I got a wild hair and decided it was time to find out who I was again. So we went and I got my boobs pierced. It was the worse pain of my life. She videod it. I would love to have a copy. It was crazy. She got mad at me afterwards for going to see this guy instead of going to a hotel with her so that was the end of our friendship. Sad, hun? Well I went by his house because I had promised. He had gotten my a V-day gift. I felt bad. So in return I flashed him my boobies.LOL! He was in shock. We hung out a few more times and I realized he wasn't for me. He was just a past time. So even though he was still calling I was giving him the cold shoulder. I then called an ex that had prior to marriage. We met up a couple of times and went on and off from then until the time I met Max.

Then I went with my couple friend to a roping and seen this tall, dark, piece of meat cowboy. He stole my heart. It was just a practice. The following weekend Budlight was putting on a big roping. I went with my friends and they introduced me to this guy. We hung out all day. Afterwards he invited to come meet him at a club. I told him I had to go shower first. Even though he blew me away I called and cancelled. I was exhausted. I think he was relieved, cuz he was tired too. He asked me to come to his house the next day. He was having some friends over to rope. Yes, he was a real cowboy with his own roping arena on a huge ranch. He lived about 1 1/2 hours away. I was head over heals for him. We started talking and found out there was like 13 years difference in our ages, but neither of us had any idea. He had an awesome house, land, trucks (yes I wrote a "s" at the end of truck for plural) horses, cattle, money, looks, sense a humor, intelligence, passionate personality. What wasn't to like? It was to perfect. We started seeing each other every weekend. My divorce still wasn't final. His family fell in love with me as I did with them. We finally decided to get intimate instead of just playing kissey face. Once again, he blew me away. I swear he belonged in pornos. I was scared. Our whole time of dating which was about 7 or 8 monthes I never manage to take the whole thing in. Okay? Anyway, he wanted me to remove my piercings, so I did for him. Damm, I do regret that now. Then he started pressuring me to do whatever it took to get my divorce finale. I thought it might because he wanted to go to the next step in our relationship. So that is when I gave in and gave the asshole everything basically to get him to sign the papers. It was final the week of Father's Day. So again that weekend I went to his house like always. Thinking it would be something to celebrate. Father's day is hard for me. My dad passed away of an heart attach at 42 when I was in high school. That is a whole other posting. Well he acted distant and just cold all weekend. I finally got so fed up on Sunday night when we went to bed and he didn't want to give me sex I started to question things. He didn't even want to communicate. So I got up and went home instead of staying and driving into work on Monday like normal. From there I barely heard from him. I think now looking back he thought he wanted me to be divorced, then when it happened it scared the shit out of him and he ran. I don't regret him. He really helped me through a hard time. We still chat on email now and then. He is married and they just had their second son. I'm happy for him.

I stayed single for awhile after that. I started hanging out alot with my single girlfriends from before marriage that I use to party with alot. They didn't go out as much as I did. I didn't know how to sleep alone. So I had big problem of going out drinking to help me sleep or latching onto a guy friend to sleep with. No sex, just to sleep with. I played with a lot of guys emotions and broke lots of hearts. I warned guys not to get involved with me. Anyway, I was involved in alot of PR at work. I did all the Chamber of Commerce events. I went to a lunch at another Chamber Memeber's work location and had lunch and did a tour. When I left out of there I seen a truck that had a guy's name on it. I know weird, but it was because he had a rodeo sponsor. Yes, I was all about the cowboys. I knew the guy. I had went to school with him and he was a year younger. I had ran into at a rodeo right before I got with my husband and we were talking then I blew him off. Well I left a note on his truck just saying hi and to call me sometime and left my phone #. He called that day. We talked for about a week and he asked me to meet him for lunch one day. We met up and I thought he was such a geek looking. He still made me laugh and there was just something about him. So, I invited him to meet my girlfriends and I at a bar on Friday night. He had plans and couldn't, but invited me to a rodeo with him on Saturday. I said I would go. It was out of town so we had to stay all night. I didn't know if this was a date or a friend thing and I don't think he did either. That night I was checking out other cowboys at first, then I seen some girls talk to him and I felt jealous. I decided I wanted him. Crazy, hun? I had been breaking hurts so what was different about him. That night he asked if he could give me a massage. I was in bed in my t-shirt and panties. Of course, I wasn't going to give up a massage. Let's just put it this way. I have never been so turned on in all my life. I know it was it. From there we started dating. Once the "magic" happend I knew he was for me. If nothing else it was just sexual. I had never experience "O" like that in my life. He really knew how to please a woman and it was all about me. I loved that. He liked having me around because I was like a "prize" on his arm. This went on for a few monthes and he started to feel smothered. I was still partying and he didn't like it. He was so damm jealous it was insain. Not like I wanted to hook up when I was getting it so good from him. So we gave it a break. We also chat now and then on email. It is always sexual comments. We are comfortable with one another that way. He is now living with a girl and had even given up rodeo for her. The last I spoke with him he was starting to ride again. She wasn't treating him the way he deserved. He is a great guy and a tall drink of water.

