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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
 Election Day
Well, Election Day is here. I feel very passionate about this. No, I'm no major political person, but I do feel election is very important. So, I'm posting a political post for once. I don't think people who don't vote should have an opinion about the outcome of the voting. If you don't like the outcome you should of voted and maybe it would have made a difference. If you vote, you can biatch all you want to. Blah, blah, blah. The major controversy I see is about gay marriages. From what I understand you aren't just voting for marriage alone. This is also giving people other equal rights. This is supose to be an equal right country. Correct? Well, I would have to know if I was in a gay relationship and if I got sick and was in my death bed that my gay mate I might have been with for years would not be considered immediate family and would not be able to come into my hospital room. This makes you think a litte, doesn't it? Yes, I am a straight person, but do have gay friends. I think everyone should be treated equal no matter of race, cultural or your sex preferences. Heck talking about sex preferences, I like to lots of sex, but I ain't gonna hold it against you if you don't like sex at all. LMAO! Anyway, for one day this can be a political post. So comment away. I will respect everyones opinion and I believe we can all agree to disagree if needed. But overall, I VOTE YES TO GAY MARRIAGES! Please comment away, even though I know I am opening up a can of worms..........

*giggles* I said worms. WUYA (worms up your ass) I know a few will get it and comment on that, if nothing else.
Sonya said at 8:42 AM
Vote Yes for Gay Marriages!

*holding up sign picketing*

(bottom of sign reads: Screw Rudy!)
i do agree with u voting for gay marriages. Afterall what 'equality' is all about> re-thinking on such issues itself exemplifies that its not as 'equal' as they claim.
As for voting, i was at a point of time as passionate about voting as you, but then the dismal state of affairs in india- it sucks. none of the contestants up the voting list deserve to be in power. guess we should have an option- 'none of the above'. i can go to vote then may be.
By not voting, you are allowing others to vote in people like George W. I have found that I now vote for the lesser of two evil. But at least I'm voting.

Yay!! for Sonya. Even if you reach just one person, believe it or not every single vote does count. Remember the chad incident in Florida? It came down to just hundreds of votes.

You are so correct Carey. Like I said I'm not very political, but I do believe the final decision could be different if that 1 person bitching would of vote. Voting gives you a right of opinion. Maybe if more would of voted we would have GWB in office. Right? Our nation may not be in such debt.
no millionaire left behind

ok, ok, ok...I never get on my soapbox, but today I was sitting in my office when I heard from another part..."are you going to vote today?" I didn't know there was a vote today! How behind am I on current events? I guess it comes from not wanting to turn on the television or radio to see some tragedy or other depressing news! Why is it that the news always previews something like this, "tonight at 10 see how this (insert local city here) man abducted his girlfriend's son and raped him and dumped him for dead..." Who the hell wants to see that? Sure we need to know what is going on in the world around us, but what is enough? I was still unsure about the vote, so I asked what was it about...RESPONSE: "are you a (extra quotations b/c it is far too amusing) ""lizbian""?" So you didn't pronounce it correctly what dumb shit is going to come out of your mouth next?!?!?! No, I am not a "lizbian" or a lesbian for that matter, but I do believe in equal rights - as to not ruffle any feathers, I just said, "why not let them be as unhappy as the rest of the people that want to and can legally get married?" I got a chuckle, but seriously I have never met a gay man or woman that wanted to harm me. I didn't elaborate, b/c voicing my opinion about it is wasted breath. I have heard the "N" word the most working here than I have in my entire life! That is exactly why I would never try to shed light on the subject and give these ppl a different perspective. I lost a cousin earlier this year - his entire life we all knew he was gay. He never "came out", but it was quite evident. He was one of the most awesome people I will ever meet and know, but I can't share that with closed minded individuals. They will believe what they want to believe, live life as they see fit, and NOTHING else.

On, the GWB subject - he may have been voted into office by all of the Wal-Mart employess. They may have been told they would be able to wear jeans or finally receive a paid holiday in exchange for the republican vote during the presidential election ---- HAHA Wal-Mart you outsmarted them again, no jeans or paid holiday and GWB is in office.

sorry for the lengthy comment,

Good for you, Sonya!
You go, girl! My boss just left out for lunch and said I'm going to vote to try to keep the queers out of Texas. That so pissed me off. What kind of workmanship manner is that? I think he could tell my reaction from the look on my face. I didn't say nothing. A person that ignorant wouldn't listen anyways. LMAO!
Hi, HD!
Your boss is a total nimnim
Ya think? You see why I play on blog's all day now, hun? He makes me so mad.
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