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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
 Get To Know Your Fellow Blogger
I would like to take the time to get to know my fellow bloggers. I have a list of questions and will start out by answering each. Please only comment on the answers you feel comfortable giving:

1. How did you come across this blog?
2. Are you a man or woman?
3. How old are you?
4. What country do you live in?
5. What state do you live in?
6. What is your occupation?
7. Do you have childern and if so how many, male/female, age?
8. Are you married, divorce, widow, single, etc?
9. What is something that really defines you?
10. Why do you blog?

Edited for the single, unpyshco ladies living in the Oklahoma area: Twisted is a single male living in the Oklahoma area. If any of you are in the same geographical and age area and are single and acutally not pyscho, can you please leave your height, weight and boob size along with a pic and way to get a hold of you, so I can hook my man Twisted up.

P.S. Sorry guys - I think he prefers woman.
Sonya said at 6:10 AM
1. I created it.
2. Woman
3. 30 about to be 31 on March 17.
4. USA
5. Texas
6. Accounting/Office Manager in Construction Industry
7. None yet, unless my boy doggie counts. Can't wait to have them though.
8. Divorced for 6 years and living in sin for 3 1/2 years
9. I think I'm very outgoing and a pretty confident person
10. To kill time at first and now it is an addiction
1. How did you come across this blog?
I made one, then you did.
2. Are you a man or woman?
a woman
3. How old are you?
4. What country do you live in?
The good ole US of A
5. What state do you live in?
6. What is your occupation?
Office Manager/Bookkeeper for a site utilities construction company
7. Do you have childern and if so how many, male/female, age?
myself and my beautiful puppy, Maggie May
8. Are you married, divorce, widow, single, etc?
single, but long-term relationship
9. What is something that really defines you?
being able to see the world through my eyes, art is my passion - anything I can design. I am constantly thinking of things to create.
10. Why do you blog?
as a creative outlet and it is fun!

1. Through momma
2. Woman
3. 38
4. U.S.A.
5. NJ
6. Math Professor
7. 2 kids: Girl ~ 17 & Boy ~ 14
8. Married for almost 16 years
9. Uh... my wit & charm???
10. To keep in touch with my imaginary friends. *grin*

I thought you were in your 20's with little kids. Shows how much I know.
Hee hee, Sonya! I'm an old lady. *grin*

See? this was a good topic. Some other peeps answers may surprise you too.
1.A link from the comment section of another blog, I think.

2.Just checked- Man

3. 41



6.Computer tech for a hospital.

7.Yes 2 girls 15 and 13

8.Soon to be divorced.

9.Life of the party, always have to be enertaining.

10.Cause everyone else does! LOL
I'm sure they will. Not alot of momma's group come by very often anymore. You are always loyal. I haven't even seen a comment from momma on here in a long time. Knockers was by yesterday and commented.
comments are so over-rated...I read a lot, but don't always comment.

you know that :)

Ames, I'm shocked you said that. You were the one with a post that no one commented so you were going to quit blogging. It is true lots of people don't comment or don't have anything to say to your topic. I comment on every blog I hit and even if it is just to say Have a nice day. I think if people spend their time to post that is their own benefit. I think if other people decide to see what they post it is a common courtesy to at least acknowledge the post. This is just my personal opinion. It doesn't really bother me either way.
1. Link from Mac's blog
2. Man
3. 36
4. USA
5. The People's Republic of Connecticut
6. Fiber Optic Technician
7. My first son is due any time now... (Damn, I really need to get that nursery finished!)
8. Married
9. "I'm the only John Wayne left in this town," Big & Rich
10. Why not?

I love the John Wayne comment. That is a classic.
Hey ##NAME##! Just thought I would write a brief note pertaining to ##TITLE##. I usually lurk, but your post caught my eye while I was looking for info on Yorkshire Terrier Puppies. My focus is generally Yorkshire Terrier Puppies, and while this is not a perfect match, I liked what you said. Like I said, I usually lurk rather than comment but I couldn't help sympathize. Thanks again!
1. Sonya sent me the link
2. woman
3. 30 (flirty and thriving)
4. USA
5. TX
6. Accounting supervisor
7. none yet!!
8. Swinging single One eye open!!
9. My laugh (I have a good giggle)
10. check up on my girlie Sonya
Sympathize for what?
I posted to see your response mainly - I never started posting for the comments. I am not that big of an attention whore. I started posting to show my family what i was doing with my house and my life. I didn't even intend on having a blog relationship with anyone
spammer comments annoy me!
Hi, Les! I see you were here.