I stayed single and partying somemore. Then an old friend emailed me out of the blue one day. I asked her where a mutual friend was. He was a friend of her now husband. She gave me his email and said she thought he had gotten married. He and I always had a good time. I emailed him one day to say congrats on getting married and just asked how he had been. That night I get this strange call and I thought it was a prank. Well, it was him. We talked to hours like we had never been seperated. I had dated him before the ex too. He came by the week before I moved in with the ex and I was stupid to shut him out. Anyway, we finally met up one night and after that we kind of dated. No commitment, but it became a Sat - Mon type relationship. Friday night was still my night and all during the week to get my partying on. I met a few guys that wanted to treat me like a queen, but still wasn't interested. Him and I started drift apart and I got lonely again.

I went through a few more guys. I finally starting just hanging out with friends again. One night I was a the bar and this chic comes up to me and says, "are you Sonya?" I was like yeah and had no idea who whe was. It ended up being momma. We exchanged phone numbers and we lived so close we started hanging out every other weekend and on Wednesdays when her ex DH had the kids. During the week some I would still go over there and her, the kids and I would eat dinner and etc. Well, I got out with some customers of ours from work. At this time I have already changed jobs and had my own place. It was little bity, but it was mine. I ran into an ex's sister. So her and I were hanging out some when momma was unavailable due to kids or due to one of the many Larry's. LOL! (I think momma will get tickeled on that). Well she runs into her ag teacher from H.S. and his buddy is a guy I recognize from roping. Him and I hit it off. We start talking. Then he comes out and meets momma and I one night. He had heard us on the phone. The weekend prior I think momma and I had put on a "lil" show in front of one of his friends. I'm not going into that without momma's permission. Yes, momma has a wild side too. LOL! So this guy was now obbessed with momma and I and him. It wasn't happening. It might of if it had just been a thing, but he and I were a little more. Not much more, but a little. So, I had to kick him to the curb. At this time momma had her dad moved in and been through her husband Larry and was on her second round with another Larry or at least was about to be. My other friend (the ex's sister had broken her foot and wasn't going out much). I decided I was finally burned out. I was staying home alot just watching movies and getting comfortable being alone. I feel like you have to be happy by yourself before you can be happy with anyone else.

Well my office moved and Max worked with me. The first time I seen him at work, I had a wet dream about him that night. It was my first and only wet dream of my life. He even came out one Wednesday and met up with Momma and I, but no action. I figured it was just more or less a friend thing. Momma and I had ran into him at Hooters one night also and talked to him. His friend would have loved to get down momma's pants, but she was to good for him and just teased him by being in his existence. LOL! Well he called me one during the weekend of Labor day. He asked me to a Rangers game that Sunday before Labor day. I excepted. I didn't know if it was just us two or a whole bunch of people. I couldn't tell anyone at work. I worked in the office and he worked in the field and we didn't see each other much, but it still would have been ackward. The day of the game, I was ready to give up on him. Momma was trying to get me to stand him up. She wanted me to hang with he and Larry. I told her no, I was going to try it. She thought I was crazy. Which I was, but that is another story.

Well, the final details of Max and I getting together and how we got to where we are now will be posted tommorrow. Please stay tuned. To be continued.

Sonya said at 7:36 PM
Wow! You were quite the wild one, huh?

*waits for part 3*
Oh! Happy Birthday Max!

Happy Birthday, Max!

And yes, I did try to keep Sonya from dating Max at first. He was just so totally different and I could NOT picture her happy with him. But hey, what the hell do I know?
It is so weird how opposites attract. He was tame and I was wild. LOL!

Momma, Lot of people don't know how wild we really were together. LOL!
Happy Birthday Max!

Sonya, you give me hope. And, yes it is great how opposites attract. They bring out the best in each other.
Happy Birthday Max!

I feel like you have to be happy by yourself before you can be happy with anyone else.

So true.

Moving right along...
I'll be waiting for the third installment. i love people with exciting lives like mine (which got a lot crazy after joining webdate*dot*com)
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