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Friday, January 20, 2006
 Pics from the Past

I found this pic the other night. This is about (4) or (5) monthes after divorce. I had lost about 35 lbs I ganined while married, I was tanning (Note: except for the face as you can tell cause it is so white) and my hair was really blonde. I was back to my old days. This pic was from my RL friend Leslie's b-day party at Joe's Crab Shack. It was taken with one om my best guy buddies CC. I cropped him because I figured he wouldn't want his pic floating around online. Of course he could because he is single and ready to mingle. LOL! Anyway, my goal is to get back to this size or maybe a little heavier than this, but close. I was like a size (3) here and at 5'9 1/4" that is small for the height. Anyway, I would like to go back to a (5) or even a (7) for height would be okay. Anyway, after drinks at Joe's we went to a club and danced all night. It was great! The next pic I have for you is one that momma ( found and gave to Max one night at the bar. It was taken about a month before Max and I got together. One night her and I were hanging out at her condo just acting silly. Her friend Steve was there and my friend Zack was on his way over to drink with us. We found a condem in Steve's wallet (I think - momma may remember better) and I was blowing it up. I thought it was a funny pic. We left condems on the front door and had Steve with his pants undone acting like her and I just tagged teamed Steve just to see Zack's reaction. Zack was a nice guy, but didn't have his shit straight. He was a great cuddeler, but never once tried anything on me even though he acted interested. Momma and I decided he was gay. So one night momma and I are at HOOTERS drinking and looking at boys and Zack called me on my cell. I was a little intoxicated and asked him if he was gay. I think momma spit out her beera. She was so in shock. Well, later on that night or week or sometime he came by to have a serious talk with me. I just knew he was going to admit to me he was gay. I didn't care, cause he was my friend and I would support him either way. Anyway, he admitted he had secretly been inlove with this girl. I knew of her. She was way to good for him, but I couldn't tell him that. Of course, I didn't want him. I just like to have him around when I had no one else to cuddle with. Later on I heard her and him did get together, but it was a mess. He had a drinking problem and she has a kid and the two didn't go together real well. Anyway, I don't think I have any pics of momma and I, which sucks. Maybe momma has some of us to that I can post.
Sonya said at 6:37 AM

I think I promised you the condem pic post a long time ago, didn't I?
I'm sure you look gorgeous now, too! *whistles in a cat call way*
Oh wait, just saw the pic below in your other post. YOu do look great now! I like your current hair color. Very flattering.
Kim, but I'm fat now. LOL! Thanks for trying to help boost my confidence.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You look great in your pics!!
I like the condom pic. LOL

Momma and I had some fun times. LOL!

Hi, beadinggalinms!
I think you look pretty hot now. You were definitely too skinny in the other pic, at least for my taste.
Thanks, Flounder!
What up hottie? Damn I don't think I've ever ever ever worn a size 3 in my life. I think you look great now too.
Hi Sonya. Well I made it across the Atlantic, I'm a little wet so could you please throw me a towel. Make sure the heating is on in your house too because I am freezzzzzing! My feet are also a little sore from walking must of the way across The States. There were some amazing views though ... The Grand Canyon was amazing, was I supposed to skinny dip in it though because there were alot of people making strange faces or maybe that was just the local yokels! Disney Land was good too ... I got kicked off a ride though because I forgot to put my clothes back on after the Canyon mishap. Oh well I made it here anyway. So what are you going to cook for me?? :P
I think you look fabulous in all the pics !! but I know what you mean...only YOU will know at what weight you feel comfortable with...don't go by size or set a goal weight though because you will defeat yourself that and excercise and when you get to a point where you're satisfied you will know it..A blog is a great motivator...we will all support your daily !!
Correction: *Support YOU daily (damn new fingers!!)
Size 3 is for crackwhores, not a couple of hot chickys like you two. Some of the best I ever got was with a size 16! Of course, I'm a pretty big guy and I'd be afraid of breaking anything smaller than a size 8!
Hi, Gareth! Welcome!

Thanks, Superspy gal for the motivation.

Flounder, you just so crack me up.

Mac- you are perfect eh way you are.
I wasn't trying to be funny, I was serious. Sure, little chicks are fun for a change, but I need a woman with some meat on her bones!
More cushion for the pushing?

Damn, I miss that picture! :)

Sweetie, you know what's best for you and I know you won't be happy til you have lost some of the weight you've gained. BUT...judging from pics I've seen, you do still look good. And obviously, Max thinks so too.
btw - I'll look around and see if I have any pictures.
Nice little hottie you! Do you give condom blow jobs often?
LOL @ Momma. Max loves me either way, but we like looking at me more with less weight. LOL!

Vols - you so crack me up.
Regarding the first pic: "Schwing!"

Regarding the second pic: DOUBLE "schwing!"
Zen, you are so funny!
sonya - I think my Freshman 15 turned into my twinkly twenty...I asked a certain person to join the YMCA with me this month. The joiner fee is dropped down to $25 and the Rockwall one (the one I will go to most) has an indoor pool.

how about a biggest loser challenge????

putting money in a pot (like football pot) and at the end, the winner takes all!

what do you think?

I use to go to the Rockwall Y. I was there when they opened every morning. I'm all about a work out buddy, but Rockwall is to far. I want to lose, but don't want to do anything about it. So it is my own problem for being fat. LOL!
That picture of you blowing the condom makes me hard.

I'm not falling for that one and being gulible again.
Fine, your loss then.
Do you like movies about gladiators?
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