Ames - I know you didn't started posting for comments, but I thought from that one post you didn't like that not enough people were commenting. It really sounded that way. Sorry if I took it wrong. I just started posting to kill time basically after you started. Now, I have blog relationships that I never expected to have and glad I do. I have met the best group of people ever and I'm addicted to chat with them through blog comments every day. =)
enough with that - it's a dead horse! :)
1. a comment from someone elses probably on HNT.
2. all woman
3. 32
4. USA
5. CA
6. Accounting and Collections
7. Yes, 2 boys 9 and 2
8. married for almost 10 years
9. WOW, tough questions, my kindness?
10. to blab about what is going on in my little get the word out about certain causes.
I'm ready for some more Q & A answers. Know what? Twisted is missing. I'll go email him.
1. How did you come across this blog? From Lori's (lorinflorida)blog.
2. Are you a man or woman? woman
3. How old are you? 38
4. What country do you live in? USA
5. What state do you live in?
6. What is your occupation? Parish Administrator
7. Do you have childern and if so how many, male/female, age? 2 children boy (almost 13 as he keeps reminding me, and girl 14
8. Are you married, divorce, widow, single, etc? married 18 years
9. What is something that really defines you? Mother
10. Why do you blog? It is a great outlet for me to get the stuff out of my head and in text.
PS: I live in Maryland, I just realized I did not answer that.
Hi, Cherish! Welcome!
Twisted, Where are you? Only one comment so far. It is almost lunch time. That is very unusual for you.
Sonya, I try to come here every day, but sometimes I don't comment because either there are so many comments and someone already said what I would have or I just have nothing to add. You also update a lot! ...and sometimes I miss things.

You want I should say hi every time I pop in? *giggle*
Hi, Jodes! I think we linked through Bill the Apostle (JC's blog), but not sure.
Nutz, I know I update alot. I made that comment a few post back when this was up for discussion. I am not asking anyone to comment. I was just explaining I try to out of respect even if the person doesn't care if I do. That is just the way I am. No one can go to everyones every day and comment about it ever day. To truelly comment you would have to read the whole post. To do this for everyone no one would get any work done. LOL! Anyway, I just made the statement that some people I use to see in here often I don't see in here very often. They may not comment, they may not like what they see or they may not come by. I don't know. Doesn't stop me from visiting them. Either way its not biggie. It was just a comment I wish I could take back because it seems people got the wrong impression of my comment. Anyways, glad you come by if you leave a comment or not. *HUGS*
Oh Sonya! Don't you worry, I didn't take it as you saying anything wrong! I do remember seeing this discussion here a few days back. I just wanted to add my $.02 because I didn't get a chance the other day.

Work?!?! what's that??? Oh! Is that what I should be doing now? LOL! *smooch*
1. How did you come across this blog?
~A link from Mac's..I saw you comment and you seemed cool
2. Are you a man or woman?
~ A woman
3. How old are you?
4. What country do you live in?
~U. S. of A
5. What state do you live in?
~ New Yawk
6. What is your occupation?
~Mother and future tree watcher
7. Do you have childern and if so how many, male/female, age?
three (that I know of..hehe) 15B, 14B, 10G
8. Are you married, divorce, widow, single, etc?
~Happily Divorced
9. What is something that really defines you?
~I don't take little things too seriously, life is too short to waste it being bitter or resentful, so I pick myself up, dust myself off and move forward
10. Why do you blog?
~It's a great way to release some energy, have fun and meet and find out about new I'm nosey and like to look into everyone else's lives... ;)
Nutz - your 2 cents is always welcomed. LOL!

Superspygal - you decided on the tree watcher occupation I guess. LOL!


