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Hello! Yes, I'm Still Alive......
What Does Your Personality Say About You?
Some People Just Don't Cut It
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
 Hello! Yes, I'm Still Alive......
Hello! Well, it has been a long time. About 1 1/2 years. Sorry. I just stay really busy. Hope all is well and thanks for checking in on me from time to time. You bloggers still ROCK!!!
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
 What Does Your Personality Say About You?
This is fun!!
This is a really cool personality test....quite different from any you may have seen before. It uses visual clues instead of words...check it out.
A series of about 12 pictures will come up. Read the category and click on a photo that describes that category for you. Just continue to choose the pics that appeal to you after reading the category.
At the end it will give you a profile of yourself...

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Thursday, June 28, 2007
 Some People Just Don't Cut It
I hired this "what I thought to be" a great employee. She was so bubbly in her two interviews. She said she was very outgoing, and said she didn't get offended easily. After 4 days of training she was further behind than most people are after 1 day. I had suspicion she may not cut it. So on the 4th day we were doing role playing and have her pratice as if she was speaking to the customer. She broke down and started crying. Then she asked if she could go home. I asked why. She said she couldn't train at work, but could take her notes home to learn her information. I explained to her that she needed to train from the office so we could help her. She said she couldn't concentrate with the phone ringing. I had explained to her multiple times in the interview that the phone would be ringing off the hook and she need to be able to multi task and work in a chaotic enviroment. She agree this was on problem. Anyway, I ended up telling her to stay here. She preceeded to ask two more times if she could leave. So, on the third time I took her into a closed door. I told her if she wanted to leave so bad go ahead and pack up her stuff and go home. Just don't come back. I explained numerous times to her this wasn't the job for her. She keep coming up with excuses. I swear excuses are just like assholes. Everyone has one. Anyway after I pretty much fired her, here is the email I received the next day.


On my long drive home I had a lot of time to think about our conversation. I spent the time reflecting on what I really want out of a job, and what is going to truly make me happy. I really thought that was what Milestone was going to bring to me. I was determined to make this job work, even though it was for less money than what I was asking for. I don't feel that I was even given a fair opportunity to train for this position, but according to you I should have had it down.

Your words rang in my head on the way home. No matter what I had to say, you repeatedly told me I was NOT going to be happy. If that is how I was coming across, you were very wrong. I told my family every day that I loved that job from the beginning. It was new, and different, and I thought that I had opportunity to really learn alot. Those thoughts came to a screeching halt today. Yes I cried, but surely I am not the first person that you have ever met that wears their heart on their sleeve. I was crushed by the belittling way that Brittany was speaking to me. I was not fed constructive criticism, instead I was fed rude and demeaning words and behavior.

I am not going to fake being perky, that is not who I am. I am a stong willed, sweet, passionate, and thoughtful person. I am not fake. I have never been, nor will I ever be. You have seen the true me through this entire time that I have known you. I do not smile all the time. I think too much. I am not perfect. I am smart, and can be funny. I am a little ditzy at times. I am not skinny, nor pretty. I am not as laid-back as most. I am a serious, young lady that is trying to better her life everyday. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I have paid the consequences of every one of them.

I don't hide much, but I did hide a few things. It is time to be honest, since that is what this whole letter is about. I have been in a relationship with Magan for a few years. I did not let that be known, because I didn't know how open minded everyone would be. SO.. I wear a leave-me-alone ring to make sure that I am left alone. I am happy. The reason I shed many of the tears I shed today was not because of stress, but instead because it had hit me what today's date is. You see, I was once engaged to a pretty good guy. He broke my heart, and a week later I found out I was pregnant. Today is the day that I lost the baby... 3 years ago. I was 5 months pregnant. I tripped going down the stairs outside of my apartment. I moved away to get away from everyone that I knew. I went through depression so severe that I ended up in the hospital. I have healed, but it is still an emotional situation.

I didn't mean for this letter to turn so personal. I just felt that I needed to let you know the truth.

I have decided to find myself a new job. I don't feel that Milestone is going to work out. That was made very clear to me today. Please mail my check to my current address listed below. I cleaned out my desk before I left. All that is still in there is 2 cans of diet coke. And my timesheet that is in the top drawer. I may or may not come up there tomorrow.

City, State, Zip

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Sunday, June 24, 2007
 New Do
Not good pics, but I decided it was time for a change. Something sassy. So I went short and blonde.

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