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Monday, December 05, 2005

How sad is this? Poor things. Is there a doggy dentist out there for these triplets? They are major need of help.

Now admit. You couldn't help, but smile could you?

Last night we went to OTB (On the Border) for some Mexican food. Then we went back by the house and got the dog and went driving around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. We seen so many cool ideas. There is a neighborhood close to us that is having Christmas caroling in their front yard this Sat and Sun and next from 6:30-10:00. They serve hot chocalate and treats. How Christmas spirit is this? Then another neighbor of theirs had a sign that they would have a visit from Santa Claus on Dec. 23. I think this neighborhood puts out alot of effort for the kids if nothing else. I was so impressed. How far do you go to get in the festive spirit?

Anyway, on another item. My friend Amy is having a Party Lite party tonight at 7:00. So I have a busy evening. Going to haul my big butt home after work and pick up some extra fold up chairs I have for her to borrow, then turn around and haul my big butt back to her house which is close to my work. It starts at 7:00. I would go straight to her house afterwork to help her, but don't want to get in her way and that makes a really long day and night for me. Plus my OH (other half) and doggie misses me and will want to see me even if it is only for a brief moment. Amy works close to my house and I work close to hers. Crazy, hun? Anyway, I don't really care about Party Lite stuff. I love candles, but I don't think their candles are very fragrant or long lasting. I prefer 1. Circle E Candles 2. Tyler Candles, then 3. Yankee Candles. I am actually a candle fanatic. The home decor really doesn't blend with my country decora. But with all this said, I wouldn't miss the party for the world. It is all about Amy for me since she is having it. I'm sure I'll find something to purchase and that will help her to get closer to her hostess goodies. I will be hosting a "pleasure for you" couple party in January. That should be really interesting. Anyway, got to get busy so I can leave work on time to have time to run home before heading to the party. Have a good day!
Sonya said at 1:07 PM
Sorry to bore anyone with my life updates. I just figured I have been posting alot of jokes and nothing about ever day life.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. you coming over early would be an awesome thing! If you can manage. The party lite lady sd she would be there 45 minutes early - I guess I can give her a broom and put her ass to work since she is making the money at my HOUSE! Would that be hilarious or what?!?! Picture this: She walks in, "hi Amy, I am so glad to be here. Let me get my things and start setting up. Is there anything I can do?" - uh, YEAH, get your ass in the kitchen. I bought an extra pair of yellow rubber gloves and the toilet needs scrubbin'! HAHAHA!

1. Job at Party lite - $20/hour.
2. Gas to get to and from different locations - $20
3. New Christmas sweater to impress all of my clients - $35
4. Having your hostess put your lame ass to work when you get there - priceless!

Hope tonight is fun. I bought some veggies last night and some ranch dip and a bag of chips. I hope no one comes hungry. I have some bread and some PB/J - they can make a sandwich and do it ghetto style w/ some aqua!

see you tonight - if you want to show up a few minutes early that'd be great.

That is hilarious. I'm going straight home to get the chairs and haven't decided if I'll change from my dress pants to my sweat pants for you yet or not. LOL! Then I'll head right back over. Prolly grab something to munch on the way. Les and Sters is meeting at Olive Garden first. Yummy! Let me know if I need to pick you up a snack like a kids meal on the way.
you don't need to bring me any food. I have some stuff to make a sandwich if I need to. See you then, thanks again for bringing the chairs over.

See you tonight!

BTW, do you have pretty Christmas light for my pleasure viewing?

LOL @ those dogs!

You could always buy candle holders and accessories! Have fun.
Good thinking, Nutz. I'll buy something.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I usually just buy candles. But if you don't like them, then I agree with Nutz.
Hey Sonya, thanks for stopping by my blog. I came to check yours out and am plesantly surprised I will have to stop by more often when in need of a laugh or a little inspiration. Have fun tonight.

I'll let you know what I decide on.


Thanks for stopping by. You are welcome here anytime.

I just sent you a new bad girls toast. Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks Sonya, loved the toast.
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