You will have to see Superspy's post about changing careers to understand. LOL!
1) Blog to a blog to a blog, I guess.

2) Woman

3) 32

4) USA

5) Nowhereville in the Midwest

6) Sales

7) 2 boys- 6 and 4

8) Married

9) My blog pretty much well defines what a fucked-up dichotamy I live

10) An escape and vent. A chance to be creative and real
Hi, Nowhere! I don't remember how we came across each other. I'm think possibly Mac or Superspy gal. Not sure though.
Damn does that make me sound desperate?
Thats ok medel away.
No it doesn't. You had nothing to do with this. Just me medeling. I'm bad about medeling. LOL!
Hi Sonya, saw you at my blog.
1. My blog
2. Woman (ever wonder why man is in both)?
3. eh, 54
4. USA
5. Ohio
6. I'm called an Accounting Analyst but my job duties are blogging
7. B-21, b-18
8. Divorced with a Dbf that I live with
9. I define myself by my passion about causes. Others probably define me as a little too serious.
10. I blog because everyone else was doing it and the other place has become somewhat stiffling.

I'll be back tommorrow!
Hi, Lasann! I seen you had a new linky from Carey. She annouced it. LOL!
1. I saw your comment on Lori's blog.
2. I'm a man
3. 42 years young
4. Usa, but originally from the Netherlands
5. NY
6. I'm in Sales
7. 2 kids, a 10 yr old son and a 3 yr old doughter
8. Married
9. I'm basically a nice guy..
10. To meet others and to learn about other peoples lives.
1. How did you come across this blog?
You visited my blog :)
2. Are you a man or woman?
3. How old are you?
4. What country do you live in?
5. What state do you live in?
6. What is your occupation?
house wife, mom
7. Do you have childern and if so how many, male/female, age?
4 kids-19 male, 16 male, 13 female, 10 male
8. Are you married, divorce, widow, single, etc?
9. What is something that really defines you?
I am a passionate person who gets along with everyone.
10. Why do you blog?
I blog to let out my feelings, to have fun, meet new people and make great friends. I am also very addicted to blogging.
Hi, Beading!
1. Several OT regulars had their blogs linked under their siggies. I hopped from one to another from there.
2. I'm a woman.
3. I am 28.
4. I live in the U.S.
5. I'm from Wisconsin
6. Work as a Research Project Manager
7. No kids by choice at this point
8. I'm Married
9. The big wedge of cheese on my head defines me.
10. I blog to get to know my OT friends better
I've been seeing you on my buddies blogs, so thought i would say hello! :)

1. Gareth's
2. Woman
3. 32
4. U.S.A.
5. Virginia
6. Business Manager at a University
7. None yet
8. Married
9. My smile
10.Creative outlet
Hi, Tina! Welcome!
Hi Sonya :)
1. Kind of a combo of you visited mine and the links on SuperSpyGal and PPP blogs, lol.
2. woman
3. 33
4. USA
7. Yes 2- 6yro daughter and 2.5yro son
8. married, for the most part ;)
9. Uh, I think my friends would say my flirtatiousness, lol
10. It's the cool thing to do, right?....a lot of my good friends did it, I love to write, at the time I started mine I needed a place to vent.......
Hi, EE! Welcome!
only for you baby

Saw you at my blog





Director of non profit protecting the rights of prisoners



Handsome as fuck, wierd sense of humour

kills time while I am supposed to be working, my wife got me into it now im hooked. I'm also Calzone at dragon for hire
Sorry this is late

1. SuperSpy
2. Woman
3. 32
4. USA
5. DC MetroArea
6. If I told you I would have to kill you lol hehehe. Law Enforcement
7. nope no kids
8. engaged
9. Snarky yet silly
10. gets stress out and I like to read about other people's lives
Bill the A? I had no idea you were also Calzone.

PPP- hi, girly!
1. Through Momma
2. Woman
3. 39
4. USA
5. California
6. Print Estimator
7. No no no
8. Live with my Domestic partner of 14 years
9. You would have to ask those who know me.
10. It's a fun way to more intimately get to know some of my friends.
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